Dark Zone - Excerpt


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Long time ago a satellite detected a massive star ship in the desert of Thar Desert, Pakistan. A team of scientist from all over the world was commissioned to research this massive artifact that holds the key to the world oldest and most thought provoking question.

Are we alone? Relto Sahi, who specializes in Indus and Sumerian civilizations, was assigned as one of the scientist. His task was to understand the alien language and find out a way to decode the language so that the origin of the ship could be pinpointed. But are the alien who designed this ship among us or is this there was to observe our civilization? What this discovery a mere coincidence or is there something more sinister behind the discovery of this alien ship.

As Relto answer these questions he soon realizes that nothing that he sees in the world is what it seems. What follows is a tale of man’s quest of truth and how he overcomes all odds.

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Dark Zone - Excerpt

  1. 1. 3.After spending a week, the team begins to notice their hard work pay off. A scientist who wasworking inside the engine room of the ship accidently manages to power the ship.Taking the opportunity Imran who wrote a computer program to control the control panel ofthe ship with his computer quickly divert the power to different area of the ship. The controlpanel and the rest of the ship was powered for the first time but the ship was in no position tofly or move since the team didn’t fully understood how the engine works.Once the ship was powered, Relto and Mike begin navigating the log files of the ship. One ofthe programmers from a different section managed to write a computer program to decodethe data but the program was not hundred percent accurate. Most of the files were notpossible to decode.Soon Mike and Relto discovered the language of the Alien species. The Alien language was amixture of Sumerian and Indus text found in the ruins of Sumerians and Indus civilization.Shocked and shacked by the discovery. Both Mike and Relto begin translating the alien log into English. From the log files from the alien computer, Relto and the rest of the team managedto find out the origin of the ship.With the help of the computer simulation, the team explains Ahmed that the ship landed on tothis region 7000 years ago.The software of the ship estimates the date of manufactory to be 1000 year older whichmeans that the software of the ship was written much earlier than the ship.Furthermore, the log files were written in a mixture of Sumerian and Indus text.“We believe we will be able to find video and audio files from the ship but so far our software’sare too weak to hack in to the alien mainframe server and we cannot recover the data sincethe servers are kicking us out. The cube we found inside the control panels that connects thePCBs are some sort of nodes just like nodes find human brain. The electrical circuit works inthe similar fashion as that of human brain. So we believe the ship must have an AI constructthat if activated might help us with more information” – informed Imran.“What about the beacon” – asked Ahmed.“We do not know the origin and the reason for the beacon” – informed Imran.“What is more surprise is the fact that we managed to trace a map inside the server whichdescribes the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia, Mayan, Indus, Sumerian, Egyptians andthe Aztecs. We believe that the ancient civilization were in fact in contact with the alienspecies for a brief period of time” – said Relto.The team begins working on the ship for a month until that time Relto and Alisa had a deepunderstand of each other. They appreciated each other’s company.
  2. 2. At one fine morning while browsing through the archive of the ship, Relto came across adocument which describes the location of the alien planet and a manual of the ship.Relto translated the document and inform Mike, Imran and Jessica about his discovery. Imranand Jessica managed to power the audio/video of the ship based on the translated manualand also managed to switch on the AI construct of the ship.The team along with Alisa and Ahmed was called inside the ship to demonstrate the shipsfunction.As soon as the ship’s AI construct went online. The AI spoke in a language which wasSumerian.Relto being an archeologist informed the ship in Sumerian to utilize a new code to translatethe commands in English based on the programming library written by one of the computerprogrammers.Imran and rest of the engineers entered the code in to the control panel and waited until thedata was recognized and understood by the artificial construct.A moment later the AI construct managed to spoke in English. “Command” – said the AI. Reltoasked the ship for its origin. The AI explained the manufacturer and explains the work done bythe company that had constructed the ship.Relto then ask the AI for its origin planet. The ship describes the planet name as Annunaki.“The 10th planet from the sun” – said AI.“The 10th planet? There are only 9 planets if you consider Pluto as a planet” – said Allisa.“A.I., can you show me the orbit of the planet of Annunaki?” – asked Relto.The AI switches the holographic screen right in front of the team and shows the orbit of planetthat is beyond Pluto and takes 3600 years to revolve around the sun.“No way, it’s that the same planet that ancient Sumerian wrote about in their text?” – askedMike.“Yes, that the planet of Annunaki” – exclaimed Relto.“Could you let us all know what the ancient civilization had to say about these aliens doctor?”– asked Ahmed.“The ancient civilization believed that our species were the created by space travelers, thesespace travelers were responsible for teaching mankind the science of building construction,mathematic, city planning and so on. Sumerians were one of the oldest civilizations to have awritten history and were the first to claim that entities from the planet of Annunaki created usin to their own image” – explained Relto to Ahmed and the others.
  3. 3. “So you are suggesting this ship belong to Gods. This is preposterous” – there was a strongconcern and anger in Ahmed’s voice.Relto ask the AI to display the biological history of the original owner of the ship. The AIconverts the wall of the ship in to holographic screens.“AI could you translate the task in to English” – request Relto.The AI takes a moment before displaying the characters in to English letters. Everyoneincluding Ahmed and Alisa was surprised to see the history of the Annunaki dated back toAlien Stone Age.“Computer, what’s your mission?” – asked Alisa. “To provide logistic and intellectual support tothe people of this planet” – said the Artificial Intelligence.Everyone in the rooms was silent and puzzled.“Were humans part of the Annunaki experiment?” – Someone in the room asked.“No, humanity was guided to make a society so that Annunaki could live with humans againon Earth” – said the AI.“Again, when did humans and Annunaki live together?” – asked Mike.“Throughout history” – answered AI. The answer sparked a huge discussion in the room andeveryone wanted to ask the AI but all of sudden the crowd heard loud noises outside.When the team went out to investigate, they saw dozens of gunship helicopters surroundingthe starship. Two of the carrier helicopter lands near the site.A tall, broad shouldered Army officer exits the apache helicopter. The local security barricadethemselves and orders from the distance to halt and show their identification.“I am Gen. Robert from Special UN task force. I need to talk to Ahmed Rao” – said Gen.Robert.The security team is forced to stand down by Ahmed who walk ahead and meet the General.Gen. Robert shows Ahmed a piece of paper which was signed by the UN secretary general.“This is a top secret joint research project, how did the UN came to know of this?” askedAhmed. Download ‘Dark Zone’ eBook now at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0079Y7PO4