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รายชื่อบริษัทไทยที่เข้าร่วมงาน CommunicAsia2013

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CommunicAsia2013 Thai Companies Profile

  1. 1. Thailand PavilionGateway to Telecommunicationand Mobile SolutionsThailand PavilionGateway to Telecommunicationand Mobile SolutionsThai ICT Trade MissionCommunicAsia 2013 in Singapore18-21 June 2013Thai ICT Trade MissionCommunicAsia 2013 in Singapore18-21 June 2013Booth No. BJ5-01, Basement 2Booth No. BJ5-01, Basement 2Thailand PavilionGateway to Telecommunicationand Mobile Solutions
  2. 2. 1 Anunda Technology Co.,Ltd. 82 AppMan Co.,Ltd. 93 Appsolute Soft Co.,Ltd. 104 Apptividia Co.,Ltd. 115 Arunsawad Dot Com Co.,Ltd. 126 Computerlogy Co.,Ltd. 137 Digio (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. 148 Digital Research and Consulting Co.,Ltd. 159 Dungbhumi Co.,Ltd. 1610 Hua Lampong Co.,Ltd. 1711 Infotronics Co.,Ltd. 1812 Innovation Plus Co.,Ltd. 1913 Netka System Co.,Ltd. 2014 PromptNow Co.,Ltd. 2115 SiamSquared Technologies (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. 2216 Sun Systems Corporation Ltd. 23List of Thai Exhibitors- Introduction : Thailand IT Market Trend Snapshot 3- Department of International Trade Promotion 4Ministry of Commerce,Royal Thai Government- Software Park Thailand 5- Mobile Technology for Thailand 6- Exhibitor Contact Lists 7
  3. 3. IntroductionIntroductionSoftware Park Thailand and Mobile Technology for Thailand (MT2) incooperation with Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP)are organizing trade mission to Singapore to exhibit in CommunicAsia 2013during June 18-21, 2013. This IT trade mission comprising of 16 Thai ITcompanies, specialized in mobile & cloud applications, and telecommunication& wireless solutions. The mission aims to create market and partnershipopportunity among Thai exhibitors and others in the region.We are pleased to welcome and look forward to explore market &development collaboration with potential partners around the world inCommunicAsia 2013. Join us at “Thailand Pavilion”, Basement 2, boothno. BJ5-01, Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands.According to IDC, the growth of Thai ICT market in 2013 will be largelydriven by the four pillars shaping the future of the global ICT - Cloud,Mobility, Social Business and Big Data/Analytics – and the trends spawningfrom these concepts. Also, Thailand ICT’s industry will be shapedby several factors in 2013, such as, demand for mobility from consumersand enterprises, evolving business delivery models that influence ICTspending, and the increasing competition among telecom service providersin the 3G. Followings are the ICT market snapshot in Thailand.Thai ICT spending expects to be dominated by heavy investment fromthe top spending verticals such as financial services, telecoms andgovernment. Organizations in the government sector are expectedto continue rolling out initiatives to connect with Government Cloud(G-cloud) and Government Information Network (GIN) to align withSmart Thailand Master Plan. Furthermore, ICT spending will also befueled by heavy investment on 3G and telecom infrastructure. IDCexpects the Thai ICT market to expand by 9.8% in 2013, reaching USD21 billion, while IT spending alone will account for USD12.5 billion.An Increasing popularity of smartphones and media tablets, with thehelp of dynamic behavior and the readiness of 3G services, IDC expectsThailand’s smartphone market to expand 40% year-on-year to reach 7.3million units shipped. The tablet market will also grow at a similar ratewith total shipment of 3.5 million units. The popularity of smart devicessuch as smartphones and media tablets has already influenced the usageof digital content from business content applications to entertainmentand lifestyle-related applications.ThailandICTMarket&MobilityTrendSnapshot3
  4. 4. Department of International Trade PromotionMinistry of Commerce, RoyalThai GovernmentFor foreign entrepreneurs keen on doing business with Thailand, we arethe first and foremost link in securing the most beneficial outcome for yourbusiness aspirations. If you are looking for trade opportunities in thisthriving economic hub of Asia, then the Thailand Trade Promotion Officeis the best place to begin.Our overseas office lends its expertise in assuring your success from attendingmajor marketing activities, both in Thailand and around the globe. Theseinclude participation in international trade fairs, in-store promotions,Thailand Exhibitions, and road show. And regularly we organize trademissions in which you can meet Thai entrepreneurs and interface with thevery best of Thai industries. Our agency plays a vital role in linking youwith the right source materials, products and even specific services suchas spa management, interior designing, animation and film crews, etc. Wecan also facilitate fruitful business matching, forming strong partnershipsbetween you and Thai entrepreneurs.Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce44/100 Nonthaburi 1 Rd., Nonthaburi 11000, ThailandTel : +66 2 507-8442Fax : +66 2 547-4242Website : www.ditp.go.thSingaporeTel : +65 6 737-3060, 6 732-7769Fax : +65 6 732-2458Email : enquiry@thaitrade.sg4
  5. 5. is an organization under the National Science and TechnologyDevelopment Agency (NSTDA). Our task is to support and strengthen thosein the Software industry by any means necessary, be it in procurement ofhuman resource, marketing, securing investment and even with the latesttechnology. Our aim is to help each and every stakeholder in Thailand’ssoftware industry from manufacturing industry to agriculture as well asthe service sector-Software can help all increase their efficiency and theirpotential. We aim to grow the domestic software industry and instillconfidence in this industry for overseas operators wishing to establishthemselves in Thailand.Vision“To be the region’s number one organization supporting entrepreneursand help create a strong world-class software industry that will enhance thestrength and competitiveness of the Thai economy”Today, Software Park Thailand continues to support and strengthen Thaisoftware entrepreneurs for the sustainable growth of software industry underthe fast changing ecosystem. Our missions are:Promote transfer of technologies and IT managementthrough high-end training courses for IT professionalsPromote quality standards improvement of localcompanies to the international levelPromote and support collaboration with both local andinternational alliances for new market opportunitiesin Thailand and overseasPromote the usage of IT to all sectors to help increaseproductivity and competitivenessProvide office facilities, conference, meeting and trainingrooms for software“Gateway to Software Business Opportunity in Thailand”5
  6. 6. Technology for ThailandMobile Technology for Thailand or MT2 (pronouncedas MT Square) was set up in 2011 as networking platformof mobile development in Thailand from Software ParkThailand initiative. MT2 will play role as the center for allstakeholders in mobile application development ecosystemin Thailand with the pool resources and contributionsfrom the members, including government, private,education sector, and developers. The group will providetechnological know-how, development facilities, training,and assistance to commercialization for software developers.Objective“To promote and support Thailand mobile applicationsoftware industry and to make Thailand become themobile application outsourcing center in 5 years”Roadmap (2012-2017)MT2 aims to develop human resources for mobileapplication development to increase the number ofmember developers. It will work with partners to boostthe capacity of developers through activities such asuniversity courses, seminars and workshops, and roadshows at allied universities.Apart from that, it needs to increase the number ofnew entrepreneurs to build success. It plans to develop acommunity by organizing monthly events, opening mobileapplication testing labs, and offering incubation programs.Moreover, MT2 needs to build success incommercializing new applications in order to inspireother developers. It will work with partners to buildsuccess through application-development competitions.6
  7. 7. Exhibitor Contact ListsExhibitor Contact ListsAppMan Co., Ltd.Mr. Amarit FranssenChief Marketing Co., Ltd.Mr. Supachoke PoemcharoenManaging Directorsupachoke@koro.bizInnovation Plus Co., Ltd.Mr. Nakrin LerdnamwongManaging Technologies(Thailand) Co., Ltd.Mr. Teerachart KortrakulManaging Directorteerachart@siamsquared.comAppsolute Soft Co., Ltd.Mr. Nattapon NimakulDirector of Software Developmentnattapon@appsolutesoft.comApptividia Co., Ltd.Mr. Chaiwat Pamkulawanichchaiwatp@apptividia.comDigio (Thailand) Co., Ltd.Mr. Nopphorn DanchainamManaging Technology Co., Ltd.Mr. Somsak AkkaravarawongChief Marketing Officersomsakak@anundatech.comArunsawad Dot Com Co., Ltd.Mr. Kittinan AnuphanChief Executive Officerkittinan@anywheretogo.comComputerlogy Co., Ltd.Mr. Vachara AemavatManaging Directorvachara@computerlogy.comDigital Research and Consulting Co., Ltd.Ms. Lawan YimdeeAssistant VP Lampong Co., Ltd.Mr. Sittiphol PhanvilaiManaging Directorsittiphol@hlpth.ccomInfotronics Co., Ltd.Mr. Thammathat SripenManaging Directorthammathat.s@gmail.comNetka System Co., Ltd.Mrs.Nipastraporn JiamchoatpattanakulManaging Directornipas@netkasystem.comPromptNow Co., Ltd.Mr. Natjira HondaGeneral Managerhonda@promptnow.comSun Systems Corporation Ltd.Mr. Nutapong JatubutCEO & Operationnutapong@sun-system.comExhibitor Contact Lists7
  8. 8. Appsolute Soft Co.,Ltd.Contact Person : Mr. Nattapon NimakulMobile : +66 84 008-0823E-mail : nattapon@appsolutesoft.comContact Person : Chumphon SuwansichonMobile : +66 83 305-5033E-mail : chumphon@appsolutesoft.comCompany/product Hi-lightAppsolute Soft Co.,Ltd aims to transform the way the Hospitality Industryinteracts with its customers. In the same revolutionary way that thetelephone altered the way that businesses connected with their clients,our mobile and touch software aims to totally transform the way yourcompany and its clientele interact with each other.ProductFOURLEAF is a tablet based hospitality solution for hotels. Guests areable to utilize all hotel services and amenities from a hotel provided tabletthat is available in their room. An app for this is already installed on theprovided tablet.With FOURLEAF your customer will have an iPad Tabletthat is connected to every facet of the Hotel, from dining to luxury itemsto room service.With a few simple touches on the iPad screen they can make dinnerreservations, check out the menu, book a Spa appointment, find outabout local amenities and much, much more.The layout is elegant, intuitive and, most importantly, easy to use. Plusit cuts down on staff mistakes because EVERYTHING is noted on the iPad,cutting out human error almost entirely.For you, the business owner, it means less mistakes, less cost and amuch easier way to make changes to, well, anything!You can easily change the dinner menu, offer discount services, notifycustomers of changes or messages and so much more.You can save a tremendous amount on paper andprinting costs also because everything will be on theiPad.The fact is, there is so much that FOURLEAF can doto keep your customer happy and help you and yourstaff that you must see it in person to appreciate thepower that this new service offers to increase yourrevenue and decrease your operating costs.FOURLEAF8
  9. 9. Anunda Technology Co.,LtdContact Person : Dr. Tongtod VanisriAddress : 795/3 Rama 9 Rd,. Bangkok, Huay Kwang, BangkokTel : +66 2 719-7970 –2Mobile : +66 89 770-0011E-mail : tongtod@anundatech.comWebsite : www.anundatech.comCompany/product Hi-light"AnundaTech is the leader of RF products developer and manufacturerin Thailand, supplying wireless communication products to cellularoperators and Wireless ISPs, suitable for outdoor / indoor coverage inGSM, HSPA, CDMA2000 and Wi-Fi standards.1. Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Analyzer helps to improve site performanceby finding and eliminating sources of passive intermodulation at thecell site in RF paths, components and cable assemblies. It supports GSMand 3G frequency bands.2. ICS Repeater is an advanced repeater system for 3G networks thatautomatically cancels the feedback interference between the serviceand donor antennas using the digital signal processing technology. Theunwanted interference lowers the repeater’s achievable gain which isalso common in normal RF repeater.3. Pico Repeater extends signal coverage from outdoor BTS to indoor.It is suitable for basement carpark, SME, fill an in-building coveragehole and inside the lifts.4. Pico Repeater extends signal coverage from outdoor BTS to indoor.It is suitable for basement carpark, SME, fill an in-building coveragehole and inside the lifts.9
  10. 10. AppMan Co.,LtdContact Person : Mr. Amarit FranssenAddress : 20th Floor, Unit No. 2004, The Millenia Tower,62 Langsuan Road, Lumpini, PathumwanBangkok, Thailand 10330Tel : +66 2 650-2874Mobile : +66 89 665-0039E-mail :, : Hi-lightOur mission is to create new value added traveling experience byinventing products based on the idea of the so-called internet ofthings, starting with mobile apps.DescriptionWe seek to leverage all the information technology pieces of this era tocreate new products. Inexpensive computing resources and the ubiquityof personal mobile devices and the network that connects them areenabling rapid innovation and deployment. Tourism is the first keysegment that we will make sure it be benefited by such phenomena.10
  11. 11. Apptividia Co., Ltd.Contact Person : Mr. Chaiwat PamkulawanichAddress : 779/167 Star Estate Rama III, Rama III,Bang Phongphang, Yanawa, Bangkok, Thailand 10120Mobile : +66 87 635-5551E-mail : chaiwatp@apptividia.comWebsite : www.apptividia.comCompany/product Hi-lightApptividia Co., Ltd develops and designs software platform and mobileapplication for general user, business, and government. CurrentlyApptividia Co., Ltd has lauched Publizh, an interactive digital publishingplatform, in Thai market for customers to easily create and distributetheir interactive digital book/media/catalog for Tablet devices suchas iPad and Android. Publizh is a software as a service platform thatusers can utilize to easily and quickly create interactive digital book/catalog / newsletter at anytime anywhere via cloud system, withoutany high end PC or Mac, with just a Chrome browser. Users don’t needto have any programming knowledge for creating digital book. Oncedigital book/media/catalog is created, it can be used in iPad andAndroid Tablet. Not only the platform can support PDF, it also allowsusers to integrate content with multimedia and effects including socialmedia with the goal of ultimate communication efficiency.11
  12. 12. ANYWHERE TO GO CO., LTD.Contact Person : Mr. Kittinan Anuphan Address : 69/9 Soi Rajvitee 1, Rangnam RD., Thanon Phayathai,Rajthevee, Bangkok 10400, Thailand. Tel : +66 2 642-4711–2Fax : +66 2 642-4713Mobile : +66 83 899-2987E-mail : Website : www.arunsawad.comCompany/product Hi-light12
  13. 13. Computerlogy Co.,LtdContact Person : Mr. Vachara AemavatAddress : 700/82 Sukumvit Road Sansuk Sriracha ChonburiMobile : +66 81 883-9988E-mail : vachara@computerlogy.comContact Person : Thanat WiriyapinitMobile : +66 87 709-9009E-mail : thanat@computerlogy.comCompany/product Hi-lightFrom the winner of Facebook World Hack 2012 Jakarta and FacebookPreferred Marketing Developer (PMD), Computerlogy founded in 2009by a group of experienced software developers. Our goal is to deliverhighly standard products and services that help cooperate achievingtheir business.13
  14. 14. Digio (Thailand) Co., LtdContact Person : Mr. Nopphorn DanchainamAddress : 496-502 Amarin Plaza floor 12Ploenchit Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330Mobile : +66 81 439-5519E-mail : : Hi-lightDigio (Thailand) Co., Ltd is an innovative IT solution provider specializes inmobile payment, application and platform. The company was establishedin Bangkok, Thailand by experienced IT professionals with proven recordsof 8 years successful mobile software deployments in Telcos, FinancialInstitutions, Stock Exchange of Thailand, Insurance salesforce and RealEstate companies.We simplify your financial, payment retail process andenable you to gain a leap competitive advantage over competitorsthrough our innovation.Digio mPOS (mobile Point-Of-Sale) delivers The Asia’s first ever EMVmobile payment transaction rollout for Kasikorn Bank in January 2013.Our platform passed EMV level 1 and Level 2 certification along withADVT (Visa), M-TIP (Master Card) which compatibles with iOS, Androidand Windows devices. Your mobile devices will be able to swipe a creditcard securely through multiple end-to-end encryptions and completePCI DSS compliance transaction within seconds.14
  15. 15. Digital Research and Consulting Co., Ltd.Contact Person : Ms. Lawan YimdeeAddres : 387/1 Soi Ratchadapisek 14, Ratchadapisek Rd.Huaikhwang, Bangkok 10310, ThailandTel : +66 2 692-8833 ext. 105Fax : +66 2 692-7171Mobile : +66 81 694-9822E-mail : Hi-lightDigital Research and Consulting Co., Ltd. (DRC), an expert in RFCommunication, Security & Surveillance and Information Technology,provides superior engineering, integration and consulting services forboth domestic and international clients from governmental organizationsto private sectors. DRC’s extensive skills encompass all aspects ofimplementation and operation including business requirements,specifications, system design and overseeing development teamscustomizing solutions to fit client specific needs.ProductInformation & Communications : DRC supplies a comprehensive range ofICT products from handheld radios to nationwide communicationnetworks. Representing board rang of ICT product, DRC is able to copewith different applications such as Digital Trunk System Connectivity, IPNetwork System, Digital Radio Network, Interoperability System, RadioVoting System, RoIP, WiFi Link.Security & Surveillance : These are the proud of DRC innovation in itsproducts portfolios. With the aim to save lives wherever we are, productsare offered from Jammers, Military Surveillance Equipment, IP NetworkCamera, Disaster Warning Systems.15
  16. 16. Dungbhumi Co., Ltd.Contact Person : Mr. Supachoke PoemcharoenAddress : 56 Soi Ramintra 67 Sub 8, Ramintra Rd.,Khannayao, Bangkok 10230Tel : +66 2 945-7428 –9Mobile : +66 81 441-2384E-mail : supachoke@dungbhumi.comWebsite : www.dungbhumi.comCompany/product Hi-lightDungbhumi Company Limited is a subsidiary of Korobiznet CompanyLimited which has operated since 2004. Dungbhumi Company Limitedheadquartered in Bangkok, and has a branch in Northeastern region ofThailand.Dungbhumi Company Limited is an professional software developmentcompany in Thailand that makes your business more efficient and acost-effective global solutions delivery model on cloud-base. Weprovided web based services and development support, which mayinclude consultation, software development and maintenance.Our Business Philosophy is belief in customers success as our successhas propelled our growth and helped us build an affable relationshipwith our clients.16
  17. 17. HLPContact Person : Mr. Sittiphol Phanvilai Address : 6th Floor, Q House Phloen Chit 598 Phloen Chit Road,Lumpini, Pathumwan Bangkok 10330,Thailand.Fax : +66 2 663-7879Mobile : +66 86 626-2622E-mail : sittiphol@hlpth.comCompany/product Hi-lightHLP is a mobile application development firm, established in 2008bases in Bangkok, Thailand. We provide the service of informationarchitecture, user interface design, and cross platform mobile applicationdevelopment. Onseeker is an mobile application company that isleading the way in creating new and better applications for processinginformation using Smartphone technology.Product"MOLOME is a easy & fun way to share your journey of life. Grab yourphone, shoot a photo, choose our amazing filters,stickers, frames andshare it with your friends and family." It is free and it will always be freefor everyone to use.17
  18. 18. Infotronics Co.,Ltd.Contact Person : Mr. Thammathat SripenAddress : 39/52 Soi Cheangwattana 24 Cheangwattana Rd.Pakkred Nonthburi Thailand 11120Fax : +66 2 663-7879Mobile : +66 86 626-2622E-mail : thammathat.s@gmail.comWebsite : vtiger2.cloudapp.netCompany/product Hi-lightInfotronics Co., ltd. was established on 2002 at Bangkok Thailand.We are open source specialist and professional services base on Vtiger CRMCloud.Vtiger CRM is 100% Open Source software ideal for small and medium to largebusiness. With the combination of Complete Customer Relationship Managementand Customer Experience Management Solution include Marketing & CampaignManagement, Sales Force Automation, Inventory Management, SupportAutomation, Communication Integration, Add-ons, Social Network and MobilePhone support such as Android, iOS Mobile CRMVtiger CRM is a widely used product with million users around the world. It hasa vibrant community of users driving the product forward, and contributing itsdevelopment. Over 3 million copies of Vtiger CRM have been downloaded byour users.Home Calendar WebmailAccountsAlert sent when ticket has not been updated in24 hoursAlert sent when a ticket is assigned to youAlert sent when ticket assigned is not yet closedAlert sent when Potential Close Date is duebefore 5 days or lessWhy Infotronics?Infotronics is specialist and have serveral experience professional service andvalue added from standard of Vtiger CRM to client from world wide such asPDF form customization, work flow, installation, implementation, create newmodule, module customization, integration with other system, documentsapproval, data migration from existing system, data importing, reportimplementation, KPI implementation, training and Vtiger CRM on demand oncloud computing. We have flexible operation for work with client such asteleconference, remote implementation and onsite services.Territory : We can provide our service to world wide level at low price but highquality. If you want to discuss about Vtiger CRM and related service. pleasemake appointment on skype : thammathat.sripen18
  19. 19. Innovation Plus Co., Ltd.Contact Person : Mr. Nakrin Lerdnamwong (Guy)Address : Software Park Building Floor 10th99/25 Moo 4, Chaengwattana Road,Klongklue, Pakkred, Nonthaburi 11120, ThailandTel : +66 2 962-3351Fax : +66 2 962-3351Mobile : +66 81 904-6904E-mail :, nakrin.lerd@gmail.comContact Person : Kriangkrai Prasertsukskul (Kriang)Mobile : +66 81 551-5557E-mail : Hi-lightMAYAR: Change every printing become interactiveNew technology on your mobile phone, connects real and virtual worldtogether as ONE.To change from normal printings to animated printings by mobilizing,playing video and interactive.Just see through the MAYAR.InnoVision: Mobile Based Digital Signage for everyone innoVision TheDigital Signage solution developed based on Mobile Technology thathas the smallest size player with HDMI output, no wiring or cable required,5V input. Just plug and play then manage it completely from our CLOUD19
  20. 20. Netka System Co.,LtdContact Person : Mr.Thomas Choo, Mr.Charnchai J.Pattanakul,Ms. Nipas J.Pattanakul, Ms.Sirinporn SetworayaAddress : 221/2 Moo 12 Soi Ramkhamhang 166, Ramkamhang Rd.Kwang Minburi, Khet Minburi, Bangkok Thailand 10510Tel : +66 2 978-6805, +66 2 517-4993−4Fax : +66 2 978-6909Mobile : +66 81 907-8504, +66 85 122-8008E-mail :,,,,, sales@netkasystem.comWebsite : www.netkasystem.comCompany/product Hi-lightNetka System is a leader in the total solution of Network ManagementSystems. The Company was founded in 2005 in Thailand and hassuccessfully built and deployed leading edge solutions and services incarrier-and-enterprise-grade network management software. Netka has,in a very short span of the past few years, has rapidly captured over80% of market share in the NMS solution space in Thailand and pan Asiawith several marquee customers: Telco/ISP provider, Government andEnterprise sector who are actively using our solutions. The companyhas also grown overseas with a customer base extending to Indonesia,Singapore and Malaysia. Together with a high performance solution,competitive pricing, emphasis on usability and customer satisfaction anda strong R&D and support team, Netka is now firmly poised as a leader inNetwork Management Solutions across the APAC region.20
  21. 21. PromptNow Co.,Ltd.Contact Person : Mr. Natjira HondaAddress : 333 Lao Peng Nguan Tower 16th Fl., Soi Choeipuang,Vibhavadi Rangsit Rd., Chompol,Chatuchak, Bangkok, 10900 ThailandTel : +66 2 278-9276 Ext. 2506Fax : +66 2 618-8590Mobile : +66 81 910-1089E-mail : honda@promptnow.comCompany/product Hi-lightPromptNow develops innovative mobility solutions and creative contentfor the Enterprise.- Large Commercial Banks successfully launched the Susanoo MobileBanking solution; a flagship product that delivers advanced bankingservices via mobile channel- Insurance Providers benefit from the Mobile Insurance Advisor solutionto empower their field sales agents- Retail conglomerates leverage the Mobile Retail Commerce andPayments solution to drive sales and manage inventory- Telecom operators leverage our mobile technology skills to developadvanced applications around location‐based services and value‐addedcontents including Games.PromptNow has in‐depth Expertise on J2ME, BREW, Symbian, Androidand iPhone application and content development.Products: Mobile Banking, Mobile Insurance Agent, Mobile Payment,Mobile eBook store, Mobile Site portal, Mobile Location BasedApplications, Mobile Contents, Online Gaming.21
  22. 22. SiamSquaredTechnologies (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.Contact Person : Mr. Teerachart KortrakulAddress : 43rd Fl, Unit D, Jewelry Trade Center,919/505 Silom Rd, Bangkok, 10500Tel : +66 2 641-5583Mobile : +66 86 810-8088E-mail : max@siamsquared.comWebsite : www.siamsquared.comCompany/product Hi-lightSiamSquared Technologies is a Bangkok based technology firm. Webelieve in simplicity, our goal is to ease people life by the using oftechnology along with our vision "Life, Simplified".StockMap is the easiest way to update the market data in your hand,using the StockMap will let you check the latest stock market data.Also, give you more information with ease. Because we believe that theinvestment should be that simple. StockMap is also able to integratewith the market data to play alongwith any stock market, key features include market data visualisation,heat map, filter, and technical chart (candle sticks).22
  23. 23. Sun Systems Corporation LimitedContact Person : Mr. Nutapong  JatabutAddress : 181 Soi Ladphrao 1, Ladphrao Rd., Chomphon,Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900Tel : +66 2 513-3907Fax : +66 2 513-3908Mobile : +66 81 584-5544E-mail : nutapong@sun-system.comWebsite : www.sun-system.comCompany/product Hi-lightSnapz is Eco Systems Social Network platform which combine conveniencefunction like Free call via VoIP plus non intrusive content delivery. Duringcall connecting Snapz play Video Advertising or Callee can set theirpersonal video ring back tone to express emotion with out disturbingcaller.Snapz Platform create new business value by provide Mobile web HTML5Template for many business type such as Restaurant, Product Information,Advertising, Survey, etc.User can download Snapz App for free and start getting new userexperience Call, Chat, Share, Connect to information easily by takingLogo photo, Scan QR code, Voice Search, Dial Phone Number, Web URLthen Snapz will bring you to the new way of interactive media.Unique Features: for your Social – Lifestyle - Communication- Free Call with Video Ring Back tone- Group Conference- Multi Channel Content Access (Logo Recognition, QR Code, PhoneNumber ,URL)- Multiple Chat- Connect to Business partner (Free transfer call, Real-time Chatting)- Mobile HTML5 Web Hosting (Access to Hardware Resources such asCamera, Record voice, Free Call, Scan QR code, etc.)- Social Wall to consolidate all your social media information. Its easyto manage with share to all social with one click.- Content Delivery Platform (Advertising ,Purchase personalized content)- Communication Gateway to content business partners23
  24. 24. Software Park Thailand99/31 Moo 4 Software Park Building,Chaengwattana Road,Klong Gleua,Pakkred,Nonthaburi 11120,Thailand.Phone : +66 2 583-9992Fax : +66 2 583-2884Email : sbe@swpark.or.thWebsite : www.swpark.or.thFacebook : of International Trade Promotion,Ministry of Commerce44/100 Nonthaburi 1 Road,Bang Kra Sor,Nonthaburi 11000,ThailandCall Center : 1169Phone : +66 2 793-9394Fax : +66 2 718-8952Email : contact@thaitrade.comDITP staff :,ecommerce.dep@gmail.comWebsite :