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Esafety: Keeping your kids safe online. New for 2018


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A presentation for parents. Feel free to share/clip and comment. Created in the UK by Richard Smith

Published in: Education
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Esafety: Keeping your kids safe online. New for 2018

  1. 1. Richard Smith CEOP Ambassador Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command 2018 Helping Ambassador
  2. 2. Helping …...your future Work Education Leisure Life being
  3. 3. YOUR digital footprint effects YOUR future
  4. 4. Who can be an Online Hero? Created by
  5. 5. Search more safely online with….
  6. 6. How do you connect with your friends and family online?
  7. 7. Connectivity…. friend or foe?
  8. 8. When you say or do things online that make others happy, how does it make you feel?
  9. 9. Unfortunately, sometimes when we’re online, we might see or receive things that are unkind or upsetting. How would these make you feel?
  10. 10. How do we keep one step ahead?
  11. 11. Contact your Internet Service Provider...
  12. 12. How can we make sure we are a good friend online? Support others Be kind and respectful Check before you share Share positivity Ask for help
  13. 13. Being ‘connected’ is both positive and negative So much information ‘Allowing all Snapchat friends (some of whom may be strangers) to see this information can present a risk to young people, as they will be able to see their exact location in real time. Also sharing a mobile number means they may be added on Snapchat’ Ghostmode and settings are key
  14. 14. Broadcasting from anywhere Live in 3…2…1 Live streaming, sometimes known as “going live”, is the broadcasting of live videos over the internet. Videos are unedited and are viewed in real time- similar to Live TV. CEOP: #whoisSam video
  15. 15. How do you manage screen time?
  16. 16. Quote from a 6 year old to Mr Smith in 2018….. ’Now I’ve got my Xbox I never use my bike!’ Set up a system that you stick to and find out about ‘digital timers’ from your Internet Service Provider There are also apps you can buy or subscribe to. See TechAdvisor (best parental control software) Setup Microsoft Family accounts
  17. 17. Who can be a Blocker Hero?
  18. 18. Do you support your children to be age honest?
  19. 19. What are the key ingredients we need to feel happy and good about ourselves online? Sharing things with other to cheer them up or make them laugh Making positive choices online Checking with others before about the things we share Knowing what to do if something goes wrong Taking regular breaks from the internet
  20. 20. Which of these is a famous person? 1. Paul Logan 2. Paul Gogan 3. Logan Paul 4. Gogan Paul What does he do? Would your children know who he is? Is he a good role model for your children?
  21. 21. The controversy began when Mr Paul uploaded a video to his channel that was taken in Aokigahara, the Japanese area sometimes referred to as a "suicide forest". While there, he and his friends came across the body of a man who had died by suicide – and Mr Paul was filmed standing next to the corpse ...
  22. 22. Young children should not be using YouTube. Download this instead Or download a range of apps that are age appropriate and can be used offline.
  23. 23. Be Net Aware with the NSPCC
  24. 24. Can your family help the security of the Internet in the UK? See..
  25. 25. Don’t get hacked N.H.S. Screen 2017
  26. 26. Do you encourage password security in your family?
  27. 27. Worst Passwords Ever More than half of the world's computer users use one of the top 25 most common passwords
  28. 28. Learning and talking  Who are those online ‘friends’?  Why do they want to chat with you?  Web cams can be accessed remotely if you have a virus  Be incharge of internet settings and timings  Share worries with people you trust (or contact/report to an organisation) 
  29. 29. Learning and talking (2)  Count to 10 before you send  Change privacy setting  Model safe and responsible behaviour online  Blocking is possible. Be strong.  Continue to educate yourself to stay up to date
  30. 30. Find out more…….. and tell others Richard Smith