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Natural and manmade materials


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Natural and manmade materials

  1. 1. Natural andMan-made Materials
  2. 2. What are NATURAL materials?• Natural materials are materials that come from plants, animals and rocks.
  3. 3. What are MAN-MADE materials?• Man-made materials are materials obtained from natural materials through chemical processes.
  4. 4. Sources Natural Materials ObjectsPlants Wood Chair, table, cupboard Rubber Balloon, tyre, glove Cotton T-shirt, cloth, scarfAnimals Fur Hat, sweater Silk Cloth Leather Handbag, belt, shoesRocks Metal Spoon, kettle Soil Vase, claypot Table 1: Objects made of natural materials
  5. 5. Man-made Objects MaterialsPlastic Containers, ruler, bottle, straw, cupSynthetic cloth Net, tent, raincoat, umbrella(nylon, rayon,polyester) Table 2: Objects made of man-made materials
  6. 6. Natural materials Man-made materials• Wood • Plastic• Metal • Synthetic cloth• Leather• Soil• Cotton• Fur• Rubber• Silk• Petroleum• Natural gas• Coal
  7. 7. • Man-made materials are produced from petroleum.• Petroleum is a natural material.• This shows that man-made materials come from natural materials.
  8. 8. Why Tyre nowadays is moredurable than the Tyre in the ancient time?