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Whuffie at Web 2.0 Expo

  1. less $$? more whuffie! how social capital is the key to building your business...even in tough economic times
  2. the theme of this conference is
  3. the power of less
  4. #awesome
  5. cause I’ve always done it that way
  6. $1.2mm
  7. competing against budgets >$100mm
  8. became the #2 bestseller
  9. [and, consequently, made alot more $$]
  10. the $$ driven campaigns focused on
  11. we focused on
  12. $0
  13. netted >1MM uploads
  14. 24 hrs
  15. ??
  16. “ Half the money I spend on ” advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half. John Wanamaker
  17. when you use
  18. you can’t be quite sure who will receive your message like
  19. but when you
  20. you know exactly where you stand
  21. which is why
  22. when it comes to marketing
  23. whuffie is wiser
  24. lemme explain
  25. web 2.0
  26. Facebook = >180Million users Blogs = >115Million+ (+China’s 75M) MySpace = >110Million users Orkut = >75Million users Twitter = >15 Million
  27. Twitter = >24,000 followers (>1300 followed) Facebook = >2,500 friends Flickr = >1,200 friends l’il ole me
  28. scary
  29. newsflash: you can’t shut the internets down
  30. #FAIL
  31. but I was actually really curious about this...
  32. why were some companies being received with
  33. while others were being greeted with
  34. ?
  35. while I was pondering this I picked up a book by
  37. [cory doctorow]
  38. [boing boing]
  39. instead of $$
  40. whuffie
  41. =
  42. social capital
  43. =
  44. reputation
  45. connections (both strong and weak)
  46. influence
  47. access to resources/ talent/more connections
  48. favors added up (reciprocity)
  49. publicly known accomplishments
  50. levels of trust
  51. etc
  52. in cory’s future
  53. when you
  55. whuffie
  56. score
  57. high score
  58. =
  59. good reputation
  60. trustworthy
  61. listen to their advice
  62. you can also buy stuff with your whuffie
  64. but something sounded familiar to me
  65. it isn’t futuristic nor is it fictional
  66. it’s here and now
  67. it’s how we relate to one another
  68. online communities
  69. ping!
  70. Friended!
  71. ping! hmmm...don’t know him well enough to transfer trust...
  72. A. ask for more info B. ignore for now
  73. so if
  74. a quick
  76. would tell me
  77. he’s not interested in being my friend
  78. he wants value from me
  79. without providing me any value
  80. [reciprocity]
  81. if you want to become an influencer
  82. someone who is whuffie rich
  83. whose ideas spread
  84. who is well-loved
  85. you need to
  86. credibility
  87. it’s really as simple as that
  88. but there’s a catch
  89. didn’t happen overnight
  90. it required a different perspective
  91. alot of time and attention
  92. it won’t cost you very much $$
  93. and you’ll see results in real time
  94. it involves
  95. 5 key components to raising whuffie
  96. #1. turn that bullhorn around
  97. how marketing looked before the internet
  98. then came the competition
  99. got louder
  100. and louder
  101. led to
  102. main characteristic
  103. impersonal
  106. which is why
  107. people we trust
  108. if you are still
  109. you are totally missing
  111. if you want to
  113. sounds easy, but it isn’t
  114. focus on individuals
  115. understand the needs of a community
  116. that’s totally challenging
  117. but if you don’t listen...and then respond...the silence will
  118. smack down your whuffie
  119. just ask Dell computer
  121. “ DELL SUCKS. DELL LIES. Put that in your Google and ” smoke it Dell! Jeff Jarvis
  123. Dell turning the bullhorn around 1. Direct2Dell - blog where people could start talking to Dell about their experiences. 2. Instantly responding to fiascos (like the exploding laptop) 3. CES - blogger lounge with Michael Dell 4. Dell Idea Storm 5. Delivering on the ideas generated in the tool 6. rinse. repeat.
  124. DELL turned their whuffie deficit into a whuffie making machine, stopping their decline in sales and stopped their bad press.
  125. but if you want to really become
  126. #2. become part of the community you serve
  127. getting out
  128. the question is
  129. figure out
  130. who is it that you serve?
  131. what problem are you solving?
  132. for whom?
  133. knowing that makes it easier
  134. then join them!
  135. not as market research
  136. not as a voyeur
  137. not to sell anyone anything
  138. if you join a community with the wrong intentions
  139. authenticity matters
  140. what you need to figure out is
  141. learn from that
  142. integrate it into what you are offering
  143. lastly figure out
  144. why would they give a damn?
  145. seemingly infinite choice
  146. what is the difference between
  147. you need to be remarkable
  148. because then
  149. some people may even give a damn.
  150. and how does one achieve remarkability?
  151. #3. create amazing customer experiences
  152. when I say amazing
  153. I mean experiences that lead to
  157. and then you will
  158. this doesn’t need to be complicated
  159. 10 things you can do to create amazing experiences
  160. 1. The Dazzle is in the Details.
  161. moleskine
  162. 1. The Dazzle is in the Details. 2. Go Above and Beyond.
  163. TED conference
  164. 1. The Dazzle is in the Details. 2. Go Above and Beyond. 3. Appeal to Emotion.
  165. vosges
  166. 1. The Dazzle is in the Details. 2. Go Above and Beyond. 3. Appeal to Emotion. 4. Inject Fun into the Experience.
  167. flickr
  168. 1. The Dazzle is in the Details. 2. Go Above and Beyond. 3. Appeal to Emotion. 4. Inject Fun into the Experience. 5. Make Something Mundane Fashionable.
  169. method home products
  170. 6. Let People Personalize.
  171. moo cards
  172. 6. Let People Personalize. 7. Be Experimental.
  173. threadless
  174. 6. Let People Personalize. 7. Be Experimental. 8. Simplify.
  175. 37 signals
  176. 6. Let People Personalize. 7. Be Experimental. 8. Simplify. 9. Make Happiness Your Business Model: increase autonomy, competence and relatedness.
  178. 6. Let People Personalize. 7. Be Experimental. 8. Simplify. 9. Make Happiness Your Business Model: increase autonomy, competence and relatedness. 10.Be a Social Catalyst.
  180. #4. embrace the chaos
  181. controlling the message?
  182. heh
  184. I’s hard to embrace the chaos...
  185. long history
  186. of fear
  187. the fear mongers • corporate espionage • competition • security • litigation • bad-mouthers • mistrust
  188. it’s on their shoulders • Legal • Public Relations/Corporate Communications • IT
  189. understand the need for security
  190. but balance it with the need for openness
  191. there are many benefits to openness and transparency
  192. benefits of embracing the chaos • you’ll be better prepared for the unexpected • you’ll join in the conversation that is already happening and be welcomed for this move • it will bring in the opportunity for collaboration • it will make your ideas stronger • it will create supporters you didn’t know you had
  193. in the old days, you had one chance to get the message just right...
  194. today, you have multiple conversations and iterations to build that message with your customers and audience.
  195. Funny how we create our own rat traps in our success. Once we're 'there' we can no longer do the stuff that made us successful in the 1st place.
  196. ...or can we?
  197. we’re just one more step away from
  198. here is some food for thought
  199. while money is part of the
  200. market economy
  201. whuffie is part of the
  202. it acts kind of opposite
  203. the more you give away, the more whuffie you gain
  204. whuffie is only valuable when it circulates
  205. and as it circulates, it
  206. but we still need to make $$ to pay the rent
  207. so the question is...
  208. what can you give away that won’t leave you broke?
  209. #5. find your higher purpose.
  210. born out of passion?
  211. serving a need?
  212. fighting the good fight?
  213. maybe that stuff doesn’t interest you
  214. maybe you just want to
  215. does it mean that you will be whuffie poor?
  216. nah.
  217. you just have to find a way to give back to the community
  218. the more you give, the more that comes back
  219. 5 gifts to give that won’t leave you broke
  220. “nerd values” do well by doing good
  221. “...compared check-writing and volunteering to cutting the leaves and branches off a tree, where the heart of the business and its ability to impact the world positively is the tree itself.” Gary Hirshberg, CEO, Stonyfield Farms
  222. think customer-centrically
  223. not customer-centric • • You do everything you can to keep You have a long list of customer your customers on your website. relations policies. Any exception to those policies has to go up the chain of command for approval. • You measure number of visitors and time spent on your website as • whether you are successful. You need to create multiple instructional videos so that your customers will understand how to • When budgets get tightened, you use your product. make cutbacks in areas like customer service, marketing, • support staff and design. You demand social media strategies that win over the ‘influencers’ to blog or tweet about your product. • You are bothered by a customer describing your product in their own words that doesn’t match your brand.
  224. customer-centric • • You send customers to other Your customers are doing things websites. with your product you never dreamed and are posting videos. • You measure how many people refer • their friends to you as success. Influencers are adding you as friends on social networks. • You let people feed in their content • from other sites easily. You work with your competitors towards better customer experiences for all. • When budgets get tightened, you tighten operational costs. • You know you compete for your customers’ attention with everyone. • Your only customer service policy is to do right by the customer.
  225. help others go further
  226. spread love
  228. value something bigger
  229. • do well by doing good • think customer-centrically • help others go further • spread love • value something bigger
  230. whuffie
  231. will grow over time
  232. so combine all of the
  233. • turn the bullhorn around • become part of the community you serve • create amazing experiences • embrace the chaos • find your higher purpose
  234. you will raise whuffie
  235. whuffie rich
  236. =
  237. better word of mouth
  238. repeat sales
  239. customer loyalty
  240. =
  241. big, fat increase to your bottom line
  242. which will help you buy stuff
  244. which is why whuffie is the wiser way to go in any economy.
  245. end.
  246. In stores April 21! pre-order today!
  247. licensing:
  248. about those rockin’ images: • Many are from (totally cool site) • except as marked on the photo... • a screenshot of my friendwheel: http:// • and the logos & screengrabs I stole from all of the respective sites...
  249. some references • • Microformats: • OpenID: • Creative Commons: • BarCamp: • Coworking: • Ma.gnolia: • Friend Wheel: • Great internet stats: • Whuffie:
  250. Tara missrogue Hunt marketing lead, Intuit Partner Platform 415.694.1951 twitter: missrogue skype: tarahunt747