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Iron man 3 article


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Iron man 3 article

  1. 1. Iron Man 3 ArticleIron Man 3 is the latest and potentially final instalment in Marvel’s Iron Man trilogy. The filmtakes place after the events of Marvel’s crossover film The Avengers and sees Tony Starkscarred by the events. A terrorist called the Mandarin threatens the country with attacks,forcing Tony Stark to respond saying he isn’t afraid of the Mandarin, eventually theMandarin destroys Tony’s home and he accidentally sets a course for Tennessee and he ispresumed dead. Whilst Tony is there, he befriends a young child and also learns of a threatcalled Extremis which has been the cause of the Mandarin’s attacks. He must find a way toreturn home and protect Pepper from the Mandarin as well as rescuing the President fromhim. He eventually finds the Mandarin who is revealed to be an actor portraying theMandarin, he finds that the real Mandarin is Aldrich Killian, a scientist who he embarrassedat a party 1999.The main target audience for super hero filmswould be children but recently, Marvel havemodernised their and changed the plots to expand their audience to teenagers and youngadults. I would say the average audience age for Iron Man 3 would be about 13-25. Also,some of the audience would come from parents (mainly dad’s) with young children who aretaking them to the cinema to see Iron Man 3. Obviously the film would be targeted more formales but could also appeal to females through some elements, for example GwynethPaltrow’s character Pepper Potts may encourage females to see it because there is someonethey can relate to and because she represents women quite strongly, also in Iron Man 3there is the character Maya Hansen who is quite similar. The main genre would of course besuper hero genre but it could also be classed as action, fantasy and possibly sci-fi becausethere are elements of all these different genres within the film but most would just considerit a super hero film. The year of production would have been 2012/13, the film would havebegan filming in 2012 but finalised and realised in 2013, the release date in the UK was April25, 2013. The film was directed by Shane Black who took over from Jon Favreau (director ofthe first two Iron Man films), it was produced by Kevin Feige. The distributor of Iron Man 3was Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The box office takings for the film were as of 11June 2013 are $1,196,616,000, making it the fifth highest grossing film of all time, thebudget used was $200 million.Iron Man 3 is a big blockbuster movie, Marvel often release films which have to be very wellmarketed because they are so highly anticipated and popular. Iron Man 3 was marketed in alot of different ways using different methods. One of the main methods for marketing wasthrough TV, showing advertisements for the film during advert breaks. Quite often theywould show adverts during major TV events, things such as football matches or other bigsporting events as well as programmes like Britain’s Got Talent because they know lots ofpeople will be watching, the only downside of this is that it costs a lot of money to advertiseduring major TV events. It is also advertised on the internet because the internet is verypopular in modern day times and lots of people use it, they advertised through social
  2. 2. networking sites such as facebook and twitter as well as showing adverts on YouTubevideos. These websites are used by billions of people worldwide so they know a lot ofpeople will see their advertisements. Probably the most common way of advertising a film isin the cinema before films start, they will usually show a trailer in the coming months beforethe film is released, more popular trailers will be shown before the cinema’s biggest films sothat they can get the largest audience possible. Billboards have also been used to advertiseIron Man 3, billboard advertisements have to be very powerful because it is just a largepicture so they try and show as much as possible and catch the audience’s attention to thebest of their ability. They will often be used on billboards on roadsides where they know lotsof people will be driving in order to maximise their audience. Another one of the mostcommon methods of advertising is through posters; they will be seen on things such as busstops, inside cinemas, on the side of buses etc. They are used in places where they knowpeople will see them, particularly inside cinemas because film fanatics will see the posterthen possibly see the trailer whilst watching a film and decide they want to go and see itwhen it comes out. On bus stops/the side of buses they know they will be seen because lotsof people use buses and it could be seen on the side of a bus for almost anyone who a busmay drive past. Iron Man 3 would be advertised a lot in magazines, particularly in filmmagazines because they know that film fanatics who read the magazines will see it and beencouraged to watch it. Also in film magazines, there would likely be interviews with thestars near to when the film comes out, reading these may encourage the read to watch thefilm because of the stars in the film or how they talk about it, just before or shortly after thefilm comes out, there would be critics reviews of people who have seen it early which filmfanatics would read. Positive reviews would obviously convince the read to go and see IronMan 3, whereas negative reviews would deter them away from seeing the film. Iron Man 3could also be advertised in other popular non-films magazines, there may be full pageadvertisements or small advertisements on a page with others. It is not very common to dothis but it may be advertised in some popular magazines just to attract a wider audience.The internet has other methods of marketing aside from YouTube/social networkingwebsites. They would more than likely advertise it on cinema websites such as Odeon orAMC because these are two of the most popular cinemas and people using the websitewould notice the advertisements. Also if someone was to look on the cinema listings,around the time of its release, Iron Man 3 would be being shown almost all the time whichcould encourage people to see it purely because there isn’t much else they can watch and itis on so often. There would more than likely be review pages on some of these websites aswell, meaning people have a chance to see a review before they choose to watch the film.Also movie websites such as Empire Online would advertise it because they know that filmfanatics would see it and read reviews about it, attracting a larger audience. There wouldalso be an official Iron Man 3 website giving details about the film as well as screenshots,trailers, games etc. The website would likely be advertised on things such as Facebook,Twitter and other popular websites. And finally another very common method, word ofmouth, people talking about Iron Man 3 with other people, convincing people to go and see
  3. 3. it because of how popular it is and how much it is being talked about. People may see anadvert and then ask some of their friends, who may not have been interested in it, to go andsee it and it spreads around and becomes very talked about, meaning more people are likelyto go and see it. These would be the main methods of advertising, but because the film is ablockbuster they would have gone to town on marketing, making sure everyone in theworld is somehow seeing an advertisement for Iron Man 3, meaning they would get a verylarge audience and make as much money as possible.One of the main selling points of Iron Man 3 would be the star theory as well as all of theabove. The film features actors/actresses such as Robert Downey Jr, GywnethPaltrow, DonCheadle, Guy Pearce, Ben Kingsley and more. These are all very big names in film and mayattract some people to watch it solely because of the cast. Some people may not have seenany previous Iron Man films but like Robert Downey Jr from other films and decide to see itpurely because he is in it. In the first Iron Man film, the cast was probably chosen to attracta larger audience through star theory whereas with some of the actors, it would have beena big chance for them to get themselves noticed because it is a big blockbuster that lots ofpeople will see.Kevin Feige, producer of Iron Man 3 has targeted the audience in a very specific way tomake it attract as many people from that audience as possible. Feige also produced IronMan and Iron Man 2 so he obviously knows exactly how to target a specific audience.Generally super hero films are targeted for children and he would be aware of that butthese more modernised super hero films also appeal to teenagers, young adults and evenpeople into their twenties and possibly thirties. Elements of the film such as the Iron Mansuit, the scenes where he is flying and using his abilities is what appeals mainly to childrenbecause they recognise it instantly and enjoy the scenes because it’s so iconic. He has alsomade sure that there are elements that appeal to older audience’s such as the plot lines,character development and epic action scenes. These are all elements that the audienceswould expect to see in a super hero film so he has made sure that it is all there to attract thelargest audience possible.Anchorage is another thing which is taken into account when marketing the film. Anchorageliterally means hooking you in; in this case it has been used with the movie poster for IronMan 3. It has been used to anchor the target audience, there is a very large picture of IronMan on the poster and if a child saw it he would instantly recognise even if he could notread the text, they would instantly know that it is Iron Man 3, they would then beencouraged to go and see Iron Man 3. For people who do not know Iron Man by appearancealone, the words Iron Man 3 have been written very largely so it can easily be recognisedand it may make people want to go and see Iron Man 3. Also there is a Marvel logo which isthe franchise Iron Man is from, the audience will more than likely recognise this straightaway and they will want to go and see it because they know Marvel films are usually good.
  4. 4. Anchorage is elements like that which instantly hook you in when you see the poster and itworks very well to attract a larger audience.Before Iron Man 3 began filming, the producer would have to do quite a lot of research tomake sure everything about the filming is up to standards and that the movie will sell asmuch as possible. One of the main things the producer would do before the production ofthe film, is things such as surveys, questionnaires and focus groups to the expectedaudience, finding out what they like to see in action movies and possibly specifically superhero movies, they would be asked questions such as do they like to see lots of explosions?Do they like car chase scenes? Do they like to see a romantic subplot? Questions like thatwould be asked to the members of the estimated audience, they would base it off themajority vote to interpret that into the film because then more members of that audiencewould come to see it. Also the producer would look at things such as box office takings ofsimilar films and in all different regions to see the regions where the film has been the mostpopular, they would then spend more money on marketing the film in those specific regionsrather than regions where those types of films aren’t very successful. They would find outwhat people in those specific regions enjoy about action/superhero films and make sure touse that information as much as they can. Once the film has been finished to a rough edit,they would do a test screening at a cinema, showing the film to a certain number of people– roughly around 40. They would ask them what they liked and didn’t like about the film andget the general opinion and then finish the final edit based on the feedback they receive.They would then do another test screening when the final edit has been released, probablyto up to 400 people this time and receive more feedback, it would likely be members fromdifferent backgrounds as well to see what they can do to attract the largest audiencepossible. They would use all of these research methods to make sure the film is marketed tothe audience in the best way possible and make sure the film is up to the audience’sstandards.