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Why Marketers Will Rule The World: Rise of the Marketing Technologist


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Social and digital have put extreme power in the hands of marketers, if only they'll learn how to wield it. With Gartner research predicting that by 2017 the CMO will spend more on technology that the CIO, marketers are entering a new era of big data, automation and the ability to drive business strategy by delivering real-time access to the voice of the customer, all thanks to the Internet. Is your team ready for the era of the Chief Marketing Technologist? In this session we'll talk about emerging tech trends in marketing and how savvy, forward-thinking leaders can serve up enormous business value and position themselves to take a seat at the big table.

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Why Marketers Will Rule The World: Rise of the Marketing Technologist

  1. 1. WHYMARKETERSWILL RULETHE WORLDMaggie Fox,Founder & CEO@maggiefox
  2. 2. AGENDAWhere we areWhere you’relosing outYour opportunitySkillsets and yourchanging teamWhere you wantto get to
  3. 3. WHERE WE ARECMO tenure has shifted from23 months in 2006 to 43 months in 2012
  4. 4. WHERE WE AREBy 2017, Gartner says CMOs will bespending more on tech than CIOs
  5. 5. WHERE YOU’RE LOSING OUT• 59% dont specify marketing technology• 45% dont recommend marketing technology• 46% dont select marketing technology• 15% DONT HAVE ANY SAY AT ALL
  6. 6. “I.T. IS EVERYWHERE”
  7. 7. WHERE YOU’RE LOSING OUT93% believe they Data-driven companiesare losing revenue +6% productivity
  8. 8. YOUR OPPORTUNITYBlending the art & science of marketing • Storytelling • Measurement
  9. 9. YOUR OPPORTUNITYThe “segment of one”Individual leverage Group leverage
  10. 10. OPTIMIZING MEDIA SPENDSimple relationships: at any scale+9% improvement in media effectiveness
  11. 11. PREDICTING AUTO RECALLSIdentifying relationshipsto predict product or performance failures.
  12. 12. TARGETING HABITSKnowing what a habit isand what it means when it changes
  13. 13. YOUR CHANGING TEAM Structured Unstructured data
  14. 14. YOUR CHANGING TEAMPeople and skillsets
  15. 15. THE WAY YOU WORK15% data capture20% data reporting65% data analysis
  16. 16. THE WAY YOU WORK65% data capture20% data reporting15% data analysis
  17. 17. WHERE YOU WANT TO GET TOWorking more closely with ITRobust measurement infrastructureCustom algorithms will be keyUnderstanding “action-based connections”
  19. 19. WHO WILL HELP YOU GET THERE?The Marketing Technologist
  20. 20. THANK-YOU WHY MARKETERS WILL RULE THE WORLD Maggie Fox, Founder & CEO @maggiefox
  21. 21. PHOTO CREDITSSLIDE 1 & 2: 8: 8: 9: A Neapolitan Storyteller by Pierre BoniroteSLIDE 10: The Syndics of the Amsterdam Drapers Guild, known as the ‘Sampling Officials’SLIDE 11: 12: 14: 15: 18: