Intercultural Communication Tatiana Indina Russia 2013


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Intercultural Communication Tatiana Indina Russia 2013

  1. 1. TatianaIndina
  2. 2. Dr. Tatiana A. IndinaPractical Workshops for ProfessionalsDeveloping Business andCommunications Across the Cultures
  3. 3. Synthesizing Business & CultureEffective communication across cultures isparamount.• In international business culture has majorimpact on international sales, marketing,recruitment, management and mergers.• Intercultural training is now increasingly beingrecognized as a critical element in succeedingon the global stage.• The impact of cultural values on businessnorms, practices and behavior is hard tooverestimate.
  4. 4. 1. Intercultural competence• Sometimes working, meeting, dealing, entertaining,negotiating and corresponding with people from differentcultures can be a minefield.• Knowing another country’s language does not alwaysguarantee understanding the people.• Improving cross-cultural competence and awareness is a firststep to made when coming to the international arena.
  5. 5. 2. Intercultural management• Todays manager increasinglyhas to work in international andcross cultural environments.• Managers are now required todeal with challenges of crosscultural differences.• Effective management in themodern environmentnecessitates cross culturalcompetency in order to get thebest out of a multicultural team.Goal: To develop peoplewith strong managerialexperience and broadglobal mindset.
  6. 6. 3.Global Leadership• The most ambitious goal of thefuture is to develop leaders whocan effectively lead globaloperations in diverse economicand cultural environments;• What qualities and competencesare necessary to succeed acrossthe cultures?• Models of leadership developedin different countries andcultures around the globe willhelp to understand establishglobal leadership.Goal: To develop leaderswho will make a differenceand impact in the World.
  7. 7. 4. Doing business with foreign partnersKnowledge of:• International business and culture;• Cultural stereotypes and styles of doingbusiness across the globe;• Country and culture specifics ofbusiness communication;• Mentality and behavior patterns of:– Europeans;– Americans;– Asians• Country specific protocol of businessevents and celebrationswill help to establish and developeffective and reliable business relationswith partners around the globe.
  8. 8. 5. International Networking:How to build strong professional network across the globe?Establish international connections and partnership to empoweryour business.
  9. 9. 6. Internationaletiquette• Understanding other peopleslanguages, cultures, etiquettes andtaboos is of great value to thebusiness person• Whenever you host or make a visit,knowledge of internationaletiquette will become a cornerstonefor your reputation.
  10. 10. 7. International Negotiations• Investment in negotiation skillsdevelopment is absolutely imperativefor the successful strategy in anybusiness.• Cross-cultural differences can oftenbe a reason of misunderstanding andtension in international negotiations.• The training framework will provideup to date international experience incomplex, multi-party, cross-culturalnegotiations to improve mutualunderstanding in business dialogue.
  11. 11. 8.International Business Writing• Business communication you generateon a weekly or daily basis: letters,proposals, emails, newsletters, blogarticles, memos, etc. can destroy yourbusiness reputation and brand.• Although not as visible as publicmarketing messages, writing mistakesin your international businesscommunication are just as toxic toyour international image.• With your emails you often make yourfirst self-presentation and impressionon international partners.• Key tools forinternational businesswriting is your key toa new market.
  12. 12. How do you establish your businessreputation when entering a new country ornew market?Choose the right strategy of self presentation;Consider cultural differences;Use cross-cultural tips and techniques for :– Building,– Maintaining ,– Recoveringa good business reputation in a foreignenvironmentto become an ultimate leader.
  13. 13. 10.Build a strong multicultural teamApproaches:• Exploring the way in whichculture impacts businesses,personnel and team building.• Agreeing on team goals andobjectives.• Improving personal relationship• Exploring ways in whichdifferences can be resolved.• Establishing strategies for dealingwith future issues.Goal:• Facilitate multicultural team building• Foster mutual understanding andrespect.• Provide solutions, guidelines andtechniques to help the team buildingprocess.
  14. 14. 11. Creativity and emotionalintelligence in businessInspiration..Discovery..Insight…
  15. 15. Contacts:Tatiana A. Indinawww.indina.ru007 (925) 517-