SSO Faculty Advisor Guide - Resources


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SSO Faculty Advisor Guide - Resources

  1. 1. An online training moduleSponsoredStudent Organizations:Faculty Advisor Guide
  2. 2. Sponsored Student Organizations: Faculty AdvisingInformation Expectations Rules Resources The purpose of this module is to provide you with information that is critical to your success as an advisor and to the success of your student organization.
  3. 3. Resources Resources Student Events & Activities Risk Management, Financial Management
  4. 4. Student Events & Activities CenterWhy – Engaged for a Better Self & a Better WorldWhat – Advisor, student, & student organizationdevelopment & support, community celebration,education and leadershipHow – Workshops, programs, online tutorials,resources, consultations, conferences, etc.
  5. 5. Student Events & ActivitiesThe Student Events & Activities Program supports the development and hosting of programs through: • Administering event registration • Creating environments that are focused on care and risk reduction • Facilitating relationships • Identifying resources • Providing opportunity for student programming to become visible to the broader OSU communityThe Student Events & Activities Center has numerous resources available to students. These include: • Professional staff for advising • Student staff for consultation and support • Student organization registration process and database • Beaver Tips for event planning • Event & travel reporting system • Community and Cultural Food Program kitchen(self-catering mechanism)We annually host:Beaver Community Fair, Student Organization Orientation & Retreats, Leadership Workshops, StudentOrganization Digest, etc. Student Events & Activities Center Memorial Union 103 541.71E.Vent (713-8368)
  6. 6. Office of Risk ManagementRisk Management minimizes the risk exposures of OSU by providing risk consultingand risk services to the OSU community. Services include: identifying sources of loss;assessing the impact; recommending risk solutions/techniques; assisting withimplementation; and monitoring the solution/technique for its effectiveness.The Office of Risk Management has numerous resources available to students. Theseinclude: • Professional staff for advising • Risk Assessment tools • Insurance information • Volunteer forms • Liability Waiver forms Property Services Bldg 644 SW 13th St. Corvallis, OR 97333 PHONE: 541-737-7252 Contact us with your comments, questions, and feedback Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  7. 7. Auxiliaries and Activities Business CenterThe Auxiliaries & Activities Business Center (AABC) was created to help better servethe financial, accounting, human resources, and administrative needs of Oregon StateUniversity’s auxiliary and student fee-based units. This includes supporting financialmanagement for Sponsored Student Organizations.The AABC has numerous resources available to students. These include:• Professional staff for advising• Auxiliary bank account (no fee)• Access to support for contracting, purchasing, travel, etc.• Access to request for tax deductible donations from the OSU Foundation• Access to cash box for merchandise and ticket sales AABC MU Finance Main Line: 541-737-7770 AABC MU Finance FAX: 541-737-3114 AABC MU Finance Snell Hall: 541-737-6353 AABC MU Finance Snell Hall Fax: 541-737-2723 AABC MU Finance Email: Contact us with your comments, questions, and feedback
  8. 8. ? But wait… There’s More!Additional Learning Tools for Sponsored Student Organizations include: - Event Planning Guide - Sponsored Student Organization Leadership Team Guide - Financial Management Manual (coming soon!) - Travel Manual (coming soon!)