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South America - Andean Countries


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South America - Andean Countries

  1. 1. Regions: SOUTH Brazil Northern TropicsAndean CountriesSouthern Grasslands AMERICA
  2. 2. Andean CountriesMount Aconcagua (22,000’) is the tallest mountain in the The Andes Western Hemisphere. Mountains are the longest unbroken mountain chain in the world (5,500 miles long and 500 miles wide in places) and second only to the Himalayas in height. Far Left: Cotapaxi (near Quito Ecuador) Left: Chimborazo (tallest mountain in Ecuador)
  3. 3. Andean Countries The steep hillsides of the Andes Mountains are conducive to growing different crops at different altitudes. A system of Vertical Trade has developed allowing goods grown at higher altitudes to be traded with those from lower altitudes.
  4. 4. Andean Countries Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile The Andes Mountains split this region into 3 distinct environments: Coastal Plain Highlands Tropical Lowland Forests The eastern slopes of the Andes give way to Tropical Lowlands and the rain forests of the Amazon RiverOccupying the Coastal Plain of northern Chile, the Called the SelvaAtacama Desert is the driest place on Earth The Selva is home jaguars, monkeys, sloths Winds blowing over the cold waters of the Peru Current lose their moisture, and only dry air ever and toucans. However, this area is sparsely reaches the land populated by humansBecause of the lack of moisture, perfectly preserved relics are found here, including human mummies. High plains between the cordilleras of the Andes (6000’-16,000’) Called the Altiplano (high plain)
  5. 5. Andean Countries - Ecuador Capital - Quito high town (9,000’) nestled between 2 Andean cordilleros The EQUATOR runs through the country Andean Culture The Galapagos Islands
  6. 6. Andean Countries - Ecuador
  7. 7. Andean Countries - Ecuador Population 13 million 25% are of Indian (Andean)descent; native language is Quechua; 50% are Mestizo live in highlands and practice subsistence farming. 10 % are of European descent and own most large farms and plantations, and have the most political influence
  8. 8. Andean Countries - PeruCapital - Lima a coastal city Center of the Ancient Incan Empire
  9. 9. AndeanCountries Peru
  10. 10. Andean Countries - Peru Population 29 millionNearly 50% are native (Andean) and speak Quechua Most of the rest are Mestizo who live in urban areas or work for low wages in factories that produce fish meal or animal food or on plantations that grow sugar cane, cotton or rice. A small population of European descendants own most factories and farm and retain most of the political influence.
  11. 11. Andean Countries - Bolivianamed after Simon Bolivar who led arevolution to overthrow Spanish rule in the early 1800s Bolivia is a land-locked country of 10 million, most of Andean descent with a varied climate - humid/tropical to cold/semi-arid Capital - La Paz Lake Titicaca (seat of government) The world’s highest navigatable lake at 12,500’ world’s highest capital at 12,000 feet Also Capital - Sucre (constitutional capital)
  12. 12. Andean Countries - Bolivia
  13. 13. Andean Countries - Chilename means “the end of the land” Interesting Geography Country is 2400 miles long but only averages about 100 miles wide. Capital Santiago Chile includes the island of Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island.
  14. 14. Andean Countries - Chilename means “the end of the land” Population - 15 million most live in the Central Valley, a fertile region of river basins between the coast and the Andes Mountains 25 % are of European descent (Spanish, British and German) 66% are mestizo unlike other South American countries, there are relatively few natives