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Talent Managemet at Aditya birla group


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Talent Managemet at Aditya birla group

  1. 1. Talent Management @
  2. 2. Talent at Aditya Birla Group “We unearth something more valuable than iron ore, copper, bauxite and manganese ore. It’s called talent.” Aditya Birla Group, believes that talent is ‘omnipresent’ and all people have some talent. Identifying talent, training and developing them are the pillars of talent management process. It enables managers to make career moves, which leverage their strengths and focus on areas of development as they prepare for leadership roles. ABG uses a combination of developmental assignments, classroom training, coaching and participation in special project teams to enable employees to continuously learn and develop.
  3. 3. Talent Management • Development assessment centres (DACs): DACs have been designed to support managers in assessing and developing their capabilities. Over 1,200 managers across all management levels have participated in the DACs since 2003. • Individual Development Plane (IDP): Post-DAC, the developmental goal for an individual, in terms of priorities for learning and development experiences to move to the next career stage, is captured through the individual development plan (IDP). These are monitored on a real time basis for tracking implementation on the PeopleSoft platform. • Talent reviews: A three-tier annual talent review process, held at the unit level, business level and Group level, ensures a focused approach to the implementation of lDP. The review discussions provide meaningful input into the career and succession planning process. • Talent engagement: Business heads anchor programs aimed at developing leadership potential and are personally involved in the design of specific courses. Other initiatives, such as the Chairman's Challenge and Ideas Unlimited, provide in depth engagement opportunities with hi-potentials.
  4. 4. Talent Management initiatives in 2008 • Created new channels of communication. • Geography wise HR partners to aid employee interaction. • Buddies for all new hires on their date of joining the organization. • Initiated Speak your Mind : projects interface with HR. • Various spot awards and informal rewards recognizing deserving new recruits. • Training boot camp for freshers. • Strengthen the Training and Competency function, introducing the Monthly training calendars. • Employee integration activities to foster fun at workplace. • Routine medical check ups of project team members.
  5. 5. Leadership Program LEAD - Leadership Program for the Experienced. • Launched in January 2007 • To groom exceptional individuals to be the future leaders of the Aditya Birla Group. • LEAD is an intensive six - month, on - the - job training program. • Individuals with at least four years of pre or post MBA experience are eligible to apply for LEAD. Program Structure Rotational training for six months with 2 or 3 intensive assignments. Assignment matches based on business goals & the participant’s interests, strengths and development needs. Final review by senior management. Role change and/or movement within the group every 2 or 3 years
  6. 6. Leadership Program LEAP – Leadership Associate Program • LEAP is an intensive 1 - year, on - the - job training program. • Individuals with 0 - 18 months of experience prior to MBA are eligible to apply for LEAP. Program Structure Rotational training for one year with 5 or 6 intensive assignments Assignment matches based on business goals and the participant’s interests, strengths and development requirements The assignments expose participants to a variety of disciplines and business functions within their area of specialisation. Mandatory international stint, sales stint, plant/unit stint and CSR stint Mid - year and final review by senior management Role change and/or movement within the Group every 2 to 3 years
  7. 7. Continuous Learning “Gyana (Knowledge) and Udaya (Dawn).” Two substantive ideas. A formidable combination. • ‘Gyanodaya’ - The Aditya Birla Institute of Management learning, established to strengthen the management capabilities of our managers has successfully managed to achieve more. • Gyanodaya conducts more than 80 programs a year and to date. As many as 7,000 managers have successfully completed at least one Gyanodaya program - and now see business ventures in a new light. • To provide quality programs it collaborate with some of the best learning institutions and experts across the world. Many luminaries, including Prof. Das Narayandas of the Harvard Business School, Prof. Venkat Ramaswamy from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and Mrs. Barbara Darling from the Hay Group have recently shared their perspectives with ABG managers.
  8. 8. Continuous Learning Continuing Education “It's not enough to learn a new skill. You've got to master it.”  ABG believes, Learning is a continuous process and it calls for time, commitment and patience.  ABG has partnered with Singapore’s Universitas 21 to offer an Online MBA Program to help employees acquire the latest management techniques and broaden their vision with a global perspective that is in line with our global ambitions.
  9. 9. Continuous Learning E – Learning Click, Click, Click, Learn!  Learn at your own pace - Virtual Campus have as many as 250 courses on subjects ranging from basic communication skills to specific technical programs all at employees fingertips!  Over 9,500 e - learners hone their skills virtually every day from over 200 locations across the globe.  E – Learners have fetched a phenomenal 93% course completion score the highest in the world so far, a statistic much higher than the 68% reached by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), which is one of the world’s most respected training bodies.