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Strategies And Technologies To Build And Measure Business Success By Paul Roetzer


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From the MarTech Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, August 19-20, 2014. SESSION: The Marketing Performance Blueprint PRESENTATION: Strategies And Technologies To Build And Measure Business Success Given By Paul Roetzer, @PaulRoetzer - CEO, PR20/20. #MARTECH

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Strategies And Technologies To Build And Measure Business Success By Paul Roetzer

  1. 1. by paul roetzer (@paulroetzer) the marketing performance blueprint strategies and technologies to build and measure business success aug 19, 2014#MarTech
  2. 2. what’s  possible  when     the  art  and  science  of  marke3ng  collide?
  3. 3. of  marketers  think  marke3ng  has   changed  more  in  the  past  two   years  than  the  past  50   ! source:  Adobe  Digital  Distress 76% @paulroetzer
  4. 4. the  consumer  is  the  true  change  catalyst @paulroetzer
  5. 5. 90% of  daily  media  interac2ons   are  screen  based source:  Google,  The  New  Mul3-­‐Screen  World @paulroetzer
  6. 6. B2B  buyers  may  be     up  to  90%  through  their  journey     before  contac3ng  a  vendor.   ! source:  Forrester image:  Jayneandd
  7. 7. Source:  Google Every  trackable  consumer  ac3on  creates  a  data  point,  and   every  data  point  tells  a  piece  of  the  customer's  story @paulroetzer
  8. 8. Source: the  customer  journey  does  not  follow   a  linear  path  defined  by  marketers @paulroetzer
  9. 9. Define  Founda3on  Projects blog  posts   podcasts   website   video   email   webinars   mobile  apps tailored  marke3ng   through  a  deep   understanding  of   buyer  persona  needs   +  the  ability  to   deliver  personalized   messages Image:  HubSpot we  have  entered  the  age     content,  context  and  the  customer  experience @paulroetzer
  10. 10. Define  Founda3on  Projects create  more  value,  for  more  people,  more  o>en,     so  when  it’s  3me  to  choose,     they  choose  you new marketing imperative
  11. 11. what’s  holding  businesses  back  from   achieving  performance  poten2al?
  12. 12. obstacles  to  digital  marke2ng  transforma2on
  13. 13. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% short-term impact proven long-term impact proven 29% 36% just  36%  of  CMOs  have  quan2ta2vely  proven   the  short-­‐term  impact  of  marke3ng  spend.     that  figure  drops  to  29%  when     demonstra3ng  long-­‐term  impact. source:  2014  CMO  Survey @paulroetzer
  14. 14. on  average,  marketers  depend  on  data  for   just  11%  of  customer-­‐related  decisions.   ! source:  CEB     @paulroetzer
  15. 15. B2B  marketers  say  just  9%  of  CEOs  and  6%  of  CFOs  use   marke3ng  data  to  help  set  corporate  direc3on.       source:  ITSMA,  VisionEdge  and  Forrester @paulroetzer
  16. 16. “78  %  of  execu3ves  and  managers  indicated  that  digital   transforma3on  will  be  cri3cal  to  their  organiza3ons  within   the  next  two  years,  yet  63%  felt  the  pace  of  change  in  their   organiza2ons  was  too  slow.  The  most  frequently  cited   obstacle  was  “lack  of  urgency.” —MIT  Sloan  Management  Review  and  Capgemini  Consul3ng @paulroetzer
  17. 17. success  is  one  of  the  greatest   impediments  to  progress @paulroetzer
  18. 18. image:  Xurxo  Marfnez talent  gap  +  tech  gap  +  strategy  gap  =  PERFORMANCE  gap @paulroetzer
  19. 19. there  has  never  been  a  beher  3me     to be a marketer @paulroetzer
  20. 20. marke2ng  talent
  21. 21. “I  was  a  classically  trained  marketer     who  had  cut  my  teeth  at  Procter  &  Gamble,     nego3ated  mul3-­‐million  dollar  deals  with  the  NFL,     and  received  an  MBA  at  Harvard  Business  School.       “I  was  a  fossil  –  a  senior  marke0ng  execu0ve     who  was  doomed  to  ex0nc0on.”   ! —  Anita  Newton,  VP  of  corporate  marke3ng,  Adknowledge @paulroetzer
  22. 22. of  marketers  say  their     lack  of  skills  is  impac3ng   revenue  in  some  way   ! source:  2012  Marke3ng  Skills  Gap  Report 75% @paulroetzer
  23. 23. of  companies  lack  necessary   digital  skills  in  key  areas  of  social   media,  mobile,  internal  social   networks,  process  automa3on,   and  performance  monitoring  and   analysis.   ! source:  Capgemini  Consul3ng 90% @paulroetzer
  24. 24. a  talent  war  has  begun for  tech-­‐savvy,  hybrid  marketers
  25. 25. capable  of  building,  managing  and  execu0ng   fully  integrated  campaigns  that  produce  results
  26. 26. agile,  adept  at  advanced   marke2ng  tech,  and   experts  in  inbound   strategy
  27. 27. how  do  we     find  the  unicorns? @paulroetzer
  28. 28. only  1  of  the  top  10     marke3ng  programs  in  the  U.S.     has  a  required  undergraduate     digital  marke2ng  course source:  U.S.  News  &  World  Reportimage:  IUB  Facebook
  29. 29. “Clearly  an  imbalance  exists  between  skills  taught  in   classrooms  and  the  skills  sought  in  the  marketplace—and   this  imbalance  is  only  accelera2ng  by  the  rapid  pace  of   change  in  technology  and  product  innova3on  .  .  .”   ! —  Rand  Schulman,  execu3ve-­‐in-­‐residence  for  new  media/mkt,  U.  of  the  Pacific
  30. 30. “Right  now,  the  university  system  is  structured  and  rewarded   for  stability,  with  an  emphasis  on  long-­‐term  research.”  This   system,  he  notes,  works  very  well  for  disciplines  such  as   English  literature,  finance,  and  accoun3ng—but  fails  in  the   rapidly  evolving    fields  of  marke3ng,  adver3sing,  public   rela3ons,  and  marke3ng  communica3ons.   ! !—  Mark  Schaefer,  marke3ng  author,  business  consultant,  adjunct  professor
  31. 31. businesses  must  take  the  ini2a2ve  to     mold  their  own  modern marketers @paulroetzer
  32. 32. assess  strengths  and  weaknesses source:  PR  20/20’s  Marke3ng  Score@paulroetzer
  33. 33. take  a  scien2fic  approach  to  recrui3ng @paulroetzer
  34. 34. construct  an  internal  marke2ng  academy
  35. 35. only  28%  of  large  enterprises  plan  to  introduce  formal   training  programs  to  improve  digital  marke3ng  skills.       source:  Online  Marke3ng  Ins3tute
  36. 36. only  4%  of  companies  ensured  their  training  efforts     were  aligned  with  overall  digital  strategy.       source:  Capgemini  Consul3ng
  37. 37. the  opportunity  exists  to     create a competitive advantage through  talent @paulroetzer
  38. 38. source:  Accenture’s  Turbulence  for  the  CMO the  marke3ng  industry  is  moving  too  fast     to  internalize  everything
  39. 39. Donovan  Neale-­‐May,     Execu3ve  Director,  CMO  Council “There’s  an  underlying   level  of  frustra2on  among   senior  corporate  marketers   worldwide  when  it  comes   to  agency  contribu2ons  to   business  value  crea3on,   strategic  thinking,  and   digital  marke3ng   development.”   source:  CMO  Council  (2012)
  40. 40. work  with  agency  partners  that     care  as  much  about     performance  and  success     as  you  do @paulroetzer
  41. 41. marke2ng  technology
  42. 42. ExactTarget  IPO  (Mar  '12) Eloqua  IPO  (Aug  '12) ExactTarget  buys  Pardot  (Oct  '12) HubSpot  raises  (Nov  '12) Oracle  buys  Eloqua  (Dec  '12) Marketo  IPO  (May  '13) SF  buys  ExactTarget  (Jun  '13) 0 5 10 15 20 25 $161.5M $92  M $95.5M $100  M $871  M $79  M $2.5  B venture  funding,  mergers,  acquisi3ons  and  IPOs   fuel  the  martech  industry   @paulroetzer
  43. 43. Sec>on  7  Q:  How  would  you  rate  your  organiza>on’s   u>liza>on  of  these  marke>ng  and  sales  technology  solu>ons? many  organiza3ons  lack,  or  are  underu3lizing,   fundamental  marke2ng  technologies Content  management  system  (CMS) Project  management Search  engine  op3miza3on  (SEO) Customer  rela3onship  management  (CRM) Social  media  monitoring/management Email  marke3ng Marke3ng  analy3cs Marke3ng  automa3on/lead  nurturing Internal  social  network Call  tracking 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2.2 2.9 3.7 4.5 4.7 4.8 4.8 5.3 5.3 5.4 Average Factor Rating (0-10 Scale) Source:  PR  20/20  |  2014  Marke3ng  Score  Report n=318 Assets (8-10) Neutrals (6-7) Liabilities (0-5)
  44. 44. CRM  integra3on  =  $15,000     $15/month @paulroetzer
  45. 45. marke2ng  strategy
  46. 46. analy3cs   automa3on   coding   content   digital  ads   email   mobile   public  rela3ons   search   social   tech   web source: Altimeter’s The Converged Media Imperative the  new  marke2ng  mix @paulroetzer
  47. 47. @paulroetzer
  48. 48. generate  leads 86% 85% convert  sales build  brand 46% 51% increase  loyalty brand leads sales loyalty Source:  PR  20/20’s  2014  Marke>ng  Score  Report high-­‐priority  goals
  49. 49. cri2cal  KPIs website  traffic   social  reach     subscribers lead  volume   lead  quality  score lead-­‐to-­‐sale  conversion  rates   cost  of  customer  acquisi2on  (COCA) customer  life2me  value  (CLV)   customer  reten2on  rates   recurring  revenue brand leads sales loyalty @paulroetzer
  50. 50. builder  campaigns blogging   martech  stack   media  rela2ons   search  engine  op2miza2on   social  engagement   website @paulroetzer
  51. 51. driver  campaigns lead  nurturing   original  research  reports   persona-­‐based  lead  gen   referrals   retarge2ng  ads   website  conversion  op2miza2on source:  Pedro  Moura  Pinheiro @paulroetzer
  52. 52. high  performers  connect  ac3ons  to  outcomes Campaign Status Goal  Type Primary  KPI Goal  Value Projects Secondary  KPIs Blogging Brand Visits 5,000/month Blog  posts  (4/month) Subscribers,  blog  pageviews,   comments Case  Studies Brand Pageviews 100/month IT  case  study,  communica3ons   case  study Conversion  assists Online  Resource  Center Brand Pageviews 500/month Videos,  white  papers,   webinars,  ebooks,  placements Downloads,  views Monthly  Email  Newsle`er Brand Referring  visits 100/month Internal  Network  News Open  rates,  clicks,  #  sent IT  Persona  Lead  Gen Leads Downloads 1,000 eBook,  blog  post,  webinar,   email  workflow Media  placements,   pageviews,  registrants,   leads,  prospects/SQLs Agency  Program  Lead  Gen Leads Downloads 250 eBook,  blog  post,  webinar,   email  workflow Pageviews,  social  shares,   leads,  prospects/SQLs Lead  Nurturing  Workflows Sales Free  trial   registra3ons 150/month List  segmenta3on,  lead-­‐ scoring,  persona  automated   workflows Open  rates,  clicks,  #  sent,   SQLs Customer  Referrals Loyalty Referrals 5/month Email  marke3ng,  list   management Contract  renewals sample  campaign  center @paulroetzer
  53. 53. Source:  HubSpot high  performers  connect  ac3ons  to  outcomes @paulroetzer
  54. 54. “The  ability  to  create  algorithms  that  imitate,   be`er,  and  eventually  replace  humans  is  the   paramount  skill  of  the  next  one  hundred   years.  As  the  people  who  can  do  this  mul3ply,   jobs  will  disappear,  lives  will  change,  and   industries  will  be  reborn.”     ! —  Christopher  Steiner,  Automate  This
  55. 55. poten2al  to  disrupt  +  reward  for  disrup3on
  56. 56. a  case  study  in  the     convergence of talent, tech and strategy @paulroetzer
  57. 57. data  >  intelligence  >  ac2on  >  outcomes make-­‐shiR  solu>on   to  connect  strategy   and  performance @paulroetzer
  58. 58. strategy project  management automa2on   (cms,  email,  seo,  social) crm analy2cs scorecard current  marke2ng  management  system
  59. 59. what if there  was  a  marke2ng  strategy  and   management  system  that  enabled  dynamic   performance-­‐driven  campaigns  and  resource   alloca3on  (talent,  budgets,  3me)? data  >  intelligence  >  ac2on  >  outcomes @paulroetzer
  60. 60. app  builder  tool
  61. 61. custom  fields ac2vity  stream
  62. 62. advanced  (and  intui3ve)  repor2ng
  63. 63. employee  performance  management
  64. 64. intelligent  (and  eventually  automated)  strategy     based  on  goals  and  historical  performance
  65. 65. so,  what’s  possible? @paulroetzer
  66. 66. “Marketing is now, as it has always been, an art form. But the next generation of marketers understands it can be so much more. These innovators are rewriting what is possible when the art and science of marketing collide.” paul roetzer (@paulroetzer) aug. 19, 2014#MarTech