Magazine design evaluation


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Magazine design evaluation

  1. 1. Research I conducted for my magazine covers was mainlyquestionnaires. I created a questionnaire which I gave to 20people asking questions such as what their favourite existingmusic magazines are and what they like to see in a magazine.I used this information to help choose to what to include. Irealised that the people I asked generally preferredelectronic music which made me decide to make it anelectronic magazine, also it showed me that people’sfavourite feature of a magazine is interviews, so I chose toinclude some interviews.These are the results tothe questionnaires Ihanded out, thisinformation helped mechoose to what toinclude in themagazine.
  2. 2. For product research I completed a task where I looked atdifferent magazine covers and compared them. I looked atindividual features such asmastheads, logos, coverlines, main images etc. I thendescribed what these features do and what is unique aboutthem on that specific magazine cover. I did this for twomagazines and them compared the two which showed methat two of the most popular magazines (mixmag and NME)had lots of similar features so I knew I had to include them. Ialso analysed two contents pages and looked at a few of thefeatures which showed me the general gist of how a contentspage worked, I then compared the two which again showedme what I should include.
  3. 3. This is the logo design I created for my magazine cover, Iused a website called dafont to create this where I also madethree other designs and in the end I chose this one.These are the other three logo designs I created. I chose the first logodesign because it was the first one I chose so it obviously stood out tome the most. Also my magazine is an electronic magazine and thatparticular looks like something that you would see in an electronicmagazine because of the style of it. Overall I feel it is the mostpowerful design and the best choice for my magazine.
  4. 4. These are the images I took and edited for my magazine. I usedPhotoshop to edit these images and used features such assharpening, colour balance, increasing brightness and black andwhite in order to make the images stand out more and fit thetheme of the magazine. In the end I used three of these images formy magazine. I think they worked well because it stood out withthe colour theme of the magazine and looked more powerful thanthe image before it was edited.
  5. 5. This is my magazine cover that I created usingPhotoshop. I had already created a rough drafttemplate as to how I was going to layout mycover but I strayed away from it a bit in the finaldesign. I started by putting the image on therethat I had edited and made it the right size andtried to fit the text around it. I then created alight grey background to work. I put the logodesign in at the top and then begin to add titlesand more text. Whilst adding the text I stuck toa colour theme of red and white, usuallyalternating between the two colours but in somecases the theme was broken. After adding all thenecessary text, I added in a barcode and tidiedeverything up, then exported it as a JPEG. I wasvery happy with my magazine cover design, Ithink it looks fairly professional and somewhatlike a real magazine cover and I think the colourtheme worked well and the image standsout, making it quite a powerful cover. I think themain weakness is that it can be quite difficult toread the white text on that background but ifit’s a big image then it’s not too big a problem.
  6. 6. This is the contents page I created for mymagazine, again on Photoshop. I started with thesame colour background as the magazine cover andput the edited image in first in order to establishthe text area. I then put the title in and beganworking from there. I had to look at severalexisting contents pages for this because it wasquite difficult to get the layout correct. I thenstarted adding text, again using the red/whitetheme but the main parts of the text were redbecause the text was quite small and would bedifficult to read. I looked at existing contentspages to help me see what sort of articles areincluded in these magazines. Overall I like thecontents page because it looks fairly professionaland the colour theme worked very well. I think thetext I included was good and made it seem morelike an official music magazine. I think the imageworked quite well and I was able to fit everythingaround it and use all the space, I was very pleasedwith the layout. There’s not much I would changeabout it if I was to do it again, I would probablytidy it up a bit more and maybe slightly change thecolour of the background.
  7. 7. This is the double page spread I created for my magazine, I made this onPhotoshop but used a template unlike on the front cover and contents page. Istarted by putting in the same background as the other two pages and thenputting the edited image onto the second page. Then I inserted the title of thearticle in, following the colour scheme of the cover/contents page. I theninserted the text from the 1000 world article I completed earlier on which wasquite a struggle to fit in but in the end I was able to fit in all 8 questions. I waspleased with my double page spread because again it looks professional butlooks neat and has followed the colour scheme, the image worked well andthere is a sufficient amount of text. The only weakness was that some of thetext was quite squashed and can be quite difficult to read but it was quitedifficult to fit it all in because there was lots of it.
  8. 8. I asked 10 students what they like and dislike about my magazine cover, double pagespread and contents page. Here is what they had to say:1. ‘I thought all the pages were good and followed a good colour scheme, in somecases the text was difficult to read.’2. ‘I like the front cover and contents page but the double page spread was quitedifficult to read’3. ‘I thought all three of the pages were very good and looked very professional andlike real magazines.’4. ‘I thought they all looked good but thought the text was quite difficult to read insome places’5. ‘I like the red and white colour scheme, it looked very professional’6. ‘I think the images worked very well with the magazine but some parts wereslightly untidy’7. ‘I think they looked like real magazine covers, the layout was very good.’8. ‘I didn’t really like the double page spread because the writing was too squashedbut the other two pages looked very good’9. ‘I liked the layout and the colour scheme, looked very professional’10. ‘I thought they all looked very good and professional but the writing was difficult toread because of the colour’I think the feedback was mainly positive but people said that the text was quitedifficult to read which was the main problem I think. Most people said that the layoutlooked good and the colour scheme and also said it looks quite professional. Thisfeedback will certainly help me out if I want to improve my covers or if I do somethingsimilar in the future
  9. 9. I think overall the project went very well, during research Ithought it would be quite difficult but in the end it wasn’ttoo hard. I think the end product looks very good. I think thelayout was good, it strayed away from how I’d planned to doit but I prefer it this way, I think it looks quite professional. Ilike the colour scheme of red and white and think I stuck toit very well, it is quite common in popular magazines whichmakes it look more like a real magazine. I think the imagesworked well, I edited them well and fit them in and theystand out and make the pages more powerful. I do think theoverall design looks quite professional and looks somewhatlike a real magazine, I was very pleased with the endproduct.
  10. 10. I think the main weaknesses of the project was with thetext, in some places where the text was white it was quitedifficult to read it on the grey background. Also on thedouble page spread the red text was quite squashed becauseof how difficult it was to fit in. If I was to do the projectagain I would maybe make the background a bit darker so thewhite text is clearer but I would leave the red/white colourbecause it was quite successful. I would also make a fewchanges to the double page spread in order to make the textless squashed. I would also just tidy it up a little bit morebecause a few people said it a bit untidy in places. If I was tomake a second issue there isn’t much I would change but Iwould change the issues stated above and maybe just usedifferent style of images just to make it look a bit different.Overall I don’t think there were too many weaknesses but Ihave been able to notice there main weaknesses of themagazine covers.