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Kids & Online Gaming: A Parents Guide to Getting it Right


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Kids and Online Gaming: A parents guide to keeping kids safe and responsible.

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Kids & Online Gaming: A Parents Guide to Getting it Right

  1. 1. 0˜„Â8?«¤˜«ˆ sª˜«’ö Is¾ˆ«È ͘„ˆ ȱ’ˆÈȘ«’ ˜È¾˜’–È The Modern Parent Martine Oglethorpe twitter: @themodernparent
  2. 2. Kids love playing video games. They also love playing them online with groups of friends. Sometimes game playing and disagreements can spill over into the real life playground. Sometimes it becomes hard to tear kids away from the games.
  3. 3. Want to keep your kids safe, responsible and in control of their video game playing? Here are some things to think about.....
  4. 4. When playing in group situations, have them play where you are in earshot. That means No Headphones. You need to hear the banter!
  5. 5. Start with some simple rules from the beginning. Discuss them with your child so they know what is to be expected. Be sure they are aware of the agreed upon consequences for not following these rules
  6. 6. Some Rules No inappropriate language No excluding other players No bullying behaviours
  7. 7. Set Time limits One of the best ways to avoid fights about 'getting off' the game, is to set up agreed upon time limits. Always give a warning 5 minutes before, to ensure no whinging about finishing a level, just one more round or I haven't saved it yet!
  8. 8. Talk to other Parents If you child plays with a regular group of friends, talking to the other parents to come up with similar rules makes life much easier.
  9. 9. Play the Games It is much better to parent when you have perspective and understanding. Playing a game with your child helps you find out whether its appropriate, what they love about it and it can be a great way to bond.
  10. 10. Remember.... We can't always control what other people do online. Equip your child with the critical thinking to know what is right and wrong. As they get older we lose some control, we want to know they have the skills to be safe responsible gamers.
  11. 11. For more help facing the challenges of parenting with technology and the online world, find me at: twitter @themodernparent or email: The Modern Parent Martine Oglethorpe twitter: @themodernparent