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Etouches' facebooking your event webinar 14 oct2010 by suzanne carawan


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Etouches' facebooking your event webinar 14 oct2010 by suzanne carawan

  1. 1. Welcome to Today’s Educational Webinar “Facebooking Your Event: Extend the Experience” Presented by: Suzanne Carawan, etouches Special Guest Speaker: Zachary Dominitz, call2action
  2. 2. Why Extend the Event Experience? • Increased levels of participation/energy • Increased frequency of buying behavior • Stays top-of-mind increased awareness and increased likelihood of viral activity/word-of-mouth • Increased likelihood of repeat behavior that could be instituted into tradition
  3. 3. What Can Social Media Do for Your Event? • Turn attendees, sponsors, exhibitors into partners into your tribe of event marketers • Provide far more value to your sponsors, exhibitors, donors by providing them a publicity and endorsement platform that is mutually beneficial • Increase demand for your event by allowing people to try before they buy • Provide context and continuity between event & purpose
  4. 4. Current Emotional Engagement 12 10 Level of Engagement 8 6 Emotional Engagement Current 4 2 Days of the Year 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280 300
  5. 5. Emotional Engagement w/ Social 12 10 Level of Engagement 8 Current 6 w/Social Media 4 2 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280 300 Days of the Year
  6. 6. Emotional Engagement 12 10 Level of Engagement 8 Current 6 w/Social Media 4 2 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280 300 Days of the Year
  7. 7. Where Does Facebook Fit? Facebook is the initial…. Interactive Wall of Experience Value is in how many, what kinds, and what aspects of the experience you provide Photo: Interactive Museum Exhibit Design Exhibition planning and design for the James A. Michener Art Museum's installation "The Artists Among Us."
  8. 8. Where Does Facebook Fit for Events? Facebook: Event Website: Organizational Website: works to entice supplies information & permanent archive you to enter into access to specific storage of all content, a specific people & things; deep events, media (historical experience specific experience record of the organization)
  9. 9. Facebrain: The Social Media Mindset • Assume tools/techniques exist so focus on logistics is less important • Hunting for new: content, people, places • Always focused on creating and telling stories • Only valuable if more than you and your organization participate
  10. 10. Facebrain: The Social Media Mindset • Key mindset is to facilitate analytical and creative thinking • Logistics are an absolute given; now looking for the additional value-add • There’s a different view of time and what is valuable: short, medium and historical content; more of a fluidity in time
  11. 11. What Creates Demand? • Feeling that you: •Will get something you don’t have •Will miss out on •Will be a part of something bigger than yourself •Will be a better person •Are special
  12. 12. What Could Facebook Do For You? • Experience the timeline of the event and context of the event (historical, during, and future) • Contests and Promotions • Learning Hunts: Interactive Educational Sessions using Facebook to learn about donors, sponsors, exhibitors: provide context for how relationships fit together • Number of People You’ve Personally Influenced to Bring to the Event • Shout Outs: Recognition to Individuals and Supporters • Sell/Donate/Pledge
  13. 13. How Do I Know If It is a Good Facebook Page? Did You Feel It?
  14. 14. Demand Creation Tool: Event Sparks
  15. 15. Demand Creation Tool: Event Sparks
  16. 16. Demand Creation Tool: Event Sparks
  17. 17. Demand Creation Tool: Event Sparks
  18. 18. Ideas: Exhibitors • Post your exhibitors pictures, logos, etc and point to their presence on your event page as well as the sponsors’ Facebook page or corporate website • Feature one exhibitor per day on a wall post leading up to the event and then one per hour during the actual event • Create one photo album that is just for exhibitor by category type • Offer each exhibitor a page on your event website • Ask the EXHIBITOR to post materials,videos, tweets, to bring into the Facebook page etc • Give exhibitors badges or images to allow them to post on their own website
  19. 19. Ideas: Sponsors • Feature a blog post, or interview online with the sponsors • Get a video of the sponsor and their involvement • Do a bio of the sponsor • Have a Sponsor of the Day
  20. 20. Ideas: Attendees • Ask attendees if they want to participate in the Facebook Fan Page during the registration process • Provide additional value or coupon to attendees that can get other attendees to attend by posting to their own Facebook pages, etc • Use Facebook social badges and Twibbons, etc to aid in your viral part of saying you are coming to the event • Ask attendee to post to their own Facebook page that they are attending and have them RSVP on the Events section
  21. 21. Summary: What to Do / What Not to Do Do! Proceed with Caution! Be a good Facebook partner to Have a separate Facebook fan page for sponsors, exhibitors, donors, member every event; treat event out of context companies, customers with greater purpose Recognize outstanding people, topics, Keeping Facebook completely separate ideas from all other organizational websites Solicit and offer testimonials from real Keep social media strategy, constituent people! strategy & event strategy separate Offer Fb-only “hooks”: content, contests, Refrain from posting photos and video Add in widgets, tie-ins to Twitter, Keeping your distance; treat them as if YouTube, etc. they are a number
  22. 22. Questions • Please use chat or email: Suzanne Zachary
  23. 23. Exceptional Event Software: Designed by Event Planners for Event Planners COMPANY & PRODUCT OVERVIEW
  24. 24. Who We Are •Only online event registration and management system created by meeting/event professionals • 12 years providing global event management software; worldwide presence and 24/7 support • Internally developed suite of specialized web‐based products ensure your organization can quickly, effectively and consistently plan and produce all your events • Dedicated to ease of use, productivity and ROI for event staff and maximizing experience and relevance for registrants
  25. 25. Who We Serve •Customer base of over 400 organizations have chosen etouches for their online event registration and management • Over 6,000 events worldwide have been powered by etouches • Top for-profit, association & non-profit brands chose etouches to power their events. We offer a specialized practice for association/nonprofit and travel/agency customers • Award‐winning software and stellar customer feedback, with 90% renewal rate
  26. 26. What We Offer •13 event‐specific web‐based software modules to serve a variety of event planning, marketing, evaluation func1ons • Flexible subscription model and fixed cost pricing plan; volume discounts allow for a lowered total cost in your event portfolio • Global software and support: 27 languages, worldwide 24/7 phone, live chat and web ticketing support available • Implementation, advisory, and on‐site support • Integrations with nuTravel (online travel bookings), Onstream (webinars), MeetingSelect, and CRM systems (Salesforce, Sugar, AMS/CMS) • Exceptional touch!
  27. 27. The etouches Product Line
  28. 28. Experience etouches etouches Software Connect & Follow More Ways to Experience: -Live Demos each week: Facebook Page: etouches Blog: -Tuesdays @ 9 am ET etouches Integrated Event Posts by: -Thurdays @ 3 pm ET Technologies -Leonora Valvo, Suzanne Carawan & Jim Alkon Free 2-Week Trial LinkedIn Group: Etouches Presentations: etouches Event Management Slideshare Files Make an appointment for a Twitter: Etouches Videos: personal demo -company: @etouches etouches Events -Leonora Valvo, CEO: Etouches Corporate @etouchesceo -Suzanne Carawan, Association/Nonprofit Practice: @suzannecarawan -Travel/Agency Practice: @jalkon