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W8 client management


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W8 client management

  1. 1. Think: System Center Configuration Manager Think: Exchange ActiveSync, VPN Policies2007 Simple PrimitivesInfinite Tweaking Corporate • IT Owns the Device and Sets the all Personal Devices • IT uses system of least control Devices of the RulesHomogenous Heterogeneous • Hardware, Apps, OSes • PC, Mobile, Slate, Laptop Systems Systems Push • Of apps, patches, configurations Pull • Self Service, App Stores Corporate • Devices, Applications, • Conditional access to Network, Constraints Standards Configurations Applications and Data Protected • Systems enforce device standards to Protect • Variable device trust level, data must be Protected Data Devices data (Bitlocker, OS/Patch Level, Applications) directly protected
  2. 2. Devices & Experiences Enterprise-GradeUsers Love Want SolutionsNo Compromise New Possibilities in Enhanced End-to- Management andBusiness Tablet Mobile Productivity End Security Virtualization
  3. 3. IT Controlled Personally Controlled Windows 8 OS Deployment Metered Connections User Data and Settings Management Anywhere Apps and Data Meet IT standards by Empower users whilecontrolling devices and Windows To Go constraints ensuring key IT applications
  4. 4. Support existing management features • Software Updates Management • Settings Management • Software Distribution • Remote Control • Inventory • OS Deployment • Asset Intelligence • And more!Support new Windows 8 functionality • Windows To Go • Metered Connection support • User Data and Settings Management • BitLocker Enhancements • Windows 8 Apps • Deep Link Apps
  5. 5. Scenario Key Functionality • Fresh install of a new operating system on client or server systemNew computer • New or repurposed hardware • Bootable Media (CD or USB Flash Drive) • Integrate with WDS PXE serverPXE boot • Control deployment action with Configuration Manager deployments • Self-provisioning via F12 • Install new version of operating system on existing client or server hardwareWipe-and-load • Reinstall applications under new operating system • For clients, securely save/restore user state and settings (locally or on a file server) • Install new version of operating system on new client hardware for an existing userSide-by-side • Reinstall applications on new computer under new operating system • Move user state and settings from old computer to new computer via a file server • Do operating system deployment from removable media (CD set, DVD, USB flash drive) • With low bandwidth or no connectivityOffline with removable media • Large software packages are on the media • No status reporting • Optimized for network bandwidth • Speeds up end to end deploymentPrestaged Media • Works with existing processes • Initial staging can be completed detached from ConfigMgr environment
  6. 6. Configuration Manager App-V 5.0 and U-EV (MDOP), Folder Redirection RDS/VDIUser Settings + Apps + Data User Settings+ Apps + Data BitLocker Drive Encryption BitLocker Drive Encryption
  7. 7. IT Controlled Personally Controlled Modern Applications Consumer Windows Devices Heterogeneous Mobile Devices Meet IT standards by Empower users whilecontrolling devices and ensuring key IT constraints applications
  8. 8. User Centric ModelTraditional Model Management Service
  9. 9. Windows Store IT Self-Service Portal (SSP) FIREWALL Side- loading Side- loadingWindows 8 (x86) Windows RT device
  10. 10. RedirectsWindows Store Self-Service Portal (SSP)
  11. 11. Windows RT Client Management Primarily Personally Controlled Bring Your Own Device Also support for specialized use cases (e.g. Airline, Retail) Focused on self service with constraints Software Configuration Different in how they are used and behave Always on always connected More prevalent use of metered connections (e.g. 3/4G)
  12. 12. Metro Style SSP Sneak Peek
  13. 13. Resources for Developers Desktop Optimization Desktop
  14. 14. Springboard Series: Plan Deliver Operate Support
  15. 15.