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  1. 1. Unit 57: Photography andPhotographic PractiseProject Proposal(P2, P3, M2, M3)Candidate name: Adam Foster
  2. 2. Do a mood board here ofimages of Salford Quays
  3. 3. Predicted final outcomeThe final outcome will be a collection of 8 editedimages of rural landscapes that I have taken, Iwill also have a large contact sheet of all theimages I have took that I haven’t used or edited.
  4. 4. Reasons for selection of theme(including inspiration from the workof others)I have chosen this theme because I have looked at severalphotographers who have done similar themes and I think it looksvery good in the end. John Kennedy was one photographer I lookedat, he has taken images which really show off the scenery of thecountryside and look very good. John Prior is another photographerwho has inspired me with his work because it is similar photos to theones I want to take and I will look at his work as inspiration. DavidCalvin is another photographer I have looked at, although his workis quite different to what I want to do, his photos are veryinspirational and will help me when it comes to making photos lookslightly different because he does a range of themes in his work.
  5. 5. The photo imagingequipment and mediumthat will be used and whyI will use a camera borrowed from college to take theimages, I will use a Nikon DSLR camera. I will also use atripod for the majority of my images in order to get thecorrect shutter speed and line up the image perfectly. I willuse Adobe Photoshop on a computer to edit the imagesafterwards.
  6. 6. Techniques that will beused and how they will helpconvey the visual messageI will just use a normal style with a camera because Iam going to edit the photos anyway and I want themto look quite normal prior to editing. I will use anormal shutter speed because I am not trying tocapture light just trying to take a normal photo. Ruleof thirds will also be taken into account to maximisethe detail of the photo and make it look asprofessional as possible.
  7. 7. Date / time / locationI completed the shoot on the 19thJanuary 2013 ata field called the Three Sisters, nearby to college.I began the shoot during a lesson at 3PM andfinished at 4:30PM. I also took a few pictures thefollowing day at 2PM and finished at 3PM,although I didn’t take as many pictures on thesecond go.
  8. 8. Risk and health and safetyconsiderationsOne of the main risks was the fact that it was icywhen I took the images because it was in themiddle of winter so I had to make sure to stay offthe ice or be careful if I had to go on ice. Alsothere was nearby water so I had to be careful notto fall in. I had to watch out for branches androcks that stuck out of the ground as well, I had tobe careful not to trip over them. Obviously I hadto look after the equipment as well and be carefulnot to drop or break it.