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Company Profile

  1. 1. Frank Garten BV Company Profile November, 2010
  2. 2. “We speak the same language, but it often seems we don’t really understand each other.” Intercultural barriers do not have to stand in the way of successful business deals I help teams in companies to • prepare for negotiations with international customers, partners and suppliers • understand cultural differences, and how these affect the daily work • overcome cultural differences within (virtual) teams or organizations
  3. 3. Strength in Diversity • The current working generation has learned to communicate on-line with virtual team members in other countries • The next generation will work in completely interconnected, office-less networks of professionals, where everybody is always on-line • Intercultural barriers will become more visible in the work environment of the future. • Intercultural barriers often get in the way of successful business results • Simple measures can be taken to avoid these problems and take advantage of the richness of different cultures; there is “Strength in Diversity “
  4. 4. Vision and Mission Vision A world where culture no longer forms a barrier, but is a source of curiosity and opportunity. Working in a global business is an enriching experience. It's the differences in people that makes all the difference Mission To help teams negotiate and influence across cultures, by breaking down cultural barriers and transforming cultural differences into sources of inspiration
  5. 5. Frank Garten Independent Consultant Design of communication, intercultural and leadership trainings, design of assessment- and development centers, implementation of modern learning curricula, individual career coaching General Manager Responsible for 40meur business, leading business team of 15 professionals, negotiations and business partnerships across the globe, managing a worldwide customer support organisation Learning & Development Director Setting up of Academy and learning curricula for 48.000 employee company, design and execution of leadership and talent programs, individual coaching, design of several communication and negotiation trainings Professional career Several functions in engineering, product marketing and commercial marketing
  6. 6. Personality Strong social and inter-personal skills, able to work effectively with wide variety of cultures Able to bridge the gap between Business and HR in large organisations Pragmatic, no-nonsense attitude, focus on results Translate strategy into focused daily execution Self-organised professional who brings structure, focus and optimism to the worksfloor Cross-Cultural Negotiations (United Nations Program) Rational Emotive Therapy and Training (RET, London) NLP Practitioner MBTI Step I and Step II qualified Several advanced negotiation trainings, and intercultural effectiveness trainings PhD in Physics and Chemistry SIETAR Europe (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research Ooa (Orde van Organisatieadviseurs, professional body of organisation advisors) Qualifications Memberships
  7. 7. Way of Working DIVERSITY Appreciate individual differences to strengthen your business FOCUS Focus your energy on desired business results PRAGMATISM Simplify the problem and do exactly what’s needed EXECUTION Organize yourself and your environment to get things done
  8. 8. Consultancy - Improve the cooperation in your team with counterparts in other cultures? - Get prepared for negotiations with suppliers, customers or partners abroad? - Adapt your business strategy to an international environment to anticipate future changes? - Learn the do’s and dont’s of communication in virtual, global teams? - Deliver your project on-time and within budget, in spite of intercultural difficulties? I provide practical help to teams and individuals who want to improve their intercultural effectiveness.
  9. 9. Training Programs Intercultural Intercultural understanding and effectiveness (1 day) Achieving results with cross-cultural (virtual) teams (1.5 days) Communication Communicating with impact (1 day) Influencing your professional work environment (1 day) Conflict management (1 day) Negotiation Commercial negotiation skills (1.5 days) Effective communication in business negotiations (1 day module) Tricks, traps and aggressive negotiation styles (1-day module) Intercultural business negotiations (1.5 days) Project Management Internal and external negotiations for project managers (1 day) Intercultural effectiveness for global project managers (1.5 days) I give practical, hands-on & short courses, to limit time ‘off-the-job’
  10. 10. Coaching Just a few sessions, to help you discover - How your personality determines your ability to influence others in other cultures - What preconceived opinions you have about other cultures, and whether these are right - How your communication style and personality come across in other cultures I apply a no-nonsense coaching style to assess and improve your intercultural effectiveness
  11. 11. Lectures I give lectures, host workshops and facilitate seminars on Intercultural Communication and Negotiation
  12. 12. Frank Garten BV Stadhouderslaan 83 3583 JE Utrecht 030 – 8795379 06 – 8161 3773 e-mail: website: KvK-number: 30287435 BTW-number: NL822393487 B01 Bank account: 408148969