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Mercurial Partners

  1. 1. Corporate Overview & Engagement Methodology
  2. 2. Who are Mercurial Partners Ltd• Welcome to Mercurial Partners, founded in 2009, we are a global business andtechnology consulting firm at the very heartbeat of the City of London. We provide peoplebased consultancy services, resourcing & strategic hires.•All assignments are undertaken in a collaborative manner across a number of industrysectors specifically Financial, Media, Communications, Energy, Utilities and Services.• Within Mercurial delivery of the Project is paramount. Our reputation for successfuldelivery is based on our pragmatic approach and setting realistic expectations thenapplying our sensible transferable Project methodology, incorporating teamwork, achievingtrue stakeholder buy in and delivering true benefit identification, benefit tracking and benefitrealisation.• We provide quality consultants with the right skills, experience and profile to meet theagreed objectives – they can be engaged on a project basis, as individuals or as teams.This exciting and unique value proposition was born out of client demand; to fill arecognised gap in the market. Positioned between the large consulting firms and volumecontract agencies – We deliver appreciably more than an agency, costing considerably lessthan a consultancy and producing far greater return on investment and value for moneythan either agency or consultancy.
  3. 3. About Mercurial Partners• Mercurial Partners is a people driven organisation dedicatedto serving its clients, its candidates and its employees,building partnerships and providing the highest standard ofservice. Everything we do is measured by four key values:integrity, quality, co-operation and support. Dedicated tounderstanding people’s motivations we work closer withpeople than the traditional Management Consultancy orRecruitment firms.• Our values are clear and permeate everything we do. In thepeople business, when the direction of people’s lives isoften at stake, confidence in your recruiter is paramount.• Our reputation is vital to our growth and by protectingeveryone’s best interests we protect and grow our brand.Our values are the embodiment of what our organisationstands for, and are the basis for the behavior of all us.- to maintain an unimpeachable standard of honestyand integrity in all our business relationships both insideand outside the organisation.- to foster the highest standards of professionalcompetence amongst our employees and for thosefor whom we are responsible. “What is wrong is wrong,even if everyone is doing it. Right is still right, even if noone else is doing it.” - William Penn• Our culture is borne of respect for people first andforemost.• We aim to provide a culture where everyone feelswelcome,valued, and energised about the contributionsthey make and the opportunities that are available tothem.• Respect and dignity are uppermost in the MercurialPartnersenvironment.
  4. 4. Core OfferingsIT Recruitment•Developers (C++, Java, Cobol, PL1 etc.)•Testers•ArchitectsFinancial Market SME’s•Front Office Asset Class Specific Resource (Equities, FX, Commodities, Derivatives etc.)•Risk & Compliance Professionals•Quants, BA’s etcProject/Programme Management•Professional Change Management Leads•Project/Programme Office Build•Project/Programme ExecutionPackage Implementation & Optimisation Expertise•Murex, Calypso, Sophis, Open Link, Triple Point, Summit etc.•SAP, Oracle, Autonomy etc.
  5. 5. Clients• Whilst all at Mercurial Partners take great pride in our client list, it is thelength and strength of the relationships that makes us most proud.• Building long term partnerships with clients and candidates is the key to oursuccess.• Our personalised approach has been rewarded many times as people havemoved between organisations and retained our services.• We represent many leading firms in the City and Canary Wharf. We aredeveloping the same close relationships with organisations in mainlandEurope and New York.• Processes are important, but individuals matter more.
  6. 6. Recruitment ProcessProject discussed andagreed between The Clientand Mercurial PartnersDetailed candidatespecification is drawn upand agreed by both partiesThe Specification is putforward to the RecruitmentTeamCandidates are shortlisted,primarily through our existingnetwork or through referrals.In some instances weadvertise and search for thebest candidates in the market.Candidates are contacted in the firstinstance to ascertain their availabilityand rate or salary.Secondly, their skills and experiencesare qualified against the specification.Where necessary, technical tests andassessments are also carried out.The CV is submitted to theclient for review.The client will providefeedback on the CVssubmitted and interviewslots will be agreedFirst stage interviews to beconducted by client.Feedback from first stageinterviews received fromclient and second stageinterviews agreed ifneeded.Based on first and/or secondstage interviews, client willput an offer in writing toMercurial Partners.We will then put the offer tothe candidateMercurial Partners willagree a start date andsalary with the Candidateand the Client.Mercurial Partners followup with both client &candidate to ensure startis executed
  7. 7. RecruitmentOur Approach• At Mercurial Partners we recognise people as the core assets of our clients’ organisations.• Our aim is simple: To provide our clients with the best quality people in the market and candidates with the best possible careeropportunities.• Our expertise is in removing your recruitment problems through the provision of effective recruitment solutions and we treatcandidates and employers as we would wish to be treated; as individuals.• In keeping with our beliefs, we view our clients and candidates as people, not as organisations.The Team• Our professional recruitment team are proud to be called recruiters. Their aim is to provide the right candidates to our clientsand the right roles to our candidates. We believe that providing quality rather than quantity to our clients, sets us apart from thecompetition.Understanding Clients• To achieve mutual success in the recruitment effort, we are committed to partnerships with all of our clients and candidates toprovide real value based on integrity, quality, co-operation and support. Just like the people we provide, the combination of ourservices is unique within the recruitment industry.• Before embarking on a recruitment campaign, the recruitment team is fully briefed on the requirements of the business andprovided with a detailed person specification. Our low staff turnover means our team will build up an understanding of yourbusiness enabling us to further provide you with the right people.Candidates• As part of our commitment to quality, all the candidates we provide are fully qualified against the requirements, in most casesin a face-to-face interview or via conference call. We carry out a full reference with previous employers and where necessary,technical skills are also assessed. In many cases candidates have either worked with us before or have been referred byrecommendation.
  8. 8. What is it?Recruitment Process Outsourcing seems to be THE hot topic in recruitment at the moment.Every agency seems to offer an angle on RPO.Ours is simple, we can take on the whole or any part of the recruitment lifecycle, from skillsgap analysis to on-boarding.What do we offer?Virtually any function in the recruitment cycle, whether that be-• Direct Sourcing and advertising• Vendor/PSL Management• Initial Screening,• Referencing,• Security Clearance,• (Competency Based) Interviewing• Assessment Centres and Technical Testing,• Process Management,• Diversity Assessment• Employment/Qualification checks and• Compliance.How much will it cost?Each client is different and therefore we carry out thorough analysis and tailor a programmeto suit each situation, depending on your needs.Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  9. 9. TalentPool Management (TPM)What is it?TalentPooling is a method of tracking specialist resources so you don’t have togo to market each time you have an increase in demand or a spike in activity,for example a new project win or a large request from a customer.How can you benefit?• Reduced cost to hire• Reduction of time to hire• Able to employ specialists who are known to the company and will havebeen vetted, referenced and interviewed already, often already known to theclient.Who can benefit?The TalentPool programme was born out of a number of requests from clients ,eager to hold on to the top talent from a number of niche industries such as• Niche software packages and applications such as andlife/400 or banking technology such as Fidessa, Murex, Kondor+,Calypso.• Business Analysts and Project Managers with specific experience ortalents, such as Security Clearance or Solvency II knowledge.• The TalentPool will also benefit more general technical abilities such asJava or .NET and will allow you to track candidate who may have done agood job for you in the past or even candidates who have interviewed welland could be useful for future projects.How much will it cost?Depending on the number of consultants in the TalentPool, the cost will scaleaccordingly (as per below).We are committed to an open an honest policy in terms of our fees, thereforewe have included our margin to be included on top of the contractor day rate.The ProcessNumber of Candidates in TalentPoolAnnual CostReducedMargin for day ratecontractor10 £5,000.00 Day Rate + £20020 £9,800.00 Day Rate + £19030 £14,400.00 Day Rate + £18050 £23,000.00 Day Rate + £170100 £42,500.00 Day Rate + £150200 £80,000.00 Day Rate + £100SkillsWe work with you to identify the skills which may be beneficially tracked in the TalentPool.Market ResearchOnce the skillsets are clearly defined, RDL/Mercurial will scour the market for the best talent available.Contact and view profilesOnce suitable candidates have been identified, we will make initial contact with each to discuss how theTalentPool works and how they as candidates will benefit. We also use a 2 tier screening process to filterout candidates with incorrect skills.Client Interview ConsultantsWe strongly suggest that you as a client, also meet with each of the candidates in the Talent Pool to furtherassess their skills and personality. RDL/Mercurial will be present with you at this stage. If you wish for furtherskills evaluation, we can carry out technical examinations and assessment centresInduct consultants into the TalentPoolOnce you have decided which Consultants you wish to have as part of the team, we will add them to theTalentPool, tracking all the pertinent details suck as skillset, availability, day rate, location etc.Request from client for resourceWhen the day comes that you need additional resources, for whatever reason, we will be ready to act.Simply email or call us with+ the size of the team you wish to hire,+ whether there are any specific candidates or skills you need- for example 1 Project Manger, 2 BA’s and 3Developers+ how long the project will run.Putting the team togetherWe will respond with an up to date report of all the candidates and a proposed team structure based on yourrequirements- providing details of the cost, availability and skillset.Project FinishedOnce project has finished, client provides feedback on consultants performance which is recorded and trackedin the TalentPool
  10. 10. Auxiliary Resourcing Capability (ARC)What is it all about?Auxiliary Resource Capability (ARC) is the name for our Interim Resourcing Support function, capable of delivering anynumber of different recruitment functions and solutions either on or off site.The ARC function was born in response to a number of clients changing or adapting their recruitment strategy. No longerare clients prepared to pay extortionate recruitment fees to specialist agencies, nor to have teams of recruiters onheadcount when the need to recruit simply isnt there.The answer is to have a completely flexible, scalable and cost effective recruitment solution, for when the need to hire isthere.Can ARC help you?Do you have peaks and toughs in recruitment cycles and seem to have too many or too few recruiters?By engaging with the ARC you can supplement your team to suit demands , for example a major project win can oftenresult in a spike in need for additional resources. We can support you during that time with additional recruiters andresourcing staff to identify suitable short or long term candidates.The ARC team are fully qualified recruitment professionals with experience of recruiting in many different environments,including agency, in-house and RPO.Our delivery model promises to ensure you have the right expertise to source your talent. We have specialist recruiters ina number of niche areas including:• Financial Services• Information Technology• Investment and Retail Banking• Financial Markets• Defence and Local Government• Insurance .Generally a Director is involved in scoping largeprogrammes of work for a client and therefore involvedfrom the outset for a short period of timeDirectorA Senior Manager will take ownership for the successfuldelivery of any agreed SLA’s and targets agreed by thebusiness,. Also involve d in hands on recruiting includingrole definition and scoping job specifications as wellas2nd/3rd Interviews as appropriateSenior ManagerResponsible for day to day Recruitment delivery, includingcandidate sourcing, 1st stage interviewing and liaisonwith clients on understanding of role profiles.ManagerThe 1st line of delivery, responsible for initial sourcing andscreening of candidates.ConsultantBenefits• Flexible – depending on recruitment plans, we can provide a much or as littlesupport as you need.• Cost reduction – if compared to recruitment fees or escalating recruitmentcosts, the ARC solution proves to be much more cost effective and adds realvalue to the recruitment process.• Reduction in time to hire – agencies will often have 1 consultant working avacancy at a time. Our model allows a team of people to be working all yourrequirements at any one time.• Maintain control and direction – the ARC team work under the direction ofthe client, as part of the team, therefore remaining under the control• Immediate – we are able to provide people on the ground to support you atshort notice, without having to go to the market for additional talent. All of ourconsultants are RDL/Mercurial employees or associates, fully qualified andaccredited to our high standards• Support network – whilst working with the client, the team is able to utilise theMercurial Partners support network and recruitment tools, including advertisingand extensive database searches to add further value to the process• Fixed Price – We work on a fixed fee delivery basis, which gives you theconfidence that you budget wont spiral if we don’t deliver. If we fail torecruit or meet SLA’s you simply don’t pay.Example Project
  11. 11. Business Performance & Project ServicesThe constraints on the modern banking industryrequire a progressive and fast-paced response.It’s no longer just about getting things done;it’s getting them done with added value.
  12. 12. Business Performance Services• Four Pillars of subject matter expertise – Cost Reduction, Risk & Compliance, Mergers &Acquisition, Trading & Derivatives.• Core business areas – Business Process, Equities, FX, Commodities, Derivatives• Recent projects include:• Ecommerce strategy for FX client segmentation, reviewing supporting systems and infrastructure• PMO SME for strategic client on-boarding initiative• Separation of integrated accounts as a result of a merger• Specialist risk application expertise for migration and upgrade• SME to scope growth initiative for strategic global FX business• Definition of new functional requirements for Prime Services• Re-engineered and delivered support resources for equity derivatives trading• SME for Calypso implementation with expertise to manage delivery• Target operating model for rationalisation of global reporting for credit risk• Target operating model for global loans administration support for syndicated lending• Target operating model for global expansion of FX business• Interest Rate Swap SME migration strategy from legacy systems to strategic platform
  13. 13. Why firms use us….• Politically agnostic• Focus on reduction of cost across full trade life cycle• Flexible working models (Agile, SDLC etc.)• Value focused cost model• Shared risk approach
  14. 14. Engagement MethodologyEach client engagement is assigned a Client Relationship Manager whoensures a proactive and personalised service throughout. We work with youto:• define the assignment• scope the assignment• identify clear objectives• define any phases• agree measurable deliverablesOnce we have agreed on the best way forward, this will be detailed in aStatement of Work, signed and agreed by both parties.We will then identify and present you with the best consultants who have themost relevant skills for each phase of the assignment, subject to yourapproval. After the assignment commences there will be regular reviewmeetings with your Client Relationship Manager on a weekly or bi-weeklyinterval.
  15. 15. • Mercurial recognises that whilst each client’s programs are different, a number of commondisciplines can be applied. These disciplines include:• The alignment of all key stakeholders (Management, vendors and program staff) into oneteam that has a common vision and path to success i.e. Teamwork• Contextual and metric based reporting to communicate within the program team or to externalstakeholders. This is to ensure that all parties have a very clear understanding of theprogram’s current status and risk profile in the context of the overall business objectivesresulting in Transparency• Common sense and easy to use project and program tools which bring clarity to a Program’scritical path thereby ensuring Transparency• These principles along with strong change control and a clear business focus feed Deliveryi.e. meeting the client expectations around scope, quality, timeframe and cost.How we work
  16. 16. • Focus? – Return on investment, what do we/you get for your money• True Benefit Identification, Benefit Tracking, Benefit Realisation• Ownership & Delivery – True Management Buy In• Cost impact – Cost Generation (Revenue) Cost Reduction(Savings)• You’ve got money to spend – why do you want to do this project first,what would happen if you didnt do this project?What does “Added Value” mean?
  17. 17. Project Management• Project governance – (PMO expertise)• Qualified & experienced professionals• Independent delivery focused project & programme management.• Tailored project frameworks & reporting processes• Provision of “meaningful” management (MI) information– To drive real management decisions• Peer reviews• Project rescue
  22. 22. People• Mercurial Partners is committed to providing anenvironment that fosters respect for each personirrespective of background, race, age, gender,disability, values, sexual orientation, religion, orinterests. We aim to provide a culture where everyonefeels welcomed, valued, and energised about thecontributions they make and the opportunities that areavailable to them.• Each of our people facilitate this environment byunderstanding that different perspectives andbackgrounds contribute to the companys success byproviding competitive advantages, innovation, productquality, market access and work output.• Respect and dignity are uppermost in the MercurialPartners environment.• The management team is day to day operational,keeps abreast of market trends and is readily involvedin the promotion and delivery of MP services, and isimmediately available to clients and candidates alikefor consultation• Management has a different meaning for everyindividual working within each company within eachbusiness stream within each different business sector.• “Team” a collection of individuals with a supposedcommon goal of delivering a beneficial solution for theteam and for each individual within it.• At Mercurial Partners we believe that managementand team, are synonymous, management feeds offthe whole team, whilst the team is guided bymanagement through the managements reflection ofthe team’s ideas
  23. 23. Key Company OfficersPatrick Leahy, Founder & Managing DirectorMobile: +44 (0) 7876743827DDI: +44 (0) 203 086 7625