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Environmental Science (EVS) : Plants Worksheet (Class II)


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EVS, Environmental Science, Worksheet
Plants, Types of Plants, Use of Plants
Class II, Class 2, CBSE

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Environmental Science (EVS) : Plants Worksheet (Class II)

  1. 1. Environmental Science (EVS) - Worksheet Subject: Plants Class: 2nd 1. Write the name and type (Herbs, Shrubs, creepers and climbers) of the plants. ___________________ ____________________ ___________________ ___________________ 2. List three things to take care of plant. ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________
  2. 2. 3. Write one difference and one similarity between Creeper and climber. Creeper Climber Difference Similarity 4. Fill in the blanks from the given options: (Herbs, Spinach, Lotus, wood - paper, coffee, Hydrilla) a. _________ is an example of water plant. b. We eat leaves of ________ plant. c. Plants also give us ________ and __________. d. Turmeric and Mint are the example of _________. e. ___________ is the plant which grows completely underwater. 5. State True or False: a. Weed is a plant that grows where it is not needed. ______ b. Wild plants are planted by a farmer. _____ c. Creeper grows along the ground. ______ d. We should pluck flowers at public gardens. ______
  3. 3. 6. Match the plants with their uses: 1. A) To make medicines 2. B) To make sugar 3. C) To make Furniture 4. D) To make perfumes
  4. 4. 7. Write two examples for each of the following : A. Water plant i) ii) B. Herbs i) ii) C. Shrubs i) ii) D. Wild plants i) ii) E. Roots we eat i) ii) F. Steam as a Food i) ii) G. Uses of Plant i) ii) 8. Complete the analogy: a. Grass: Wild plant :: Pea plant: ___________ b. Tea : Leaves :: Sugarcane: _____________ c. Cooking oil : Mustard :: Paper: ____________