Chapter 4 - Witches BingoA few minutes later Esmeralda found herself at the grand hall. Agatha noticed her enter andwaved ...
“Did she just say W-ankh?” She asked her friend.“Sure did.” Agatha looked over at Esmeralda’s card. “Essie! Call it out yo...
An eerie green face appeared in the mirror and startled Esmeralda. “Cleo Bellflower, but youare not looking too bad yourse...
The witch stories_excerpt
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The witch stories_excerpt


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Esmeralda is a shy witch who longs to be noticed. This year she and her cat Pickitywick are attending The North American Spell In, a large witch’s convention and she has a plan to get the attention she deserves.

In an old spell book she finds a mysterious recipe for Changing Tea and brews up the potion. The spell is supposed to turn you into the person you have always wanted to be, and seems to be working very well until events happen that make Esmeralda question if the magic is from a spell or located deep inside herself.

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The witch stories_excerpt

  1. 1. Chapter 4 - Witches BingoA few minutes later Esmeralda found herself at the grand hall. Agatha noticed her enter andwaved enthusiastically a doughnut in her hand serving as a sugary beacon to her friend.Esmeralda sat down but waved the doughnut away. “Sorry Aggie I could not eat another bite.I’ve spent the last two hours helping the kitchen witches come up with a menu for the next fewmeals. We won’t starve to death after all.”“Really?” Agatha asked her eyebrows raised. “Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with.You know they are going to start witches bingo in a few minutes, want to play a few rounds?”Esmeralda started to shake her head, she never won at any of the games, and usually felt asif she was wasting her time, but if the potion was working maybe her luck would be differenttoday. “Sure Aggie let’s give it a go.”The witches waved at a young apprentice in a purple velvet dress and miniature pointy hat,and received there bingo cards and markers. Witches bingo was similar to regular bingo witha few exceptions, instead of the word bingo marking the columns there was the word witch,and rather than numbers there were strange archaic symbols. Esmeralda and her friendbegan studying their cards in anticipation.A few moments later a tall matronly witch with a steel gray bun entered the great hall followedby a group of witches carrying all manner of prizes. There was a brand new Sweep masterbroomstick, several rare spell books, and a beautiful multi colored shawl spun in delicateshades of green, woven into the fabric was a beautiful cat motif that looked just likePickitywick and Esmeralda gasped when she saw it.Agatha smiled, “Yes the Sweep master is a nice broom and boy do you need one.”Esmeralda shook her head. “No! No! Not the silly broom that shawl! It’s heavenly.”“Oh, Elder witch Hazel Long tree makes those by hand. Made from spider silk they say, notonly is it soft but it’s supposed to make the wearing more beautiful and confident.” Agathaeyed her rather plain best friend and smiled “Go for the shawl the green would suit you. Thatis if we actually win anything.”“Humph, you win every year Aggie.”“Yes but later in the day when all the good stuff is gone. Last year all that was left was TheCharming Witches guide to holiday entertaining, and I already had two copies!”“Shhh” Esmeralda said with a finger to her lips. “They are starting.”The stern looking head witch began calling the game. To Esmeraldas surprise she actuallyhad several of the symbols on the card!
  2. 2. “Did she just say W-ankh?” She asked her friend.“Sure did.” Agatha looked over at Esmeralda’s card. “Essie! Call it out you’ve won!”“Witch bingo” Esmeralda said in a tentative voice. Agatha gave her a little poke in the back.“Ow! Witch bingo!” she said in a loud clear voice.Moments later a young apprentice took her card to the front and it was meticulouslyexamined. After what felt like hours the elder witch declared. “We have a winner!”Some of the nearby witches groaned, but many applauded as Esmeralda was dragged by anapprentice to the prize table. Without a moment’s hesitation she picked up the beautiful shawland wrapped it around her shoulders.“Excellent choice, it suits you!” The elder witch said as Esmeralda walked back to the tablestroking the silky softness of the shawl that was warm but lighter than air.Agatha gave her friend a pat on the shoulder and a gentle smile. “It really does look great onyou Essie. And you are always complaining you never win anything and look at you today!Seems like your luck is really changing”Esmeralda grinned at her friend, “It sure is!” she said thinking about the potion.Tired from her very busy morning Esmeralda decided to go and rest in her tent. When shearrived she found Pickitywick waiting for her. The pair spent the rest of the afternoon dozingon their cot and daydreaming about their morning experiences.Esmeralda thought about how much she enjoyed working in the kitchens that morning. Shehad always been a good cook, but never focused on it. Kitchen witches didn’t get the respectand awe that those who focused on spells, conjuration and flashy magic’s received. Though ifshe thought about it she’d never been really good at those things, so she hadn’t gotten muchrespect for doing that either.Pickitywick was reflecting on his morning with Ash. First they had visited a few old friends attheir tents, than they had gone to the bizarre. They snuck under tables and into tents sniffingand pawing at treasures. The best part of the morning was when the kindly old witch at one ofthe herb booths had given them each a tiny pouch of fresh catnip. Pickitywick purred happilyin anticipation of what the rest of the day would bring.When Esmeralda and Pickitywick awoke the sun was low in the sky and it was nearly dinnertime. Pickitywick slowly bathed his short black coat and smoothed a paw over his ears.Esmeralda patted him gently as he snuck out the tent flap then turned to her own needs. Aquick shower and a change of clothes and she was ready for dinner. Witches at The Spell Intended to dress up a bit for dinner, so Esmeralda wore her best black velvet dress with greenembroidery and matching pointy hat. She pulled on her green and black stripy socks and herbest pair of shiny witch boots. At the last moment she wrapped her brand you shawl aroundher shoulders and stood in front of her mirror.“Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?” She said jokingly.
  3. 3. An eerie green face appeared in the mirror and startled Esmeralda. “Cleo Bellflower, but youare not looking too bad yourself.”Esmeralda laughed and gave the mirror a little curtsey before turning and leaving the tent. Download ‘The Witch Stories’ eBook now at: