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Screenshots of edits 2


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Screenshots of edits 2

  1. 1. For this image, I used the smart sharpen tool and significantly increased the quality of the image butalso gave it an outline to add effect, I also increased the contrast on the adjustments setting.For this image, I changed the colour balance to make it stand out a bit more and fit the image better. Iincreased the amount of red, green and yellow. I also decreased the brightness slightly and sharpened theimage.
  2. 2. #For this image, I significantly increased the contrast of the image as well as smart sharpening it toincrease the quality a great amount, I also slightly increased the brightness and changed the colourbalance a little bit.The main adjustment to this image was using the black and white effect. I also used smart sharpento improve the quality.
  3. 3. For this image I also used the colour balance adjustment but made the colour more yellow to makeit stand out a bit more and suit the photo better.