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Apps and Around the Corner Technology


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"The future is here but hidden to most."
- Around the Corner Technology

- 2.5 billions adults without a bank but with a smartphone.
- 8 French programmers rent a country house and code an artificial intelligence.
- 1 Serbian startup puts a brain into a wooden bench and conquests London.
- Million customers want to have sex with a Robot.
- A Chinese University experiments on humans.
- And other stories from the present future.

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Apps and Around the Corner Technology

  1. 1. — APPS & — Around the Corner Technology Stefano L.Tresca @startupagora
  2. 2. Around the Corner Technology = The future is here but hidden to most 
 #futuretech #apps_world @startupagora You can tweet this
  3. 3. PROGRAMMER (TEEN-2000) MOVED TO THE DARK SIDE* (1997-2010) ENTREPRENEUR (2006-TODAY) Stefano’s Resume * Became a lawyer Image:
  4. 4. Hey! I am a yellow post-itand I am on a few slidesto replace the speaker. If you like me, you’ll loveStefano, the author. Invite him to speak. or tweet@startupagora
  5. 5. mPOS
  6. 6. mPOS Guess what they are doing? Paying the dowry by smartphone (Thailand)
  7. 7. 2.5 billion adults don’t use banks. Payment apps will make a difference
 #fintech #unbanked #apps_world @startupagora You can tweet this
  8. 8. GenerationX (born1961-1981) Millennials (born1982-1997)* 74% 48%*1982-2001 for others CAR OWNERS “FUTURE CITIES” THE BOOK
  9. 9. This is the 1st generation in modern society not interested in buying a car nor a house #millennials #apps_world @startupagora You can tweet this
  10. 10. Strawberry Energy
  11. 11. Strawberry Energy Selfie !!! But … this is not aphoto of the couple. This is aphoto of the bench. This smart bench is solarpowered, recharges yoursmartphone and providesWi-Fi. An advanced versionincludes sensors and apps. (By Strawberry Energy)
  12. 12. Apps don’t have to be for smartphones. Buildings need apps too #iot #internetofeverything #apps_world @startupagora You can tweet this
  13. 13. botsder.COM Tinder for Robots and Humans
  14. 14. 42% of the population would have sex with a robot. What’s your startup doing?
 #sexbots #apps_world @startupagora You can tweet this
  15. 15. @Walnut_Algo
  16. 16. 8 French programmers rent acountry house for the summer,and coded an Artificial Intelligence. Till a few years ago, A.I. wasscience fiction. Today youngprogrammers could build anA.I. in a country house without investments. The singularity is near! @Walnut_Algo
  17. 17. A.I. will take over white collar jobs. The collar of the future is a hoodie #artificialintelligence #apps_world @startupagora You can tweet this
  18. 18. Southern Medical University of Guangdong
  19. 19. Southern Medical University of Guangdong This is a PHD from the Southern Medical University ofGuangdong (China). He’s 3D printing human bones to be used in surgery. 3D printers can print anything, from guns to clothing, and even entire buildings.
  20. 20. One More Thing Image:
  21. 21. One More Thing I would like to close with thefamous quote by Steve Jobs. Image:
  22. 22. One More Thing Many S BLOCKCHAIN LONGEVITY TECH SINGULARITY IOT / IOE SPACE TECH But it’s not possible anymore AND MUCH, MUCH MORE … Image:
  23. 23. Internet does for corporations what the press did for the church: break up structures always assumed permanent #apps_world @startupagora From “Fourth Economy” by Ron Davison You can tweet this
  24. 24. If you want to know more, check my last book: Future Cities: 42 Interviews and Insides with Influencers, Investors and Startups Amazon Apple iBook id1045152483 Kobo & Others Search “Stefano L Tresca”
  25. 25. IMAGESOURCE MY VINYL No, I wasn’t a “Metal Head”*, but this album was worth my teenager savings., Jason on Flickr and Wikipedia commons for the robots Other sources listed directly on the appropriate slide. *(If you don’t know this word, you are way younger than me)
  26. 26. Connect @startupagora stefanotresca tresca.stefano +StefanoTresca Or meet me for a coffee Level39 One Canada Square London THANKYOU !