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Moving to a Program Model


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My concept in showing how organizations can move to a program-driven organization with the help of social networking and the right relationship management tools.

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Moving to a Program Model

  1. 1. Association, Donor, or Customer Relationship Management System<br />Database of Record:<br />Holds all vital records of people, relationships and transactions<br />Integration Points:SSO | Security | Group Identification<br />Content Management System<br />User-Driven Ecommerce & Profile Updates<br />Event registration<br />Email Marketing<br />Abstract Management<br />LMS<br /> What will we do? What can we do? <br />Community Product Suite <br />Members & End Users Benefit Organizational Staff Benefit<br />Value-Creating and Extending<br />Programs<br /> with web as center of program management<br />Programs delivered and supported through multiple communication methods:<br />In--person | Email | RSS | Web | Discussion Lists | User-Generated Content | Comments | Blogs | Webinars | Conference Calls | Documentation | Video<br />Data input through website <br />CoP Program<br />Memorial Program<br />Mentor Program<br />Traditional website<br />Community website<br />Component Relations Program<br />Retired Member Program<br />Sponsorship Program<br />Moving to a Program-Driven Organization<br />with Higher Logic<br />Volunteer Leader Training Program<br />First Year Member Program<br />Awards Program<br />Future Industry Leaders Program<br />