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Blue Orion Management Solutions - Recruitment Corporate Presentation


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Blue Orion Management Solutions - Recruitment Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Corporate Presentation
  2. 2. Solutions
  3. 3. About usBlue Orion Management Solutions is a Training & Recruitment consulting company founded in2008 offering a wide range of solutions to companies spanning across various markets anddomains.Today Blue Orion Management Solutions is one of the most successful, specialized and well-established name in the world of premier recruitment services.Blue Orion Management Solutions provides quality services to its clients. Its services range frompermanent and temporary personnel for a wide range of positions from Support Staff to SeniorExecutives and from Mechanical Engineers to IT professionals.Our dedicated and expert team of professionals operates in every business sector for both localand international clients.Each new search project presents an opportunity for Blue Orion to raise the bar even higher aswe consistently aim for greater standards of client services.
  4. 4. Permanent RecruitmentBlue Orion maintains a very high level of commitment to clients who employ a success-basedapproach to recruiting. We expect connectivity with line managers as well as HumanResource departments so that our team can have a better understanding of how to positionyour business. We at Blue Orion offer an aggressive, fast-paced approach and a strong pre-screening process to ensure that we introduce only candidates of high-caliber who aretalented, qualified and motivated to be recruited.Blue Orion provides Contingent and Retained Recruitment Solutions to clients in need ofspecial recruiting project, who need to fill a critical management position, face a rapid rolloutor have short duration recruitment need. Blue Orion has the resources, skills experience andthe capability to support the internal recruitment efforts of its clients in a variety ofdisciplines.Our Process is always confidential and discreet. We can handle one segment or all of therecruitment activities - from developing job descriptions and screening resumes through apost-hire orientation.
  5. 5. Recruitment Engagement ModelsClient – Vendor Model Full Cycle Recruitment No Retainer Fees Pay on Results Quarterly Recruitment Plan Requirement from ClientDedicated Recruiter Full time Retainer Technical Recruiter dedicated to the Client Job board access provided by the Client Resume qualification Preliminary interview & discussion Resume submission
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  7. 7. Recruitment
  8. 8. Our Esteemed
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