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Jo power point photoshoped landscape


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Jo power point photoshoped landscape

  1. 1. pictures
  2. 2. Here I have put thebrightness down and thecontrast up and alsoturned into black andwhite . To create a coldvibrant look.
  3. 3. I have chosen tochange theexposure and offsetslightly to give a darklook to the street
  4. 4. I chose to alterthe colour of thispicture to createa completelydifferent image Ichanged hueand coloursaturation.
  5. 5. I used desaturationwith this pictureand adjusted thebrightness slightly
  6. 6. I heightenedthe thresh holdgiving it astrange blackand white look
  7. 7. I raised the photo filter tocreate a warm look.
  8. 8. I chose to playaround with the hdrtoning to give it tisstrange slightlysaturated look.
  9. 9. I raised the curvesto allow more lightexposure and theninverted it to give itthis florescent darklook.
  10. 10. Here I have used thematch colour tool tomake the picturebrighter and bringout more colour Iraise the luminanceand colour intensityup to 200 to make itlook more appealing.
  11. 11. Here I also changed thethreshold as it really madthis picture stand out itgive the trees a really irelook an it is quite eyecatching
  12. 12. I really like this photoand only changed theshadows and highlightsto give It this really coollook
  13. 13. Tis image hasgone for doomand gloom tobright andpleasant bythe adjustmentof thebrightness andconrast
  14. 14. I really love thisadjustment which isgradient map It reallybrings the photo o lifeand is easy to use
  15. 15. Invert is bold andeye catchingmakes you looktwice at theimage