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Even Napoleon Dynamite has an iPad!


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This presentation targets iPad and iPhone apps for students with special needs. The apps address executive functioning skills, organization, great study habits, and much more!

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Even Napoleon Dynamite has an iPad!

  1. 1. Selecting an app Ease of use is MOST important • When considering apps, you may want to consider: • if the student can get access to app on their device • how easy is the app to use • what degree of customization is available
  2. 2. Reminders Puffin Browser - Supports flash - Very quick browser - Theater Mode - Great for organizing - Create homework reminders - Creates notifications in various ways
  3. 3. • Dozens of templates targeting different areas of curriculum • Add images/audio/hyperlinks • Organize thoughts and topics for writing • Understand cause + effect • Helps plan, organize and build thinking skills • Can export into writing app (Pages) Inspiration
  4. 4. Dropbox • Saves photos, docs, videos • Keeps everything in one place • Access from school and home • Video w/out internet connection • Eliminates use of flash drive
  5. 5. SandTimer •Increases on-task behavior •On screen or on one desk •Keeps teacher on schedule •Focuses ADHD students
  6. 6. Dictionary • Synonyms, antonyms, idioms, examples in sentences (in-app upgrades). • Customizable fonts for better readability • Offline access for most content • Digital dictionary is a great IEP accomodation
  7. 7. Recordium SEE WHAT YOU HEAR! •Highlight sections of track while recording •Attach pictures/notes •Allows quick access to most important info
  8. 8. Digital Flashcards • Customizable   • Easy to use   • Pre-made cards  available • Insert Photos • 5 different tools  (quiz/listen/review/etc.) • 6 studying games
  9. 9. Voice Dream Reader • Advanced text-to-speech • Reads all PDF and word  docs…SHUT UP! • It’s integrated with  Bookshare, Dropbox, etc. • Synchronized word and  line highlighting • Change voice and reading  speed • The list is too long!!!
  10. 10. Interactive Whiteboards Easy display   Records video AND audio   Insert your own backgrounds and  pictures Whiteboard Lite
  11. 11. Twitter: @speechdude Email: