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It's All About Engagement!


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Participants will have the opportunity to fill their instructional toolkit with an exciting array of innovative technologies that can easily be integrated into the classroom, bringing excitement to the learning process for students with special needs and other diverse learners. Participants will be provided with ideas for integrating these tools into Common Core instruction so that student’s learning experience is truly transformed.

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It's All About Engagement!

  1. 1. It’s All About Engagement!!! By Chris Wenger CCC-SLP
  2. 2. SandTimer •Increases on-task behavior •On screen or on one desk •Keeps teacher on schedule •Focuses ADHD students For free online timers, visit Chrome extensions: -Task Time -Dayboard
  3. 3. • Daily News in all subject areas • Build reading comprehension • Every article at 5 reading levels • High interest topics • Target variety of speech/language skills
  4. 4. • Dozens of templates targeting different areas of curriculum • Add images/audio/hyperlinks • Organize thoughts and topics for writing • Understand cause + effect • Helps plan, organize and build thinking skills • Can export into writing app (Pages) Custom Boards
  5. 5. Pic Collage • Create multimedia collages • Visually summarize • Associations • Expansion of categories • Engagement!! • User-friendly
  6. 6. Adobe Acrobat Reader: App • Annotate on PDFs: sticky notes and drawing tools • Use highlights to bring in attention • Markup any screenshot (great to app smash) • Scan: Use device camera to capture ANYTHING (e.g. whiteboard, form, picture, note • Easy to export (Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive)
  7. 7. • Instant access to 15k books (FREE!) • Read anytime, any device • High quality, visually stimulating • High Interest, Low Readability (easy to target students interests) • Works great w/ AAC users (target CORE vocab) • *Offers Apple TV app w/ new generation
  8. 8. Voice Dream Reader • Advanced text-to-speech • Reads all PDF and word docs…SHUT UP! • It’s integrated with Bookshare, Dropbox, etc. • Synchronized word and line highlighting • Change voice and reading speed • The list is too long!!!
  9. 9. Kahoot Easy display Records video AND audio Insert your own backgrounds and pictures
  10. 10. • Discover (other lessons) • Customize • Turns passive content into active content • Track comprehension • Time-embedded activities
  11. 11. Twitter: @speechdude Email: