Social Media: Presentation from Confex International 2011 Show


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This presentation was presented on March 1, 2011 at Confex International by etouches' CEO Leonora Valvo

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  • By show of hands, ask the audience who is now using social media. Ask them to look around. Have people raise hands for each of the following questions and have Vicki record b/c we want to know numbers so that we can report back through Twittter, blog etc following conference.How many people are using each for their meetings:TwitterFacebookLinkedInSomething else? And then ask people to call out what they used
  • Again, by show of hands, ask people if they have a full strategy and included it in their event plan
  • For those that did have a social strategy to support their event, who did they include, why, and how difficult was it to gain consensus.
  • Again, by show of hands, ask people if they have done this and call out a few examples and tell them that we are going to produce a webinar series that includes this topic and will offer it in mid March because we see it as a critical area of innovation
  • Again, by show of hands, ask people if they have done this and call out a few examples and tell them that we are going to produce a webinar series that includes this topic and will offer it in mid March because we see it as a critical area of innovation
  • This is really the key question in building an event and the only question that the staff should use to evaluate the eventTalk about gurus at play, talk about acte
  • For example, here is our upcoming event and you can see we are launching our gurus at play program. The top guru which people are competing to get a space for is Majid Abate. We are going to take 20 attendees that are the first registrants and put them at his table for 90 minutes of tea time.For the next 100 attendees that opt into the program, we are going to put them into Brain Xchnage Power Sessions based on hot industry topics. Each roundtable is headed up by a noted industry expert who will host the table. We are going to additionally, sell off the sponsorships for each industry Brain Xchange table and have already sold off the overall Gurus at Play sponsorship to a company called Call2Action.
  • Prospective attendees, sponsors, etc were sent emails talking about the launch of the Gurus at Play program. They can read more detail on the page that we’ve created that talks about the program and allows people to register for both the Top Guru session with Majid and the Brain Xchange Innovation sessions.Additionally, you can see that there are different engagement options before the event that are open for everyone---namely, Majid is holding a TweetChat a week before the conference that is open to everyone and that we got additional sponsorship dollars for in putting together. This will help drive demand for getting a spot with Majid but also serve as a way to allow all attendees time for interaction.We think that next year, this will drive users to register early (as soon as it opens) should our program work and we can eliminate early bird discounting. Our program is also designed to allow us to raise prices and add new sponsorship packages.
  • As registrants start down the process of registering for the event, they are shown the Gurus at Play Program options and given an explanation. This way, we have not missed anyone. Either the attendee registered through the actual page for the Gurus at Play through a specific link that we provided to them in our initial email, or if they missed that or aren’t in our email pool, they will still have an option as they register through to learn about the program and possibly opt-in.Here the attendee is putting in their areas of interest so that they can get automatched to a table for the Brain Xchange industry roundtable sessions.We also are going to use the same list as a way to match Exhibitors to Attendees for possible appointment setting campaigns that we’ve put into our 2011 Exhibitor program as part of our offering to exhibitors.Same tool—multiple programs
  • Let’s look now at our top sponsor of the session. We’ve been able to put a premium package together for the sponsor in aligning their name with both a thought leadership sponsorship option and provided a great way to give them more visibility and touch for the prospective and actual attendee base.To make sure that we can increase our sponsor package and provide real visibility, we are giving our top sponsor not only signage and program book recognition, but also are giving them logos on the event website, banner ads in our event update email briefs, and an entire page within the event site that is dedicated to them. Our premier sponsor page includes a section to put in company information, provided links to brochures and product collateral, pulls in and showcases the sponsor’s Twitter feed and any videos or image galleries that they would like to display. In our Gurus at Play sponsor session, we also gave them their own branded Cocktail hour and appointment times that are ahead of all other vendors so that they have no competition during the event so that they can speak directly/display their products directly to an isolated group. Additionally, we offered our sponsor 2 volunteers who will serve as official social media reporters for the Top Guru session and one per industry topic. Each will provide Twitter updates and a post-session series of blogs. We estimate that this will give our organization roughly 6-8 weeks of post event content with which to use for continued marketing of the event and increase our post-event survey results.Our 2011 Summit is also offering an upsell opportunity for Exhibitors who want to buy an Exhibitor Showcase page on our website that will work in the same manner, but allow them to showcase their products, allow people to set up networking sessions, etc.We have priced this at $250 per exhibitor organization and know that it will take us 30 minutes per page to set up. We estimate that we will make $200 an organization and expect 50 organizations to add this upsell feature—netting us an additional $10,000 of newfound money from exhibitors.
  • Break into 4 groups and have everyone use the examples to think of new ways that they can offer packages what price they think that they couldcharge
  • Break into 4 groups and have everyone use the examples to think of new ways that they can offer packages what price they think that they couldcharge
  • Social Media: Presentation from Confex International 2011 Show

    1. 1. Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />The Good, The Bad and The Uglyof Social Media<br />Leonora ValvoChief Executive Officer<br />
    2. 2. Who’s Using Social Media?<br />Personally<br />Professionally<br />For Event Marketing<br />Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />
    3. 3. Views from the Field<br />The Good: <br /><ul><li> Majority of people using Twitter, Facebook and putting out dates/updates on LinkedIn</li></ul>The Bad: <br /><ul><li> Few organizations are using social media consistently pre, during and post event largely only used right before and during</li></ul>The Ugly:<br /><ul><li> Organizations haven’t connected in social media and the event into the greater strategic goals of the organization</li></ul>Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />
    4. 4. Who Wrote Down a Comprehensive Strategy for Using Social to Market their Event? <br />Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />
    5. 5. Views from the Field<br />The Good: <br /><ul><li> Most planners are adding tasks to their project plans and know that social media is important.</li></ul>The Bad: <br /><ul><li> Few organizations have planners that have received education on using social media so have to rely on other departments.
    6. 6. Organizations have one department doing social media and another doing events-> no cohesive plan</li></ul>The Ugly:<br /><ul><li> Organizations have no idea how to measure or evaluate social</li></ul>media to see if it was a good spend.<br />Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />
    7. 7. Which Stakeholders Did You Include in Your Social Media Plan? <br />Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />
    8. 8. Views from the Field<br />The Good: <br /><ul><li> More departments are aware that social media is not just for the IT or communications department.</li></ul>The Bad: <br /><ul><li> Few organizations have cross-functional social media or social marketing teams.</li></ul>The Ugly:<br /><ul><li> Events are still not seen as an integral part of an organization’s market strategy</li></ul>Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />
    9. 9. Who Included Social as Part of their Exhibitor and Sponsor Packages? <br />Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />
    10. 10. Views from the Field<br />The Good: <br /><ul><li> Most events provide a Twitter hashtag to which all types of attendees can contribute.
    11. 11. Most events have an event website to showcase logos of sponsors and exhibitors.</li></ul>The Bad: <br /><ul><li> Few events have added social media into their exhibitor and sponsorship packages</li></ul>The Ugly:<br /><ul><li> Innovation is lacking and few organizations are leading the way in putting together compelling packages that showcase content and people->the purpose of social</li></ul>Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />
    12. 12. Even More Ugly<br />The Ugly:<br /><ul><li> Organizations focus on social tools and not putting people together for a purpose
    13. 13. Truth is that the tools are out there and easy to do, but people don’t know
    14. 14. Good software should be flexible enough to put in any kind of social that you need in order to push out messages and promote</li></ul>Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />
    15. 15. Viewpoints of Social Media<br /><ul><li> We’re not asking the right questions
    16. 16. Social media is thought of as the new must have, but no one is truly using it effectively
    17. 17. We know that if social media is used correctly, it increases the need for face to face events
    18. 18. Organizations need to utilize social to provide greater visibility on behalf of exhibitors and attendees </li></ul>Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />
    19. 19. Top Questions No One is Asking<br />Which social media outlets (if any) are your attendees, exhibitors and sponsor now using? <br />What are you trying to accomplish in using social media? <br />How are you allocating resources towards ensuring social media isworthwhile?<br />What’s the benefit you are providing to attendees, exhibitors and sponsors in using social media? <br />Are you using social media to better collaborate withinthe organizationto improve the event? <br />Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />
    20. 20. Top Questions No One is Asking<br />What are you going to do with the responses and feedback if people actually use social media pre/during/post event? <br />Are you using social media to drive people to a specific place? Session? Booth? Purpose? If so, can you define the value, the process and how you’ll measure the outcome for each.<br />Do you have the right mix of social media, web and face-to-face interaction to make the event a success? <br />Have you tied your event into the strategic goals of your organization?Or, are you using social media as a cover-up for skipping this step<br />Can you increase revenue with social media-infused<br />packages? <br />Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />
    21. 21. Bonus Key Question:<br />Are you creating an environment that facilitates relationship building? <br />Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />
    22. 22. Case Study: Gurus at Play<br /><ul><li>Create demand for keynote speakers and allow attendees to compete</li></ul> for access to speaker<br />>Build demand for speaker pre-event <br />>Allow people to self-select into topics of interest during registration <br />process<br />>Allow interaction with speaker through blogs, Twitter , Facebook, webinars,<br />etc before and after the conference<br />>Set up roundtable discussions, etc for event and have a way <br />to continue discussions following the event <br />Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />
    23. 23. Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />
    24. 24. Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />
    25. 25. Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />
    26. 26. Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />
    27. 27. Innovation Session<br />Think: What Can We Do to Provide Interaction? <br />Simplifying meetings and events execution<br /><ul><li>Attendee
    28. 28. Exhibitor
    29. 29. Sponsor
    30. 30. Speaker</li></li></ul><li>Additional Resources<br /><ul><li>“The Right Mix” Putting together an Event Marketing Plan</li></ul> Paper and Webinar Event: Tuesday, March 15th at 3 pm <br /> To register:<br /><ul><li>“Social Sponsorships: Rethinking Sponsorships in the Age of SocialMedia” Webinar Event: Wednesday, March 16th at 4 pm</li></ul> To register:<br /><ul><li>Follow us: @etouches
    31. 31. LinkedIn and Facebook</li></ul>Simplifying meetings and events execution<br />