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South America - Northern Tropics


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South America - Northern Tropics

  1. 1. Regions: SOUTH BrazilNorthern Tropics Andean CountriesSouthern Grasslands AMERICA
  2. 2. The Northern Tropics - French Guiana French Guiana is an overseas department of France French is the official Language Population: 30% Asian 10% African Capital - Cayenne 50% Mulattoes
  3. 3. The Northern Tropics - Suriname Capital - Paramaribo Colony of the Netherlands until 1975 Dutch is official language Population 50% Asian 10% African 30% Mulattoes
  4. 4. The Northern Tropics - Guyana Capital - Georgetown Official Language is English Population 50% Asian Indian 43% of African Descent
  5. 5. VenezuelaHugo Chavez - Communist Leader
  6. 6. V Populatione 24 Millionn Mestizo & Europeane Descentz Officialu Languagee Spanishla Roman CatholicCapital - Caracas Angel Falls Highest Waterfall in the World
  7. 7. Physical Regions of Venezuela Andean Highlands Guiana Highlands Tropical Grasslands (llanos and Orinoco River)
  8. 8. Venezuela Economy - OIL!!! an OPEC NationOne of 10 largest oil producing nations in the world Also produces Bauxite and Iron
  9. 9. Colombia named after Christopher Columbus
  10. 10. Colombia Population 40 million 2nd most populated country in South America 70% of the population lives in the valley between the Cordilleras (mountainCapital City - Bogota ranges) Only Country to border both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
  11. 11. Colombia Coffee, Cocoa and Cocaine Colombia is 2nd only to Brazil in Coffee exports in South America Coffee is grown on small farms (morethan 300,000) rented to tenant farmers by wealthy landowners Cocoa is also grown in the jungles and on the hillsides. Cocoa is used in chocolate and also supplies the cocaineCoffee is the legal single cash crop in trade.Colombia, putting the country at risk if the worldwide price for coffee drops Authorities estimate that smuggling cocaine brings in twice or if coffee trees are devastated. as much money as coffee