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  2. 2. PROBLEM STATEMENT Stakeholder , a very enthusiastic , degree holding professional, needs to first accept the working environment and to change her way of analyzing the challenges in her day to day work and life. Because she right now feels insecure and cautious.
  3. 3. POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS • Students need to be trained in school itself about work place. • Students need to know about the work culture. • They must be trained to work with professionals in school life itself. • They need to be taught how to mingle with people. • There must be group activities in school wherein students will learn how to work in groups. • Communication skills in a work place is very important, so students must be trained to this. • Students must accept the change. • People must be free to express their feelings in a work place.
  4. 4. • Work place arrangement also influences a persons feelings. It shouldn’t be too formal. • People should be a bit informal so that the fresher's can be more comfortable. • They must be given space in every aspect to express their opinion. • People should be made to interact with higher officials every day, this increases the bonding. • In the first few months, the newly joined people must be grouped depending on their similarities in behavior, so that they feel homely. • Many clubs must be organized, so that this will divert them from he pressure and transition period so that they get used to work. • People must be put in the area of their interest , so that they don’t feel low. • The peer group around the newly joined people must be encouraging and enthusiastic. This makes the working environment healthier.
  5. 5. • Counseling must be done I every workplace for the first few months at least. • It may be difficult for students to accept the responsibility, so they must be trained in school itself. • The education offered to students must be applicable to real world. • Many people don’t understand what to do with their salary. They must be given prior advices of how to manage. • Students in school are taught about what are taxes but not told how to pay it. All this must be taken care of so that they don’t feel out of place when they need to do these. • Work place culture should be encouraging and interactive. • Every day , there must be some cultural activity so that they don’t feel the pressure.
  6. 6. • Sports competitions and other programs like yoga classes must be organized, so that people get diverted and this helps them to concentrate on work. • Insecurity is another difficulty faced by people. They must be assured for job at least for two years. • They must be encouraged by giving them bonus , so that they feel good. • They may feel lonely if they are alone in a cabin. This cabin system should be changed. • There must be time allotted for people to talk about common social where abouts, so that they may get comfortable. • They must be provided with flexible rules and regulations , so that they feel very comfortable. • The workplace should be spacious and colorful. This makes it much healthier environment.
  7. 7. • People’s mind set about work should change. They should work whole heartedly. • They must tune themselves to any situation. • They should try not to react but to search for solutions. • They should feel free to express their opinions rather than to keep it to themselves. • They must let their hands dirty when needed to help them come out of school to work transition. • They should think positively in any situation. This can achieved by attending counseling • They should interact with people around them to get used to the working environment. • They should look at every situation as an opportunity to reveal their talent.
  8. 8. • First, people should understand that work is not as simple as they think. • People have a strong feeling that they work for money. This makes them cautious sometimes, so this must change. • The main thing is that most of the fresher's start judging people just by looking at them and this must change. • The working environment must be transparent and people must be judged based on the quality of work rather than quantity. This reduces the fear in people. • Many informal meetings must be arranged so that people get to know each other. This makes the school to work transition much simpler. • Students in school must be taught how to react in practical situations and how to handle them. They must be subjected to different situations and explain them how they must react. • Weekend off scheme must be encouraged. This helps them to meet up their relatives , friends etc which helps them feel good.
  9. 9. • The new employees must be taken for training in outdoors so that informal interaction will be encouraged. • The misunderstanding that higher officials are very rude must be removed from the newly joined employees. • Always they must be encouraged to work as a team so that they don’t feel lonely. • People must be encouraged to work on new projects and they must be given full responsibility so that they give their best. • Students must be technically strong in their field of work , so that their confidence level increases.
  10. 10. CONCLUSION:
  11. 11. Thank you!!!