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21 Profitable Blog Post & Article Ideas


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21 ideas for blog posts, articles, videos and more...

Published in: Marketing
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21 Profitable Blog Post & Article Ideas

  1. 1. 21 Profitable Blog Post 
 & Article Ideas Share With Your Friends!
  2. 2. Share With Your Friends! Published by: Jeff Herring Enterprises Copyright 2016 All rights reserved. May be shared with copyright 
 and credit left intact. Jeff Herring Resources resultS now insider’s circle custom content wizard social content secrets evergreen traffic machines profitable list building profitable product creation Profitable content creation templates AboutJeffHerring Jeff Herring is a Content Marketing Strategist, Single Dad of 2 sons, Wrangler of 3 Dogs and the 7th Worst Hiker on the AT. 
 Jeff helps Online Entrepreneurs unleash and package their content for more prospects and profits.
  3. 3. Share With Your Friends! Introduction 1. 3 Mistakes 2. 3 Reasons 3. 3 Stages 4. 3 Things To Avoid, 3 Things To Do 5. Barriers 6. Beginners Guide 7. Benefit/Without 8. Bust A Myth 9. Current Event 10. Learned table of contents 11. Lessons 12. Perfect Cure 13. Rant 14. Secrets 15. Steps 16. Take A Stand 17. 7 Tips 18. Traps to Avoid 19. Universal Laws 20. Warning Signs 21. What To Do When Have a question? Contact us at
  4. 4. Share With Your Friends! I’ve seen countless online entrepreneurs get stuck posting the same kind of content over and overagain… whether it’s working or not! Stuck for great ideas for your blog posts and articles? We’ve got you covered! This ebook gives you 21 great ideas 
 for your blog posts and articles, leading to more visibility, 
 traffic and sales.
  5. 5. Share With Your Friends! 1 Name 3 common mistakes in your niche Name what to do instead for each mistake 3 MISTAKES
  6. 6. Share With Your Friends! 3 Reasons2 3 reasons to 
 do something The benefit of
 doing each
  7. 7. Share With Your Friends! 3 3 stages of a problem Solutions for each stage 3 STAGES
  8. 8. Share With Your Friends! 3 THINGS to avoid 3 things do 
 4 3 things to avoid followed by… 3 things to do
  9. 9. Share With Your Friends! 5 Barriers to a goal How to get past barriers BARRIERS
  10. 10. Share With Your Friends! Beginners guide6 Step by Step How to begin
  11. 11. Share With Your Friends! benefit/without7 How to get more 
 of the benefit How to get less of the pain
  12. 12. Share With Your Friends! Bust a myth8 Be the myth buster in your niche And then share the reality
  13. 13. Share With Your Friends! current event9 Pay attention to what’s happening in the world And then tie it
 to your niche
  14. 14. Share With Your Friends! 10 What I learned from… my dog
 playing the harmonica
  15. 15. Share With Your Friends! 11 One lesson Several lessons LIFE LESSONS
  16. 16. Share With Your Friends! 12 Name a 
 common problem Deliver the perfect cure PERFECT CURE
  17. 17. Share With Your Friends! rant13 Choose a subject Perform your rant
  18. 18. Share With Your Friends! 14 People love secrets This will always work… SECRETS
  19. 19. Share With Your Friends! steps15 Choose a goal Break it down into 
 manageable steps
  20. 20. Share With Your Friends! take a stand16 Choose a 
 controversial topic Take a stand
 Defend your stand
  21. 21. Share With Your Friends! 17 Choose a 
 topic Offer up
 your 7 tips 7 TIPS
  22. 22. Share With Your Friends! traps to avoid18 What’s the trap? How do you get out? How do you avoid it?
  23. 23. Share With Your Friends! universal laws19 Choose a topic The Law of __________
  24. 24. Share With Your Friends! warning signs20 Name 3 warning signs What to do instead
  25. 25. Share With Your Friends! what to do when21 Name the challenge Provide the steps
  26. 26. Share With Your Friends! Ready for the Next Level Want to make your blog post, article, and ALL your content creation so much faster and so much easier? Go here to watch a mercifully brief video & discover more! Thanks for downloading “21 Profitable Blog Post and Article Ideas for Online Entrepreneurs”