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rec-i USP


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rec-i USP

  1. 1. REC-IThe specialist recruitment company
  2. 2. About us Rec-i was established in 2009 after identifying a gap in the market for a specialist recruitment firm to provide both Search and Selection services to industrial sector in the City. Our contract solutions are used to cover special high impact projects, holiday and maternity cover at a price which is lowest in the market by keeping my overheads low and expenses in check and not by cutting margins and reducing service levels. Our approach is flexible and responsive to each clients individual needs and as a result we are still working with many of the same clients today as years ago. We pride ourselves on offering a discreet and professional recruitment service, specialising in the Search and Selection of candidates at all levels from factory floor to leadership teams We have an excellent track record of achievement in delivering recruitment solutions in a highly competitive market. The combination of our consultants many years of experience and the fresh, innovative approach adopted by management has led us to hold a respected and enviable position within our chosen markets.
  3. 3. SourcingWhat makes us differentTraditional agency Rec-iTo find the right candidate they We maintain and develop anwait for the role to be given and extensive database of industrialthen start looking. Then find the professionals who are actively seekingright candidate by advertising on new positions. New candidates areline and present candidates which regularly added to the database as theapply, the whole process is a bit of result of advertising, direct approachesa trial & error and personal recommendations. Developed and refined over years and continually updated. So when you call we can tell you straight away
  4. 4. SelectingWhat makes us differentTraditional agency Rec-iThe candidates are selected and Candidate are presented based onshortlisted by using the interview English, maths, work skills andand reference method. A profile is attitude assessment which arepresented to the client which has matched to the specifications of theexcerpts of the interview role. Psychometric and competence based testing is done prior to presenting the candidate
  5. 5. RecruitingWhat makes us differentTraditional agency Rec-iMost agencies are generalist and We are industry specialist and fillhave no direct experience of the specific role which we haveindustry or the role. The experience in. All roles are only acceptconsultants develop the brief from after taking the mandate and gaining athe job description provided by the full understanding of the role,client responsibilities, reporting lines, experience and key skills required.
  6. 6. Rec-i the staffing specialistCall us on 0800 33 77