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Class I - Materials (Environmental Science)


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Materials, Natural Resources, Wood, Stone, Sand, Clay, Metal, Water, Sorting of Materials, Shape, Texture, Smell

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Class I - Materials (Environmental Science)

  1. 1. EVS: Materials Class I
  2. 2. Materials Natural Resources • • • • • • Wood Stone Sand Clay Metal Water Sorting of Materials • Shape • Texture • Smell
  3. 3. Natural Resources
  4. 4. Natural Resources Things which we get from Environment are called Natural Resources. Wood, Stone, Sand, Clay, Metal and Water are the main Natural Resources available for us.
  5. 5. Wood
  6. 6. Wood Wood comes from Trees. Wood is used to make houses, chair and paper products. Chair Making House Paper
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Stone
  9. 9. Stone Stones are found on and below Earth’s surface. Stones are used to make roads, buildings and railway tracks. Road making Making railway tracks Buildings
  10. 10. Sand
  11. 11. Sand Sand is found near seashore and in deserts. Sand is used to make glass, bricks and castles. Bricks Glass Sand castle
  12. 12. Clay
  13. 13. Clay Clay is formed from soil. It mixes well with water. Clay is used to crockery, statues, pots. Crockery Statues Pots
  14. 14. Clay Clay is also used to make flowerpots, tiles and bricks. Flower pots Tiles Bricks
  15. 15. Metal
  16. 16. Metal Metals mostly dug out of the Earth. They are used to make pressure cooker, bridges and scissors. Pressure cooker Bridge Scissor
  17. 17. Metal Metals are found in rocks, soil or at the bottom of the sea. They are also used to make cars, airplanes, machines. Cars Aero planes Machines
  18. 18. Water
  19. 19. Water Water is one the important natural resources. We can’t live without water. Water is used for cooking, drinking, washing, etc. Cooking Drinking Washing
  20. 20. Sorting of Material
  21. 21. Common shapes Circle, Rectangle, Triangle and Square are the common shapes. Circle Rectangle Triangle Everything which we use or see have definite shape. Some Materials are sorted by their shapes. Square
  22. 22. Circle shape Objects Pomegranate Ball Alarm clock Plates
  23. 23. Rectangle shape Objects Clothe Mat Table Top Refrigerator Mobile Phone
  24. 24. Triangle shape Objects Samosa Boat House Sign Board
  25. 25. Square shape objects Dice Cushion Wall shelf Handkerchief
  26. 26. Texture – Soft Things like Sponge, Cotton and Clothes have soft touch. Sponge Cotton Clothes
  27. 27. Texture – Smooth Glasses, Utensils and Wooden furniture have very smooth touch. Glasses Utensils Wooden furniture
  28. 28. Texture – Rough Sandpaper, Cactus plant and Ropes are very Rough to touch. Sandpaper Cactus plants Ropes
  29. 29. Smell We can recognize some things by their Smell. Smell can be Good, Sweet or Bad. Smell of Jasmine flowers Smell of Cake Smell of Garbage
  30. 30. Glossary Natural Resource – Anything people can use which comes from nature Materials – The substance out of which a thing is made Sand – Loose grains of rocks found in desert and on beaches Sponge – A piece of soft, light substance that can soak easily Surface – Outermost or Uppermost part of an object Texture – Feel or look of a surface Utensils – Containers for food and water used in kitchen
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