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Bringing Patch Management to Spiceworks


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Still wrestling with patching 3rd party applications? We’ll walk you through the new “Latest Software Patches” widget available on Spiceworks and show you what valuable information can be learned about the state of your security. Find out what’s coming in the near future (specifically more patch management functionality built into Spiceworks) and how easy it will be to always keep your IT infrastructure secure.

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Bringing Patch Management to Spiceworks

  1. 1. Bringing Patch Management to SpiceworksJason Bahls, VMware SaaS Territory Manager, SpiceHeadGrey Howe, SpiceHead, SpiceCorps Leader - Denver © 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  2. 2. Agenda The latest on Shavlik and VMware The importance of patch management “Latest Software Patches” Widget IT.Shavlik demonstration The future of patch management in Spiceworks 2
  3. 3. The Need  Patching 3rd Party Applications is a critical need  Gartner & CERT agree: >90% of exploits take advantage of KNOWN vulnerabilities where patches have been made available but not applied.  4 of the 5 most exploited applications in 2010 were NOT Microsoft apps  SANS Institute: Unpatched client applications are the #1 cyber-threat3
  4. 4. The Need, Cont.4
  5. 5. Challenges of Patch Management Do more with less • Management expecting security at a minimal cost Physical and virtual environment to secure • Not just a data center to secure, now virtual too Limited resources and time • Can’t keep up with the latest threats • Minimal patching – WSUS • Not just Microsoft but now 3rd party vulnerabilities Jack of all trades • Must be good at everything5
  6. 6. The New Spiceworks Patch Widget  Perform a no-cost security scan at the click of a button  Free scan of your machine or your entire network!  Identify machines requiring patches  Identify which patches are not covered by WSUS  Compare your environment to others in the community6
  7. 7. The New SpiceWorks Widget  Displays latest released software patches and rates them for you • Low • Important • Critical  Three important tabs at bottom • The number and date of devices recently updated • The number of devices potentially at risk • Help section7
  8. 8. Free Security Scan and Report  Bottom of the widget  Find out how secure your IT environment is  Free scan and report  Provides you with the necessary information to keep your IT environment secure at all times8
  9. 9. Software Patch Widget  Potentially At Risk – 2nd tab • Number of devices potentially at risk due to missing patches • Displays info about each device • Device name • Operating System • Date of last scan performed9
  10. 10. Software Patch Widget  Help Tab – 3rd Tab • Explains the widget • Explains the tabs  Get Info Now • Get a free security scan and report10
  11. 11. Shavlik Spiceworks Patch Report Step 2Step 111
  12. 12. Shavlik Spiceworks Patch Report  Systems Center • Machines by severity • Name, OS, missing patches, severity  Patch Center • Patches not covered by WSUS  Software Center • Software titles, vendor and severity of patches missing Top Summary  Community Center • Total missing patches • Compares missing patches per machines to the community • Missing security patches • Release date, patch details • Avg missing patches per machine • Avg missing patches compared to  Download a copy of your community report12
  13. 13.  Ideal for SMBs, IT.Shavlik is a cloud-based IT management service designed to simplify and automate critical IT operations Over 1,000,000 patches deployed In just 90 seconds, track assets, find & deploy missing patches and manage your physical & virtual machines • Automate updates and patches for Microsoft products as well as third-party applications such as Adobe, Real Player, Firefox and many more Free 30 day trial Very affordable 13
  14. 14. Supported Applications14
  15. 15. Demonstration15
  16. 16. Patch Management Inside Spiceworks???. + = Coming soon to a dashboard near you! Unlimited patch scanning, absolutely FREE Try the Functionality Now • Go to: • Try: 1 machine free with remediation for up to 3 years • Buy: 3 Year Promotional Pricing for Remediation (through Oct. 31st) 16
  17. 17. How secure is your IT environment? Win $100 Best Buy Gift Card • Run a free scan and download the report by October 31st • Your email address submitted for the report will be entered into drawing Questions • Contact Jason Bahls • Email address: • Call: 651-255-5498 17 SLIDE
  18. 18. Backup Slides18
  19. 19. Spiceworks Software Advisor – Spice Quotient 1st Tab: Spice Quotient19
  20. 20. Spiceworks Software Advisors - Patch Management  Cost Calculator • Find out how much would an attack cost your organization? • Hours to fix the problem • Hours of user productivity lost20
  21. 21. Software Advisor – Patch Management Keep Up To Date Best Practices21
  22. 22. Software Advisor – Data Management Data Backup and Recovery22