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Mchils– A Search firm  to ensure the highest standards of professionalism in the practice of Executive Search and by that to give new perspectives to our clients as well as our candidates. When companies seek to hire senior-level management from outside their organization, we make sure they hire not just any qualified person, but the most qualified and appropriate person to meet the challenges of the position and by that the future of the company. As a retained Executive Search firm we work under an exclusive contract with the client organization dedicated to searches that succeed.

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Mchils Executive Search

  1. 1. Ex e c u t i v e Se a r c h
  2. 2. Core ValuesWe believe it is important to establish an identity built around Core Values . These CoreValues are the framework defining who we are and our interactions with one another. Theresult is consistency in message and synergy in all that we do.MissionEach of our clients compete in highly competitive and differentiated market segmentswhere the rules are being written one day and revised the next. Whether these clientsare established Fortune 50 companies or emerging entities backed by private equity orventure capital sources, they all share the need for recruiting executives and retainingthe very best leaders who will make a difference for their companies, theirshareholdersand the markets in which they serve.In today’s marketplace, the competition for the very best leadership talent has neverbeen greater. Our role is to assist our clients in identifying, validating, and recruitingthe very best executive talent that the marketplace has to offer. Indeed, we have theprivileged responsibility of recruiting leaders who will make a difference for our clients,their shareholders and the markets in which they serve.
  3. 3. About MchilsMchils– A Search firm to ensure the highest standards of professionalism in thepractice of Executive Search and by that to give new perspectives to our clients as well as ourcandidates. When companies seek to hire senior-level management from outside theirorganization, we make sure they hire not just any qualified person, but the most qualified andappropriate person to meet the challenges of the position and by that the future of thecompany. As a retained Executive Search firm we work under an exclusive contract with theclient organization dedicated to searches that succeed.
  4. 4. Client CareMchils values their clients immensely. We are constantly striving to provide the higheststandard of service excellence to our clients. Our web platform allow clients to check thecurrent updates for their jobs ( Executive Search , Recruitment Process ) in Clients Area.Whether you seek a CFO with manufacturing experience and technology focus or a vigilantdirector to round out your board’s audit committee, Mchils, headquartered in Dubai, willbegin the engagement with a thorough consultation between your senior management orboard leadership and our team.Mchils speaks your language and has walked in your shoes, so you can expect a level ofunderstanding tailored to meet your every need. We will accurately and confidentiallyrepresent your organization to potential candidates, while keeping you fully informedthroughout the process.With proven experience building winning teams and a hands-on approach to each clientengagement, Mchils helps its clients build successful ventures and highly functioningleadership teams.Once the search is concluded and a successful candidate placed, Mchils also stays engaged toensure a smooth and long-lasting match.
  5. 5. Candidate CareMchils value candidate care program has been designed to nurture all candidates and keep them fullyinformed throughout the entire application process. This ensures long lasting candidate loyalty, whichcan be seen in the positive feedback given from candidates who voted for us at our candidates section.Our belief is that a well informed and serviced candidate ensures a better experience for all involvedparties. Our Candidate Care program supports the applicant seeking new employment andencompasses the following:Keeping them well informed of their application progressReturning phone calls promptlyProviding insightful career advice and guidancePromoting a comfortable and encouraging environment for all our applicantsContinual contact and regular liaison with the candidate after their job placementActing with the highest level of ethics and professionalism at all timesMaintaining candidate confidentiality throughout the entire recruitment processTreating referees with respect
  6. 6. Services HR Consulting Executive CEO Search Succession Executive Assessments + Recruitment Executive In-Person Executive Career Counseling
  7. 7. HR ConsultingHR Consultancy involves the provision of information, advice or support where:Specialized expertise is required to solve a current or potential problem, that is not readily available within theclient system. A type or level of objectivity is required which only an independent person could provide theorganization lacks the time to do what they could normally do and so employs external assistanceThis may include:Handling Employment IssuesManaging Misconduct or Poor PerformanceRemunerations or EntitlementsWhat’s happening in the Employment MarketEmployment / Independent Contractor AgreementsDisciplinary and Dismissal ProceduresRestructuring / Redundancy ProcessesHR Policies and Practices
  8. 8. CEO SuccessionWhile corporate boards and CEOs recognize succession planning as one of their fundamentalresponsibilities, it is not always given the priority that it deserves. Adopting a clear, comprehensiveand objective succession planning process is more than just a mark of good governance – it is criticalfor the healthy performance and sustainability of any organization, and for investor confidence in thecase of public companies.Before making any decisions about leadership succession, a company’s management, together with theboard, must articulate a clear strategic vision for the future of the business. It is vital that potentialsuccessors – whether for CEO or other senior functional roles – are equipped to lead the business as itwill look in the future, not as it stands at the present.Mchils has extensive experience advising organizations and helping them prepare for a range ofscenarios, from long-term controlled succession to emergency succession.Our experience with best practices, our market knowledge and widespread access to leadership talentcombine to make us a valuable partner for boards, chief executives and HR leaders committed to CEOsuccession planning.
  9. 9. Executive SearchWe focuses on senior level (CEO, VP, and Director) positions. Our success rate is high because weconcentrate on the key areas of a successful search:Identify outstanding candidates. We dont consider someone a "candidate" unless they are outstanding intheir field and not actively looking for another position. You get the best possible candidates. We wontbring you unhappy people who are terminally unemployed, because we know that isnt what you want.Evaluate candidates to guarantee positive matches. Placed candidates succeed because they possess both aprofessional expertise and a personal ability to fit into the culture of an organization. Mchils evaluates that"fit," and presents candidates who will do an outstanding job at all levels.Convince the right candidate of the superior value of the opportunity. Mchils ensures you spend your timewith top-tier candidates who sincerely want the position, and are seriously interested in contributing toyour companys success. This not only helps you find the right candidate, but also maximizes your time.We can offer such selective services because we put our resources where they count. We developrelationships.
  10. 10. Successful Executive Search Process + Search Timeline First Week Second Week Third Week Fifth Week Preparation Research Selection Presentation Win-Win • Long Shortlist • Initial Client • Reference List + • Market Research • Approach Final Shortlist • Offer and Meeting with Client Negotiations • Qualify • Talent Mapping • Schedule In- • Onboarding and • Client Analysis • Interviews Person Interview Integration • Determining • Assessments • Debrief Client Search Strategy • Final Shortlist
  11. 11. PreparationInitial Client MeetingA brief discussion with Hiring Client to outline search requirements , Complete the job brief ,know about client organization strategy , procedure and policies to get an idea of corporateculture.Client AnalysisThorough analysis to identify the key opportunities for new executives , and defining acandidate profile , meeting key executive s at the hiring organization.Search StrategyFrom search specifications, the nature of the position, and the prevailing businessenvironment, a search strategy is created and shared with the client.
  12. 12. ResearchMarket ResearchWe Complete a deep analysis of the market and create a compelling executive job profile.Market analysis will outline the competitive environment and influence the type of executivethe search firm will look for.This process often includes a team of highly skilled researchers and results in a document thatwill be a reference throughout the entire search process – the candidate specification. Thecandidate specification (job description) will contain detailed information about the role,responsibilities, the hiring client, key opportunities presented by the executive job, and outlinecareer and educational requirement
  13. 13. ResearchTalent MappingThe process of talent mapping allows organizations to determine what the existing and availabletalent is within their own or related sectors. This provides organizations with an opportunity toassess the pool of talent against what their planned or prospective recruitment needs are.Mchils’s talent mapping process is focused on an organization’s competitors or within specificindustries and/or functional roles.Our research process develops a structural outline of target organizations and then allows us tomake discreet contact with the most relevant individuals. This process is not unlike the process wego through when making direct contact during recruiting or executive search engagements. Part ofour dialogue with these individuals is focused on gaining a better understanding of their individualcircumstances, their experience, career path and what their motivation may be to make a careermove.
  14. 14. ResearchMchils’s retained executive search process includes talent mapping as part of theengagement. However, we also have the ability to conduct talent mappingengagements entirely independent of a search assignment.Our talent mapping process focuses on an employers competitors or otherorganizations of interest.The benefits of engaging talent mapping include:1.Allows you to develop a clear pipeline of prospective candidates2.Assists in gathering intelligence on your competitors or those organizationsyou’ll be competing against for talent3.Market knowledge
  15. 15. SelectionLong Short List , Approach & QualifyWe regard every search as unique and tailor our efforts accordingly. We follow a systematic approachthat is common to all our assignments:Close communication and cooperation characterize the successful client-consultant relationship.Together with our Client we will discuss the position to be filled in order to learn about its exact level withinthe organization and the areas of responsibility that it covers. Further we will discuss the specific educationand professional experience required as well as the industrial or institutional background necessary tosucceed in the position. Factors such as nationality, age, language skills and personality are also covered.Prepare a long Shortlist( About 30 to 50 Profiles ) , Share Opportunity and create an interest to Candidatesdescribing the facilities , Package and Organization Structure and HR System. Do in-person interviews withour special Executive Search Consultants and Qualify the candidates by their special skills.
  16. 16. SelectionAssessment / InterviewsThe most critical competitive advantage of any organization is its leadership. Hiring, promoting anddeveloping the right senior executive team — and avoiding costly mistakes — have never been more important.But too often, companies make these tough decisions based on inadequate, incomplete and undependableinformation.Our executive assessment services give boards, selection committees and CEOs the reliable insights they needto confidently select and groom the best available talent for key leadership roles. As a global leader in CEO andboard services, we have longstanding relationships with and knowledge of the world’s top talent, andunmatched insight into the qualities necessary for exceptional leadership.Final Shortlist After shortlisting by our research department . Our Final Shortlist is finalized by Executive Search Consultantand the responsibilities of Consultant is to make sure that the candidate profile match to job profile + job briefform, Complete Reference Check and Interviews / Assessments Analysis. Perform Final In-Depth Interview ,Final Reference Check Performance , Verification of Credentials (Degrees , Compensation ).
  17. 17. PresentationPresentation1.Discuss all technical and personal details of the Candidate to make sure our clientis confident in their candidacy.2.We are ready to give any answer and overcome object which our client may have.3. Discuss References , Credentials and Assessments with the client.4. Get the approval and priority list to schedule in-person.Schedule In-Person Interview1.Determine type of interview (Telephone, Face to Face, Video Conferencing) .2.Interviewer , Location and Contact Person Details.3. Confirm commitments on available days and time4.Prepare Candidate and Client for interview
  18. 18. Presentation Debrief Client After each in-person a full debrief is conducted to determine the candidate level of interest, potential concerns, and reason to move forward. We focus on followings : Facilitate detailed feedback. Client Interest towards candidate and make sure that client know in-depth about candidate. If Client need to verify before preparing the job offer we can bridge our expertise between them.
  19. 19. WIN - WINOffer and NegotiatingTo reach Win-Win we Prepare comprehensive compensation analysis andreview all elements required from candidate to accept the job offer. We alwaysmake sure to satisfied both parties. We can help to prepare draft letteragreement and get final approval as a job offer.Extend offer to candidate and secure verbal acceptance and update the otherparty. Explain in details the job offer to candidates and notify client foracceptance with signed job offer.
  20. 20. WIN - WINOnboarding and integrationBased on successful completion of the search assignment, We seeks verificationfrom the client that the process has been completed satisfactory and that theassignment is complete and candidate complete his probationer period ( ThreeMonths )Maintain a relation with the client and candidate after successful transitions inorder to ensure the process has gone smoothly.
  21. 21. Why MchilsGrounded by strong values and practicality, we are passionate about what we do, we treat clients andcandidates by the golden rule and we work persistently to achieve measurable results for our clients. Ourfocus on EXECUTIVE Search is 100 % headhunt.We know, as do our clients, that the best are not seeking they sought. Over 92% of our searches arecompleted with candidates we were previously aware of or who we directly headhunted. We prefer not toadvertise positions in the newspapers.We Do Not Headhunt From our Clients This is a track record of which we are proud. Unless a client hasdecided to cancel the search due to circumstances unrelated to our efforts, you can be confident thatregardless of the challenge, we will never let you down.Hiring the right people separates the ―good companies from the great companies.‖ According to Jim Collinsin his bestselling book ―Good to Great‖, you must first get the right person on the bus, then you must getthem in the right seat‖. Organizations that master the hiring process make the leap to becoming great andwhile others don’t. . ―
  22. 22. Dependencies and Resources Talent Network Database Research Departme Headhunt nt Mchils Project Executive Search Consultant Sales s “The optimist sees opportunity in every danger; the pessimist sees danger in every opportunity”. Winston Churchill Sir A British Conservative politician and statesman known for his leadership of the United Kingdom during the Second World War.
  23. 23. United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia BahrainQatar EgyptJordan LebanonKuwait TurkeyConsumer Food & Food Packaging & Cosmetics Education RetailGoods Beverages Production containers MediaEntertainment Hospitality Restaurants Dairy Newspapers Aviation Production PharmaceutiConstruction Banking Real Estate Telecom Oil & Energy Many more cals
  24. 24. Ex e c u t i v e Se a r c h Mohammad Bokhari Executive Search Consultant Office : +966-2-2871707 Mobile : +966-546289551 Leadership drives talent and talent drives performance! We can help you make the right hiring decision!Head Office : U.A.E P.O.Box:28898,Ph:+971-501635263 Level 14, Boulevard Plaza Tower One, Emaar Boulevard, Dubai , U.A.EJeddah Office : P.O.Box P O Box 31827 Al-Balawi Center , Amir Mitb Street , Suite No 408.