2011 Di Summit Competition Submissions


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These are submissions from Ogilvy APAC for a chance to win a trip to Hong Kong to attend the 2011 DI summit

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2011 Di Summit Competition Submissions

  1. 1. JoelynnChin<br />Tweet:<br />The pink pig’s pink slip slipped down her tits. Art or tart at Beijing’s 798 Art District?<br />Reason why you should be the one:<br />I applied my learnings on social media for this submission. First, I shortlisted five photos based on what people love on Youtube, Facebook sharing and forwarded (email) content. Crass, stupid, mindless, funny, witty, controversial? They'll love it. Then I crowd-sourced my Facebook friends to ask them which photo would stick in their minds if they saw it on Twitter. This generated the most chatter. The caption needs to be intriguing and catchy to invite click-through. So I teased with an animal, some smut and cunning linguistics; and ended it with a question! <br />
  2. 2. SadiaHussain<br />Tweet:<br />40,000 feet in the air … yet I’ve never felt this grounded. Isn’t life beautiful?<br />Reason why you should be the one:<br />People know Pakistan for a lot of reasons, not too many of them are positive, but I’ll bet we have more in common than we think!<br />I would love to meet others from the region, share what I have in common with them and soak up as much as I can learn from them. This could be the opportunity of a life time!<br />
  3. 3. Jay Cho<br />Tweet:<br />This is Jay from Neo@Ogilvy Korea who are very eager to participate this Hong Kong summit. Find out about me with pic attached and count me in!:)<br />Reason why you should be the one:<br />My name is "Jay" and... A "Jay" is a bird with bright blue feathers literally. I, "Jay", will be a just right bird to tweet and spread out everything about Asia Digital Map and its summit to my peer and colleagues! Choose me, Say "Yay!" for "Jay"! <br />
  4. 4. Leong Kuan Yew<br />Tweet:<br />I'm social plug-n-play ready yo! Plug me in and bring me to greater heights!<br />Reason why you should be the one:<br />Dedicated to the team... as the newest member of the Digital Influence APAC team, I got married AND flew down to HK the very same day for training! With such dedication, you can be assured that I'll be a big sponge to absorb all that is offered in the summit, to bring you future ROIs *wink The stage is ready, my social profiles are ready, plug me in to the summit and power me up! <br />
  5. 5. Lucie Snape<br />Tweet: <br />I’m just living life, one meme at a time. I call this one, “Crouching Tiger, Planking Dragon”.(ChinaTown, Sydney).<br />Reason why you should be the one:<br />I think I should be the winner because I am champing at the bit to head on over to the HK Summit to network with and learn from my colleagues, to be challenged to think BIGGER and more creatively and to learn how to better recognise and leverage revenue opportunities across the group and beyond our borders! In this, my first 12 months at DI, I’ve had some great opportunities to collaborate with my colleagues in Asia Pac on many campaigns such as Jetstar, Ford and Malaysia Kitchen have really benefited from their input and learned a great deal from their experiences but, I’ve never met them and I would like to, face to face. I want to discuss challenges, to share learnings and to be inspired by #winning, integrated campaigns that deliver client results and credibility to our craft. Most of all I want to see our 360DI case studies presented as industry standouts, to hear people “ooh” and “ahhh” over them and know that I had a role to play. I see the Hong Kong Summit as an awesome opportunity to further build on all the skills and knowledge I’ve gained in what’s been a fast and furious, but fabulous, 12 months at DI. Lastly, I may not have #Tigerblood but did just plank in the middle of Chinatown. Not even Jackie Chan has done that. <br />
  6. 6. Ryan Falch<br />Tweet:<br />An apathetic gallery security guard slowly drifts away into slumber becoming another piece in the exhibition. Imitating art is for amateurs.<br />Reason why you should be the one:<br />A wise man, once said, "Change is inevitable—except from a vending machine." It is my mission to help break down the creative wall between OgilvyOne and Ogilvy Advertising. If I am sent to the Social Media Summit, I will document and share what I’ve learned with my team and my clients. I will also use this knowledge to add social ideas to every brief. China has the most Internet users in the world. Social media is how everyone communicates and I want to lead the conversation. <br />
  7. 7. Name: Vishnukari Mahmud<br />Tweet:<br />What I am going to become: a Digital Dinosaur or Digital Ninja?<br />Reason why you should be the one:<br />I'm usually the "tech guy", answering questions on how to fix computers to making strategies for IT clients. But as I become more multi-industrial, working on finance, automotive, oil & gas and alcohol clients, I fear I am losing touch with the latest trends and apps of the tech world. Indonesia is at the cusp of internet greatness and is a unique market in terms of online sites and user behavior. I know just enough of everything to be dangerous: I want to be lethal!<br />
  8. 8. Name: SupapimChaichanavong<br />Tweet:<br />A true social media legacy by Malcolm McLaren:today there are two words that sum up the culture ATHENTICITY is one, and the other...KARAOKE!<br />Reason why you should be the one:<br />I’ve never really thought much about how ‘Social Media’ has any effects on me. But I’ve just realized it has become a part of my everyday life. Perhaps the most surprising thing for me was how I worked. Most of my ideas and plans were derived from how I’ve been influenced by blogs, social media and online communities. What I believed in social media is that it reflects a true ‘consumers’ understanding. As I’ve mentioned, our culture is now ruled by us, ’the users’ and we’re all being influenced by the ‘influencers’.<br />
  9. 9. Name: Kathryn Grove<br />Tweet:<br />Social Media: The freedom to be yourself...or anyone else.<br />Reason why you should be the one:<br />This would be a "buy 1 get 200 free" opportunity. Choose me and you are not taking one person to Hong Kong, but 200 people. I have no fear of presenting so any knowledge I gain would be shared with the rest of the Agency here in New Zealand. I am motivated and passionate about social media and what it can do for the Brands we work on. I have no doubt that I am the right one for the job, just give me the chance to prove it.<br />
  10. 10. VinayVenkatesh<br />Tweet:<br />What lies between us? A chasm, that we must cross. All we have are words - messages, thoughts, dreams and the power to create connections.<br />Reason why you should be the one:<br />I'm on a quest to find out what lies between us: Between Brands and Consumers. Between Advertising Professionals and Clients. Between Human Beings and Humans Being. This is a journey that does not have an end. And I want the Hong Kong Summit to be a pit stop in this journey.<br />
  11. 11. Gavin Low<br />Tweet:<br />Hello! I am coming sooner than you think - as an ever younger generation of audiences/consumers interacts with content. Are we ready?<br />Reason why you should be the one:<br />I live and breathe social media before joining Ogilvy recently. As an early-adopter of social media, I have seen its growth from both the user and client's end, and am not exactly overly optimistic on its benefits for everyone or every client. However, its potential is almost limitless if it is use well. I am excited to see how it develops as paradigms shifts, and a younger generation, unshackled by the past habits, use it to change the world.<br />