Go Social: Use of Social Sharing


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This webinar is part of ASAE Business Services' lunch-n-learn series that is produced by HighRoad Solution.

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Go Social: Use of Social Sharing

  1. 1. Go SocialFriday, May 17, 201312:00pm – 12:30pm EDT#asaewebinarThis complimentary webinar is brought to you by HighRoad Solutions and ASAE-Endorsed Business Solutions.Presented by:Suzanne CarawanMarketing, HighRoad Solution
  2. 2. 6-Part Lunch Learning Series2Session 1: Mobile Email 101Jan. 17Pre-recorded webinar available atwww.asaecenter.org/EndorsedSolutions/OnlineResourcesSession 2: Email Deliverability BasicsMar. 21Session 3: Go Social!May 17Session 4: Member Preference Center 101July 18Session 5: The Value of IntegrationSept. 19Session 6: Member Holiday Inbox BasicsNov. 21
  3. 3. Your Presenter:3Suzanne has been an ASAE member for manymoons. Always working in high-tech marketing,Suzanne strives to “humanize” tech throughfocusing on user adoption and demand creation.A product and brand marketer by thought, word& deed, Suzanne has worked on many well-known brands within the association communityincluding Advanced Solution International, HigherLogic, Intuitive Business Concepts, ReedExhibitions, etouches and (C) Systems Global. Sheis a frequent industry speaker on the topics ofbrand, lead generation & digital marketing. Shehas spearheaded too many integrated marketingcampaigns to count & loves HighRoad becausethey make email marketing & webinars easy.Suzanne CarawanMarketing
  4. 4. • The evolution of social using food practices• Introduction of the Method Mix• The real impact of technological advances• The real meaning of what social can do for you• Practical guide for getting social sharing working for you• Automating social marketing programs so that you can focuson studying your populationToday’s Content4
  5. 5. 5 http://samarthagraham.edublogs.org/files/2010/10/h-and-g-lg-1a9km9u.jpgWe Are Hunters & Gatherers.We Are Social.Question is: Which Method Works Best to Fuel Growth?
  6. 6. Finding wild blackberries is a treat.Taste great, but not enough fuel to keep you going.Very similar to random search for new members.
  7. 7. Deer are great if you can get them.nly two issues: Initially hard to find & scare easily. Just like prospective meExtra plus of deer: there is usually more than one.
  8. 8. Method Mix:60% searching20% eating gathering20% huntingOnly One Issue:People are starving!
  9. 9. volution: Plant crops to increase probability of finding food consistently.(This sounds like your member database)
  10. 10. New & Improved Method Mix:20% searching60% eating gathering20% huntingOnly One Issue:The world is not static.
  11. 11. I HATE CHANGE!
  12. 12. 12Jons Jacob Berzelius discovered Silicon in 1824 by heating chips of potassiumin a silica container and then washing away the by-product.Was he a hunter or a gatherer?Either way, technology changed our method mix.
  13. 13. Gatherers’ DreamWhat’s Hot? Data What’s Not? Berry pickin’
  14. 14. 14Technology got down to the individual-level.Social and mobile interaction allows us totrack down individuals & study/predict their behavior.
  15. 15. Our method mix has changed.We now need to go out and hunt.Social media is your weapon.
  16. 16. Get People to Share16 We must know who influences.
  17. 17. • Don’t want to be alone• Want you to feel what they’re feeling– Want to pass along something humorous– Want to make fun of something• Want to be helpful• Want to giveWhen Do People Share?
  18. 18. • What can I do today to bolster theprobability that users will share?– Add in social media icons– Tell them to share/spread the news– Post the message everywhere– Keep bombarding them with email whilehoping/praying that they’ll tell others(this is The Berry Pickin’ Approach)Back to Email Reality
  19. 19. Try this InsteadAdd in a Social Share Button to Your Email
  20. 20. Shoutlet’s Social Share WidgetChoose which social channels you want to use.
  21. 21. Shoutlet’s Social Share WidgetYou configure the message & offer.Influencer adds their own personal touch.
  22. 22. Shoutlet’s Social Share WidgetReturns user back to the widget to share more.Reward sharing.
  23. 23. Shoutlet’s Social Share WidgetYou configure the message & offer.Influencer adds their own personal touch.
  24. 24. Your Configuration. Your Content.
  25. 25. Social InfluencerStrategy Blueprints
  26. 26. Marketing Automation
  27. 27. Create Your Own ProgramThis works well forevent marketing.
  28. 28. Create Your Own ProgramSet-up each step & trackwho shares.Reward/recognize!
  29. 29. Hunt Your Influencer Down!
  30. 30. Modern Method Mix:10% searching (innovation)60% eating gathering (retention)30% hunting (acquisition)
  31. 31. You have the knowledge.HighRoad Solution has the right weapon.Happy hunting, noble warrior.
  32. 32. Questions?3333Suzanne CarawanMarketing
  33. 33. Please join us for our nextLunch & Learn session:Member Preference Center 101July 18, 201312:00 – 12:30 p.m. EDT34
  34. 34. 35Thank you!Other questions for Jenny?Contact ASAE Business Services, Inc.Email: EndorsedSolutions@asaecenter.orgCall 202.626.2880Tweet us at #asaewebinar