The future of technology final project


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Communication 303 Final project

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The future of technology final project

  1. 1. The Landscape of 2021 A.D.
  2. 2. Gianna SalvoIntroduction to Communication Technologies Final Project December 12, 2011
  3. 3. What will communicationtechnology look like in 2021A.D.? Technology has done nothing but grown ever since the first computer or first telephone has come forth. Technology is going to continue to grow throughout the years.
  4. 4. What technologies are going to continueto advance over the next 10 years? Cell phones are going to become even more advanced. -Internet is going to run faster -There will be signal EVERYWHERE! -No more dropped calls! -There will be better applications -Apps to start your car, find your keys, and MANY more!!
  5. 5. C.D.s will be non-existent -C.D.s are already beginning to be replaced with MP3s and iTunes. This is going to do nothing but continue to happen over the next 10 years. -IPods are much easier to carry around than a C.D. player. -IPods are also able to be hooked into your car so you no longer need C.D.s in your car either.
  6. 6. Televisions will become so much more hightech than they already are. -Movies will all be 3D or 4D even when you are watching them at home. -The televisions will all double as a source to get on the internet. -People will be able to shop online through their television and some stores will become completely online. -Say goodbye to last minute Christmas shopping. Online shopping through your television will be the way to go. -Soon, when a commercial comes on the television, people will be able to select that commercial and they will be taken directly to their website to be able to do all of their shopping right from their home.
  8. 8. The Umbrella Perspective The hardware is the most obvious aspect of communication technology is the hardware. New technologies come from the hardware in the Umbrella Perspective. The Umbrella Perspective starts with Social System being at the top.  This is the political, economic serve functions. The next level on the Umbrella Perspective is Organizational Infrastructure.  Production and Infrastructure
  9. 9. The next level of the Umbrella Perspective is thehardware and software.Under and in between that is the individual user.(Grant & Meadows 3-6)
  10. 10. Roger’s Diffusion of Innovations Diffusion of Innovations tries to explain how innovations are taken in a population. An innovation is something that is a behavior, idea, or object that is considered new by people.
  11. 11. Diffusion of Innovation offers insight into socialchange such as:-What makes an innovation spread successfully.-The importance of peer to peer conversations and peernetworks.-Understanding the needs of different user segments.
  12. 12. Roger’s Diffusion of Innovations theory pertainsto all three things that I believe is going tohappen by 2021 comes around.People are going to have to get used to thechanging technology and the ways to do that aregoing to be teaching people that the technologyis not too advanced to understand.Using Roger’s diffusion of innovations, peoplewill not become overwhelmed by the rapidlychanging technology.(
  13. 13. Uses and GratificationTheory This theory is when people use media and technology for their own use and gratification. Needs people need for gratification:  Cognitive needs  Affective needs  Personal Integrative needs  Social Integrative needs  Tension free needs
  14. 14. How will the new technology beused for our gratification? Being able to shop on our television will save so much time and money. Already online shopping is cheaper, being able to do it on a television will be more convenient. Also saved gas and time will give us instant gratification.(
  15. 15. Media Systems DependencyTheory A complex system when the media, individuals, their interpersonal environment, and the social environment have dependency relationships with each other.
  16. 16. This is a graft that helpsexplain this theory.(
  17. 17. Social Learning Theory Focuses on learning in a social context. Learn by observing Learning can occur without a change in behavior People can learn through observing alone.
  18. 18. How does the Social Learning Theorypertain to technology in 2012?-Many times people will need to watch othersoperate something before they know how to doit on their own.-Sometimes people will learn how certaintechnology works and all of the possibilities ofthat technology through a tutorial or someonehelping them and showing them the steps totake.(
  19. 19. Principle of Relative Constancy A complex idea with simple implications It is when something (Like an advertisement) seems very simple, but in reality it is something much more than that. And in the end, it turns into something that could redefine the industry.
  20. 20. Cell phones, televisions, and CDs all seem up todate and high tech now. But in 10 years, justimagine the upgrades and new technology thatwill come out.According to the principle of relativeconstancy, these items seem like our everydayelectronics, but in reality, these electronics couldend up meaning more to us than they ever havebefore.(
  21. 21. 2021 A.D. The advance of alifetime.
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