INSPIREANDIGNITE:THE NEW WAVE OF VISUAL CONTENT CURATIONPresented by: Lindsay StanfordFeb 17, 2012                        ...
cu·rate/ˈ orit/         kyo͝Verb: Select, organize, and look after the items in (a collection or exhibition).             ...
Image: Tumblr
Image: instagram Blog
Image: Pinterest
What makesthem sopopular?             Image: Instagram Blog
Userexperienceis key             Image: L.Stanford
Clean &Simple     Image: Pinterest
SHARE        Image: iStock
Content     Image: Pinterest
Authentic   Image: Pinterest
Interesting         Image: Pinterest
Inspirational            Image: Pinterest
Image: tumblr
Image: Instagram blog
Image: Pinterest
The littlejewellerymakerthatcould.             Image:
Authentic  InterestingInspirational        Image:
Image: Instagram, Pinterest
Thank you      Image: Pinterest
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Social Media Group SMWTO: The New Wave of Visual Content Curation


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With less time and more content to sift through, new emerging visual curation platforms have taken off in a big way. Tapping into our desire for authentic and personal inspiration, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest have changed the way we explore and share content. Find out how brands get on board and ride the wave.

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  • Shiftin from copy heavy content to visual contentDiscuss popular curationplatforms what makes them popular? how brands can engage users through visual content.
  • Seeing a revolution in content too busy to consume, digest and share content.Visual assets are the easiest way to do this.3 popular platforms: Tumblr, Insragram and Pinterest.
  • Tumblr is a blogging platform moving from copy to visual contentThe quick facts on Tumblr: founded 2007 there are 44.3 million blogs with 40 million posts/day
  • IOS only app users to upload and share photos on social channels Founded 2010 has 13 million opened API cool executions, music videos and contests.
  • Pinterestis a social ‘Pin’ board categorized by users interests. Recipes, interior design ideas, fashion, etcFounded 2010. just passed11.7 million, making it the fastest growing site in history to break the 10 million user mark.
  • 3 main elements:User experience – accessibility, easy of useSharebility – integrate with other social platformsThe content itself, very personal, authentic and inspiring
  • Accessible – 2 thingsaccessible on various devicesincl mobile and tablets
  • 2 easy to use!The interfaces are simple in design and function.Uploading content is simple.platforms support multiple formats of imagery.
  • platforms integrate social channels allowingcomment, heart, like or repin/repost or reblog easily. Users can share multiple pieces of contenttime it would take them to read an average blog post.
  • CONTENT! not just King any more, it’s the Master of the Universe,especially on visual platforms.bombarded with so much content,only the strongest assets will practices about creating visual content
  • The content needs to feel authentic.Not pushy or marketing feel to it.Non-branded content works best.natural elementnot appear to be over produced.needs to resonateBe personal
  • Interesting copy - multiple points for the to absorb,visual content needs to provide same point in one simple, yet interesting imagespend less time viewing a visual content asset,interesting and share-worthy asset will go further to break through the masses.
  • most important attribute - inspiration.the more inspirational – the further they go.Cool recipes, creative DIY projects, gift ideas, travel destinations etc.People on platforms to escape reality and be inspired!
  • fashion industry embraced platformsusers a true brand experiencereal, authentic images and videos about the brand.Topshopuses tumblr to show real people wearing their collectionshas also integrated a subtle e-commerce element to their site.
  • Starbucks - photos of their beverages, but real people enjoying them.Virgin America uses instagram to show what the flying experience is with photos of luxury seats, meals, destinationsMarc Jacobs really likes to have fun, they are notorious for posting silly photo shoot out takes and behind the scenes fashion show pics for users to get a real human sense of the brand.
  • Whole Foods for instance has over 11 thousand followers.Also frequently re-pins other users’ pins,embracing the social-sharing aspect of PinterestEtsyseems like a natural fit for Pinterest.In January, Etsy added Pinterest’s Pin It button on Etsy listing pages,alongside the Tweet and Like buttons.
  • Friend Corrine, jewellery line name Biko.She started her line in 2005, with word-of-mouth2009 she started a blog her collections were sold out in the city and she had international
  • She blogged about trips to discover and pick up new materials, events and shows she was attending, new pieces and lines she was creatingShe also started to get press in fashion publicationsin 2010 her jewellery was featured in the film Ready to Fly
  • Corrine embraces all the success that social medialaunched a BikoInstagram account, which of course I follow and heart daily. She gives her followersbehind the scenes glimpses of her in creative action, at events, sneak peeks of new pieces and things that inspire her.She is also receiving massive engagement from followers on Pinterest.
  • SummaryBrands – authentic, inspiring interesting Creating visual content
  • Social Media Group SMWTO: The New Wave of Visual Content Curation

    1. 1. INSPIREANDIGNITE:THE NEW WAVE OF VISUAL CONTENT CURATIONPresented by: Lindsay StanfordFeb 17, 2012 Image: Pinterest
    2. 2. cu·rate/ˈ orit/ kyo͝Verb: Select, organize, and look after the items in (a collection or exhibition). Image: Pinterest
    3. 3. Image: Tumblr
    4. 4. Image: instagram Blog
    5. 5. Image: Pinterest
    6. 6. What makesthem sopopular? Image: Instagram Blog
    7. 7. Userexperienceis key Image: L.Stanford
    8. 8. Clean &Simple Image: Pinterest
    9. 9. SHARE Image: iStock
    10. 10. Content Image: Pinterest
    11. 11. Authentic Image: Pinterest
    12. 12. Interesting Image: Pinterest
    13. 13. Inspirational Image: Pinterest
    14. 14. Image: tumblr
    15. 15. Image: Instagram blog
    16. 16. Image: Pinterest
    17. 17. The littlejewellerymakerthatcould. Image:
    18. 18. Authentic InterestingInspirational Image:
    19. 19. Image: Instagram, Pinterest
    20. 20. Thank you Image: Pinterest
    21. 21. Thank you to ourSponsors and Partners