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Thailand Fintech landscape 2016 special report by techsauce

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Thailand Fintech landscape 2016 special report by techsauce

  1. 1. FinTech Ecosystem
 Q1 2017
  2. 2. HTTP://TECHSAUCE.CO TECHSAUCE.CO Techsauce is the leading source of all tech and business news in Thailand. We are the first and largest tech startup media & community. Our on the ground reporters and home field advantage make it the home of unique insights, analysis, opinion pieces and data in one of the most manual digital ecosystems in South East Asia. @techsauceTH Picture
  3. 3. TECHSAUCE GLOBAL SUMMIT Largest International Tech Conference in Thailand 28 - 29 July 2017 3,500PEOPLE
  4. 4. Arnaud Bonzom’s blog (500startups) Techsauce is the only media publisher that releases tech reports such as Thailand Ecosystem Report Featured By SAMPLE CONTENT
  6. 6. Communication, photo, music, and book industry has been disruptive. Now is the time for the finance industry COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  7. 7. Technology to make financial systems more efficient. Better Faster Cheaper What is Fintech? COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  8. 8. Unicorn
  9. 9. finance-online-financial-services-tied-to-online-shopping-25 Alipay, China's biggest mobile payment network with 450 million users and 170 daily transactions. Value: $60 billion Chinese peer-to-peer lender Value: $18.5 billion Online financial services. Value: $7 billion Online Chinese electronics retailer that lets buyers pay in monthly installments. Value: $5.9 billion Online Payment Processing Value: $5 billion COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  11. 11. finance-online-financial-services-tied-to-online-shopping-25 A marketplace for student loan refinancing Value: $4 billion free credit scores Value: $3.5 billion COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  12. 12. Bi g B rother FinTech in A s i a Singapore Hong Kong Source: Startupbootcamp, FinTech Hong Kong COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  14. 14. DBS Accelerator Maybank #Fintech
 Innovation Centre Fintech Innovation Lab Open Vault Innovation Centre Finlab Incubator AIA Accelerator Banking & Fintech Sta rtup program and Innovation lab in SG COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  15. 15. Mobile Wallet in Vietnam & Ser i es B f undi ng COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  16. 16. FinTech in Thailand
  17. 17. Funding rounds per year by category 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Total # Deals Total # Co. Companies Ecommerce/ Marketplace 1 3 6 5 5 20 18 Shopspot, WhatsNew Asia, Priceza, Page365, Pomelo, StylHunt, Yogatrail, Blisby, Golfdigg, Buzzcommerce, Sellsuki, Wishbeer, Zilingo, Orami, Fastwork, Fixzy, Wazzadu,WearYouWant Fintech 2 4 2 8 5 Piggipo, StockRadars, PeakEngine,
 Flowaccount, Finnomena E-logistics 1 2 4 2 8 6 aCommerce, Rushbike, Deliveree, Skootar ,GizTix, Sendit Payment 1 2 2 2 7 3 2C2P, Omise, Deep Pocket Food & Restaurant 1 1 1 3 6 3 Wongnai, eatigo, ginja COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  18. 18. COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD Bank of Thailand with Regulatory Sandbox
  19. 19. COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD The Security and exchange commission's program
  20. 20. The group of fintech startups aiming to raise awareness of the Fintech disruptive technology and its framework to all stakeholders (Financial Institutions, Private sectors and government sectors) Korn Chatikavanij : President of Thai Fintech Association COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD Thai FinTech Association
  21. 21. Source: Thai Banking & FinTech COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  22. 22. Fund of Fund - Golden Gate Ventures ($20M) nyca Direct Investment ($28M) Focusing Areas - Financial Product: Wallet, Wealth management etc. - Infrastructure : Blockchain, Credit Scoring etc. - Core tech : AI, NLP, Data Mining COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  23. 23. DVA Accelerator COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  25. 25. Krungsri RISE accelerator ProgramKrungsri Uni Startup
 Contest of University students Set up Venture Capital for Fintech ($10M USD) COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  26. 26. Business partnership with 
 Thai Startups : Builk and asiola KBTG office KBTG structure ibm-for-blockchain-technology/ Partner with IBM for blockchain technology COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  29. 29. 33
  30. 30. Mobile Operator COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  31. 31. Big Player invests in Thai FinTech Company COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  32. 32. Source: Global FinTech Ecosystem
  33. 33. Equity Financing Business Tools (Official) Coming Soon Personal Finance Crowdfunding Payments Retail Investments Financial Education & Research Financial Comparison Lending & Credit InsurTech Bitcoin Remittance Institution Infrastructure Consumer Banking ? Institutional Investment ? Thai FinTech Ecosystem COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  34. 34. Set up team to support Startups Investment Create Program to find new innovation Open API , Improve Banking Policy COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD Collaboration between big enterprises and startups
  35. 35. Thailand FinTech Case Study COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  36. 36. Company Description
 StockRadars empowers you by reducing your sourcing time and mitigating portfolio risk. They use entire stock market data to analyse each stock indicates stock matching each "Radars" criteria, and present in a super user- friendly way as a game. You can choose Radars which suitable for you. Year Founded 2010 Key People Teerachart Kortrakul, Founder & CEO Website Specialisation
 Retail Investment
 Thailand FinTech Case Study COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  37. 37. Key highlight
 • Surpassed the market share stock trading app within 2 years, now with 23% penetration rate • StockRadars went on to become Best Financial Software Thailand ICT Award 2014 & Best Financial Software Asia Pacific ICT Award 2014 • Has expanded to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, India and Singapore • In partnership with Globlex Securities would allow traders who have accounts with Globlex to do real-time trading via the StockRadars app. • Investors: CyberAgent Ventures, East Ventures, Watchara Kaewsawang, Piyaphan Wongyara
 Teerachart Kortrakul, Founder & CEO Thailand FinTech Case Study COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  38. 38. Company Description
 Piggipo allows people to better manage credit cards by allowing them to jot down their credit card spending details in an app. Year Founded 2013 Key People Supichaya Surapunthu (CEO)
 Pongchai Tangbowonweerkun (CTO) Sirarhorn Thamprateep (CMO) Website Specialisation
 Personal Finance
 Thailand FinTech Case Study COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  39. 39. Thailand FinTech Case Study Key highlight
 • The winner of dtac accelerate Batch 2 • Piggipo has partnered with Maybank to launch the “Credit Mavin” app in Malaysia • Piggipo and dtac accelerate have entered a major partnership agreement with Kasikorn Bank or KBank in offering a new channel of communication, providing credit card promotions to target customers, and sending notifications via Piggipo application. • Investors: 500Tuktuks, dtac accelerate, Ookbee,Golden Gate Ventures, SeedersClub COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  40. 40. Thailand FinTech Case Study Company Description
 Jitta is an intelligent finance platform taking aim at the S&P 500 as the "new normal" for trading returns. The practice is simple, "Buy a Wonderful company at a Fair Price," but the algorithmic technology behind the tool is nothing short of inspired. Since 2009, Jitta's ROI has been 400% greater than the S&P 500. The kicker: the team and company are building in Bangkok. Key People Trawut Luangsomboon, CEO Pornthip Kongchun, COO Sira Sujjinanont, CTO Website Specialisation
 Retail Investment
  41. 41. Thailand FinTech Case Study Key highlight
 • Mary Buffett is an advisor. • One of top 50 startups in Startup Grind Global event 2015 • Discover the great stocks with Jitta and trade on streaming, available at Settrade Streaming • SET, Nasdaq, SGX, HKE, Hanoi Stock Exchange, Hochiminh Stock Exchange are now available on Jitta for everyone. COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  42. 42. Thailand FinTech Case Study Company Description
 Omise is Thailand's leading online payment gateway offering a wide range of processing solutions for any business need. Their endeavour is to provide the best online payment experience that works seamlessly on both the mobile and the web. Year Founded 2013 Key People Jun Hasegawa, CEO Donnie Harinsut, COO Frederico Araujo, CIO Robin Clart, CTO Website Specialisation
  43. 43. Thailand FinTech Case Study Key highlight
 • Omise secures USD$17.5 million in funding which is one of the largest Series B investments for a FinTech company in Southeast Asia and largest investment round in Thailand • Investors: East Ventures, 500Startups, 
 500 TukTuks, Sinar Mas Indonesia, Ascend Capital, Golden Gate Ventures, SBI Investment Omise Team one-of-the-largest-series-b-investments-for-a-fintech-company-in-southeast-asia/ COPYRIGHT 2016 TECHSAUCE CO.,LTD
  44. 44. Special Thanks Our Information Partner
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