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Prior to Your Pitch - 4 things to consider before presenting your #Startups to Investors


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So, you got a big pitch coming up, do you? Let us help you prepare for it by sharing these 4 tips...

Prior to Your Pitch - 4 things to consider before presenting your #Startups to Investors

  1. PitchFour things to consider before presenting your startup to investors priortothe
  2. BIGpitchcomingup,doyou? So,yougota
  3. 4tips: Letushelpyouprepareforit bysharingthese
  4. noun. an argument or other persuasion used in selling. Apitchconsists of fourmainparts.
  5. The4thone notsomuch. Three of which you can control.
  6. one
  7. you. Let’s start by focusing on
  8. Attire what is your projecting?
  9. formal cool&casualOR
  10. impression what is their first when meeting you?
  11. laidback professionalOR
  12. Commitment what is YOUR TO YOUR BUSINESS VENTURE?
  13. part-time hobby noturning back OR
  14. “Ideasareeasy. Implementationishard.” - Guy Kawasaki
  15. two
  16. idea Nowaboutyour
  18. niche market global domination OR
  19. - Seth Godin isnot “Everyone Remember that: yourcustomer.”
  20. Scale howfastcanyou yourbusiness? $5M $4M $3M $2M $1M $0
  21. slowand steady fastand furious OR
  22. Impact whatlasting willyoumake?
  23. thatwas entertaining agame changer OR
  24. three
  25. Now,let’s tackleyour slidedeck.
  26. content howisyour currentlylaidout?
  27. confusing conciseOR
  28. design howisyour looking?
  29. boring boldOR
  30. Delivery howisyour ofthepitch?
  31. monotone enthusiasticOR
  32. “yourpresentationcan yourbusiness.” makeorbreak - Cory Jim
  33. four
  34. Last,butnotleast,your Which you can’t 100% control (unless, of course, it is your event). audience.
  35. couldtheybe? wasinvited? aretheangels? canhelpyou? mightyoumeet? isincharge? hasyourmoney? who…
  36. closedoff openand eager OR
  37. hecklers whocouldbethe intheroom? Boo! yousuck!
  38. complainers supportersOR
  39. investors whattypeof couldtheypossiblybe?
  40. friendsand family bigventure funds OR
  41. ideaYou deck audience Recap: as a person and it’s potential clean & concise energy & engagement + + +
  42. “investorsdon’tneedyou. Youneedthem.” Remember: - Yancey Unequivocally
  43. Good luck!
  44. Needmore help?
  45. contactus!