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  1. 1. Photo Shoot Review(you are creative visual people…make this power point look moreinteresting!Unit 57: Photography andPhotographic PracticeTask 4 Selection of final images &review
  2. 2. Aim of ShootWhen I was taking thesephotographs, I was trying tocapture the surroundings andshow as much as I can in thephotos. I tried to show that I cancapture the colour of a rurallandscape in a photograph. WhenI edited the photos I tried to makethe colour stand out more. In eachof the photos there is a wide rangeof different due to the nature of thelandscape and it includes thingssuch as grass, trees, water, plantsetc.
  3. 3. Description of shootWhen I was setting up this image, I tookinto account the tree to make the rest ofthe image stand out, I also took it intoaccount where abouts the sun was andanything that could of interfered with theimage. It was in a field near to college andwas taken in the winter in the afternoon asthe sun was beginning to set, allowing meto get the best photo possible. I think theimage looks good because the sun was ina great place and the overall look of thephoto is good, nothing interfered with thephoto and I think it captures the landscapewell. This image was not changed from myoriginal plan and went exactly as planned.
  4. 4. Contact Sheet
  5. 5. Selection of unedited images
  6. 6. Editing effectsFor this photograph, I increased thecontrast by 52 to make the image lookbetter quality. I also used the sharpen toolto improve the overall quality and usedadjustments such as colour balance tomake the water more blue and clear.
  7. 7. Final ImagesI think the strengths of this photoincludes thing such as the compositionwhich went well as well as the use ofrule of thirds. The editing was goodbecause I managed to get a verygood colour to the image and I suitsthe tone very well. I think theweaknesses are that the grass looks abit blurry and the colour looks a bitblotchy in some places but apart fromthat I think the image looks very good.
  8. 8. Editing effectsFor this image, I mainly adjusted thecolour. I used the colour balanceadjustment and adjusted the colour toincrease the amount of red, magenta andyellow. I also cut a bit of the original photoso that the tree was on the very left of thephoto. I also used the sharpen filter toincrease the quality of the photo.
  9. 9. Final ImagesOverall I am very happy with thisimage, I think the composition is verygood and is exactly how I waned itand other elements such as depth offield and rule of thirds were all usedwell. The colour is very good and itmakes the photo look very good. Ithink the only weaknesses are that abit of tree is missing that was in theoriginal image and the grass looks abit blurry in places.
  10. 10. Capture log• Setting - Auto• Shutter Speed - 1/60 s• Aperture – f/2• ISO - 200
  11. 11. Editing effectsFor this image, I used the smart sharpenfilter to improve the quality of the image. Iused smart sharpen which allows you tochoose how much you want to sharpenthe image. I sharpened it 85% with aradius of 3.8. Also I used colour balance togive it a more blue tint, also I increasedthe contrast by 50% to increase how finethe image is.
  12. 12. Final ImagesI think this image is very strong, I gotthe composition how I wanted italthough I would’ve preferred it if I’dgone lower down to take the picture. Ialso like the overall colour of the photoand think it is without a doubt one ofmy strongest final images. The onlyreal weakness is in the compositionwhere I said I would’ve gone lower tomake the image look slightly but asidefrom that it is a very good photo.
  13. 13. Capture log• Setting - Auto• Shutter Speed - 1/60 s• Aperture – f/2• ISO - 200
  14. 14. Editing effectsFor this image, I edited the colour balancesignificantly increasing the amount of blue toget the colour I wanted, I also slightlyincreased the amount of magenta. I alsoreduced the brightness and increased thecontrast to get a dark look to the photo
  15. 15. Final Images• Paste the final images here anddiscuss their strengths /weaknesses e.g. say why you likedthem / why you chose them• Mention focus, depth of field, ruleof thirds, composition,I think that this image went exactly toplan, the main priority was the darkcolour theme, things such as theblue and magenta. Thecomposition went very well andeverything was in a good placeand things such as depth of fieldand rule of thirds all went well. Theonly weaknesses is that it might bea little bit too dark and also that thedistant parts of the image are alittle bit blurry. Overall I think theimage is very strong.
  16. 16. Capture log• Setting - Auto• Shutter Speed - 1/60 s• Aperture – f/2• ISO - 200
  17. 17. Editing effectsWhen I edited this photograph, the mainadjustment I used was increasing thebrightness of the image on theadjustments menu, I increased it to +44but left the contrast the same. I also editedthe colour balance to make it look moregreen.
  18. 18. Final ImagesThis image isn’t one of my favouritesbecause it is a bit bland but I still likeelements such as the composition andthe colour, I was going for a green lookand it’s been a good turn out. The mainweakness is that it’s too bright, the righthand side of the photo is very brightand looks a bit silly. Apart from that it isa quite a strong image.
  19. 19. Capture log• Setting - Auto• Shutter Speed - 1/60 s• Aperture – f/2• ISO - 200
  20. 20. Rejected ImagesI rejected these images because I thoughtthey quite bland, they did not show what Iwanted to achieve with the shoot. Also thecomposition for them was quite poor and Ialready had some similar images thatwere better than these. I took these andafter sorting through I decided I did notwant to use them, there were a few moreimages quite similar that I rejected for thesame reasons.
  21. 21. Aims for next projectThis shoot has taught me a lot about the basic functions of a good camera such as the ISO,depth of field, rule of thirds etc and learnt how to use them in a photo-shoot. It also taught mehow to setup a composition to get the photos to the best that can be done. I also learnt a lotmore editing techniques on Photoshop and how to improve the overall quality of photographs.Next time I will take more images that I actually want to edit and get a wider range of pictures.I would change some of the pictures I took as well in terms of composition because some ofthem didn’t go quite right. Overall though I am very pleased with the shoot and I have learnt alot from this.