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Environmental Science (EVS) : Animals Worksheet (Class II)


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EVS, Environmental Science, Worksheet, Animal
Animals, External Features of Animals, Animal Food Habits, Animal Shelter
Class II, Class 2, CBSE

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Environmental Science (EVS) : Animals Worksheet (Class II)

  1. 1. Environmental Science (EVS) - Worksheet Subject: Animals Class: 2nd 1. Write at least three external features for each animal. A. Fish i) ________ ii) ________ iii) ________ B. Bear i) _______ ii) _______ iii) _______ 2. State True or False: a. A zebra is black with white stripes. _____ b. Rats eat only plants. _____ c. Animals living in water are called aquatic animals. _____ d. Frogs live on both land and water. _____ e. Octopus is an aquatic animal. ______ f. Animals do not need shelters. _______
  2. 2. 3. Match the animals with their homes and name each of them. A _______________ a. _______________ B _____________ b. _______________ C _____________ c. ______________ D _______________ d. _______________
  3. 3. 4. Answer the following. a) Why do animals need shelter? _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ b) Give two examples of each Animals who eat only Plants a) _____________ b) _____________ Animal who eat only meat or other animals a) _____________ b) _____________ Animals that eat both plants and animals a) _____________ b) _____________ c) List the common features for given animals: a) Cat and Dog _____________________________________ b) Snail and Tortoise _____________________________________
  4. 4. d) Classify the animals below as per their living places. Fish, Elephant, Octopus, Tiger, Frog, whales, crocodile, dolphins Land Water Land and water