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Keep IT Simple (& Get IT All Done!) with Spiceworks - Paul Luciano, Expand International of America, Inc.


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Keep IT Simple (& Get IT All Done!) with Spiceworks

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Keep IT Simple (& Get IT All Done!) with Spiceworks - Paul Luciano, Expand International of America, Inc.

  1. 1. Real World: SpiceWorks Paul Luciano, MCSE Director of IT Expand International of America, Inc.
  2. 2. The Company: BlueBox, Inc. Fictional Company - Mirrors the work I do Accurate on how I have implemented SpiceWorks Includes ideas I have not or not yet implemented
  3. 3. 8:00 AM - Ready to Go Uncluttered desktop - Firefox, SpiceWorks and Outlook
  4. 4. Dashboard Uncluttered - Relevant Content SpiceWorks 4.7 SpiceWorks 5.0 - Warranty Center - Purchase List - Printer Supply Level - Warranty Center - Ink & Toner Center Spatial Arrangement - At A Glance Viewing Ultimate Usefulness?
  5. 5. Inventory Network Map - Not Used Software - Manual Entries Only IT Services - Useful (Limited) People - Very Useful Purchases - Implement in 2011 Device Groups - Essential SpiceWorks Component
  6. 6. Help Desk Every call, every contact, every time Custom fields and grouping Purchases, external help desk calls, service requests Speed rack new ticket techniques Closing the loop, redundancy, more fields holding data Order and organizing Multiple logins, push around tickets for Lone IT guy
  7. 7. IT Portal Good idea, can it be useful I enter tickets to myself from a user's desk before I forget. 2011 Project make it more useful. KB Articles may be helpful.
  8. 8. Reports So many - So few Organize for manageability Reports - do more than show data Export frequently - herd your assets
  9. 9. Settings AD Configuration - Will Not Use* E-mail settings - My Work Around Help Desk Settings - E-mail Notifications - Help Desk Extensions Monitors & Alerts - I Use Sparingly Network Scan - Control The NScan - Would like to see control of things like software.
  10. 10. Outside SpiceWorks SQLite - Dangerous and Useful PRTG Network Monitor Dia - Diagram Creating Application Free and Lightweight No-Install Applications
  11. 11. IT Department & SpiceWorks Why are you using SW? Will it do everything? Will you use every module? Annual review - are you using this software correctly - to it's fullest potential. Use 3rd party apps to supplement / cross check SW. I want my desktop to have 2 apps running: Outlook - SW
  12. 12. SpiceWorks 5.0 A completely new application So many great new features to explore and ponder Will require a reconfiguration of my data How I use SpiceWorks for 2011, infinity and beyond. Some of the features will not be implemented until Jan 2011
  13. 13. Questions?