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Part 3: Marketing Analytics 101: Inform Your Decisions With the Best Information

  1. Session Leader Part 3: Marketing Analytics 101: Inform Your Decisions With the Best Information Knowing what's working and what isn't in your digital marketing is one of the most biggest obstacles for contractors. In this session, we'll walk through best practices in tracking and analyzing your digital activities so you know the exact activities are driving the most leads, and stop wasting money on under-performing programs. Bob Sheehan SVP, Client Services
  2. Many Types of Digital Marketing ● Directory Listings ● Content Syndication ● Google My Business ● Websites ● Referrals from Partner Sites ● Paid Advertising ○ Google Search ○ Google Display ○ Bing ○ Yahoo ○ (other: Facebook, YouTube, Gmail)
  3. Types of Tracking for Digital Marketing ● Keywords that generate traffic and leads in Google Analytics ● Keywords that generate traffic and leads in Google Search Console ● Lead sources that bring traffic to a website ● Phone calls with unique phone numbers ● Inbound traffic with UTM Codes ● Lead sources with drop downs on contact forms ● Asking customers how you got there ● Etc. etc. etc.
  4. Tools for tracking digital marketing activities ● Google Analytics ● Google Search Console ● Paid Advertising Platforms ● Directory Listing Platform Insights ● Google My Business Insights ● Forms on Websites ● Pages on Websites; set up to receive dedicated traffic ● Telephone Tracking ● Campaign Tracking with UTM Codes
  5. Google Analytics ● Measure website visits ● See where traffic is coming from ● How long people stay on your website ● How many pages they look at ● Keywords ● Demographics ● Website speed ● & much more...
  6. Google Search Console “Search Console tools and reports help you measure your site's Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site shine in Google Search results” ● Optimize your content ● Get alerted on issues & fix your website ● Understand how Google views your website ● Optimize & enhance your website
  7. Paid Advertising Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Remarketing, etc. ● # of leads ● Amount spent ● Cost per lead ● Get suggestions on underperforming campaigns ● Display and Search traffic. ● How are ads working? ● & much more...
  8. Directory Listings Platform Insights ● Increase local visibility ● Share your content across the web: photos, videos, blogs ● Post seasonal offers ● Average review rating ● # of online reviews ● & much more...
  9. Google My Business Insights ● Anchoring your online presence ● Search terms you’re appearing for ● Online reviews ● How customers are finding you ● Directions to your business ● & much more...
  10. Forms on Websites ● Quick & easy way to contact you ● Collect customer information ● Get notified of new leads ● & much more...
  11. Pages on Websites; set up to receive dedicated traffic ● A single call-to-action ● Form appears at the top of the page on mobile ● Minimal copy ● Copy specific to action that led them there
  12. Telephone Tracking ● Each digital activity should get a phone number ● Track which programs are driving the most phone calls
  13. Campaign Tracking with UTM codes ● Every important link gets a code added to the URL ● Track a person’s progression through your website ● Find and track source of how they came to your website
  14. Is this enough? Can you figure this out just by signing into all these different tools? Q
  15. A NO! But why not?
  16. Let’s think through this... When you look at each of these tools individually, are you getting a complete picture so how can you expect to get the right answers? You can only get isolated answers that say some things, but not the whole picture.
  17. Never fear! Marketing technology is here to help
  18. What Are Your Options Then? Ideally, you’d want to work with an all-in-one platform that all of these tools integrate. Why? Because then you can view all data from all your digital efforts in one place Meet the Surefire Local Marketing Platform
  19. An All-In-One Marketing Platform to Help You With... 1. Business Listings 2. Reputation Management 3. Website Analytics 4. Competitive Intelligence 5. Lead Management 6. Content Distribution (Website, Google Posts, Social Media) 7. Social Monitoring 8. Paid Advertising 9. Integrations (CRM, GMB, Wordpress, Facebook, Google Marketing Platform, QuickBooks Online, Yext, GreenSkye, Service Finance…) 10. Account Support (Account Manager, Help Desk, Chat)
  20. View overall website stats over time
  21. Find out what terms are appearing the most for your business and how you compare to competitors in search
  22. Quick glance at how your website is performing with total, organic, and referral traffic
  23. Get more details on the specific channels that are driving the most traffic
  24. Breakdown the total number of times you appeared online and which keywords people used
  25. View top queries your business was listed in and the engagement that resulted
  26. Measure and track your paid ads performance to notice trends and gain insights
  27. Get notified of all new leads in near real-time and see all activity across your team
  28. View the accuracy of your local listings and how many listings you have at a glance
  29. Make updates and post monthly special offers to all of your local listings with just one click
  30. Publish and share photos of completed projects
  31. Get a snapshot of your entire online reputation ● # of online reviews ● Avg. star rating ● Find out what terms appear the most in your reviews
  32. Manage reviews in detail
  33. Send review requests to one or multiple clients at a time
  34. Track activity on the review requests you’ve sent out to see who’s engaged
  35. Post replies to online reviews
  36. Get reports and analysis of how your business compares to competitors
  37. Get reports and analysis of how your business compares to competitors
  38. Takeaways● There is no shortage of ways to track digital marketing. ● Tracking is the first, but only the first necessary thing to making solid decisions about digital marketing. ● There are a multitude of efforts that need to be tracked AND MANAGED in order to understand how it’s all working for you. ● Everything in one place and looking at one time period gives you insight into the relationship between things. This is key to understanding how things work TOGETHER. ● Evaluate platforms based on these criteria: ○ Can you look at it all together? ○ Can you manage things in the same place? ○ Can you see how the results for some things relate to other things? ● Think about this from a standpoint of data. If you do something, make sure you have the means to look at the data to see if you can feel it? If it’s working you can usually see it.
  39. Let’s talk Wednesday Let’s talk Thursday Let’s talk next week Get an analysis of your online presence and see the all-in-one marketing platform that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Want to learn more? Call/Email: 571-327-3391 | Act Now! Sign up this week and get 50% off activation and 50% off the first month
  40. “Hey Google, who are today’s lucky winners of the Google Home Minis?”
  41. Such a pleasure to work with. The knowledge and experience they have is amazing. We have worked with Surefire Local for over 8 years. Our experience with their team has been nothing less than excellent! (571) 327-3391 Thank You!