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Luis Garza - Changing the way people find experts at CEMEX


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In the last three years CEMEX has generated large amounts of knowledge by using communities in their Shift communities based on Connections. CEMEX now needed to take advantage of the content in Shift communities to:
Identify expertise topics and “hidden” experts, develop new experts and drive value creation through knowledge sharing. Together with IBM Research, they developed a functionality called “Expediting Expertise” with the objective of providing an expertise model where information is analyzed automatically, content is organized in relevant topics and personalized action plans are created.
Other projects are also being developed with IBM partners as we speak in CEMEX, in order to leverage the use of the Activity Stream and to display community information in an organized manner, depending on the development of those tracks until the day of the event, those topics could also be gladly shared during the case study session.

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Luis Garza - Changing the way people find experts at CEMEX

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