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Google & YouTube - The Big Social Network [Home Contractor's Ultimate Social Media Academy]

  2. 2 2 2 ❏ 12 PM | 11 Steps to Go From Facebook Likes to Leads Welcome to the Home Contractor’s Ultimate Social Media Marketing Academy! Four Can’t Miss Webinars...In One Day! ❏ 1 PM | Join the Conversation About Your Business on Nextdoor ❏ 2 PM | How to Rock Your Houzz Profile ❏ 3 PM | Google & YouTube - The Big Social Network
  3. 3 This Is Us SHASHI BELLAMKONDA Chief Marketing Officer STEVE EASTLACK Marketing Manager JENNY SYLVERS Marketing Manager
  4. 4 We are ● Making Customers Successful in Digital Marketing for over 9 years ● Tysons, VA is our home ● Specialize in Local Marketing ● 1,260+ Customers ● Only Cloud Powered Digital Marketing 5-time honoree
  5. 5 Create the best local marketing technology software and services that our customers LOVE and rely on every day because it makes their lives easier when it comes to managing their digital marketing Our Mission
  6. 6 QUICK REMINDERS You can reach our team at any point by emailing or using the questions box You’ll receive a recording of this webinar on Monday of next week! Please check your spam folder for emails from
  7. 7 You’ve earned 1 ticket by attending this session! We’ll be announcing today’s Google Home Hub winner at the end of this session!
  8. 8 Getting the most from today’s talk ● Google cares about user experience ● Google increased # of tools for businesses to control information ● Google wants to connect the nearest business with best credibility to the user
  9. 9 4 Evergreen Local Search Signals That Google Considers Recency How often are you publishing new content on your website, directories, and social media? Proximity Where are you in relation to someone’s search...does Google know you service the area that person is searching from? Relevance Is what you’re creating valuable and useful? Does it provide answers to the questions people are searching for? Prominence Do others link to your website as a source for knowledge and expertise? 9
  10. 10 10 10 How Google Got Here!
  11. 11 Google Prototype 11th November 1998 2013 = 30 Trillion pages = 30,000,000,000,000,000,000 2016 = 130 Trillion pages = 130,000,000,000,000,000,000
  12. 12 Google Constantly Keeps Up With Tech ● 1998 Search Engine ● 2003 Gmail ● 2005 Google Maps ● 2009 Google Docs ● 2010 Chrome/Earth ● 2011 Photos/Phones ● 2015 Google Project Fi ● 2016 Google Home ● 2018 Google AI Smart Ads
  13. 13 Google Has Failures !
  14. 14 On to Next Frontiers ● Google Assistant (Google Smart Display) ● Google Duplex AI Assistant to set-up Appointments ● Self-Driving Smart Display Ads ● Waymo Self-Driving Cars
  15. 15 A.I. is Across Google Products Search Search ranking Speech recognition Gmail Smart Reply Spam classification Photos Photos search Translate Text, graphic, and speech translations Android Keyboard & speech input Drive Intelligence in Apps YouTube Video recommendations Better thumbnails Cardboard Smart stitching Play App recommendations Game developer experience Ads Richer Text Ads Automated Bidding Chrome Search by Image Maps Street View image Parsing Local Search
  17. Confidential + Proprietary “The perfect search engine should understand exactly what you mean and give you back exactly what you need.” - Larry Page
  18. 18 18 18 Google’s Secret Social EcoSystem The World’s Biggest Social Network
  19. 19 Google Bulletin
  20. 20 Google Posts
  21. 21 Google Follow
  22. 22 Map Share
  23. 23 Message a Business On Maps You Can get Customers to Message You on Maps To turn on messaging with customers, sign in to Google My Business and look for the "Messaging" card in the Home menu.
  24. 24 Google Local Guides
  25. 25 Google Podcasts
  26. 26 YouTube Channel As A Social Network
  27. 27 YouTube Share
  28. 28 Become a YouTube Creator
  29. 29 YouTube Tips • Publish regularly • Embed in your website • Add sharing to social • Run campaigns for people to subscribe • Link to your website • Use annotations and cards
  30. 30 YouTube Studio
  31. 31 Google Photos: Learn AI and Share
  32. 32 Images Have A Rich Search Social Aspect 32
  33. 33 Progressive Web Apps: Making Reservations with OpenTable
  34. 34 Tips to Get Started Today! 1. Build a website that has structured data 2. Publish once and update everywhere - Google My Business (Surefire Cloud) 3. Keep track of customers interaction with you on Google 4. Respond to messages and reviews 5. Use business owner tools to share interesting content like photos and videos 6. Use the map to take photos of projects and post to your website (Ask about GeoJuice) 7. Use slides to create videos and post to multiple Google sites 8. Create content and publish on Google Posts 9. Like and share to your network 10. Keep information updated
  35. 35 Is finding a marketing software tool to help you manage your leads and online presence at the top of your New Year’s Resolution list?
  36. 36 Schedule a call for a free consultation on your online presence and an analysis of your website. FRIDAY MONDAY EMAIL ME TO SCHEDULE A CALL Want to learn more? Give us a call at 571.327.3391 or email END OF YEAR SPECIAL OFFER ● HALF OFF set up (this gets you a great website optimized for Google, mobile and voice search ● HALF OFF the first month
  37. 37 “Hey Google, who is today’s lucky winner?” “The winner of the Google Home Hub is…”
  38. 38 38 38 THANK YOU FOR SPENDING TODAY WITH US! ❏ 12 PM | 11 Steps to Go From Facebook Likes to Leads ❏ 1 PM | Join the Conversation About Your Business on Nextdoor ❏ 2 PM | How to Rock Your Houzz Profile ❏ 3 PM | Google & YouTube - The Big Social Network