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The Get Recognized! workshop for Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) for the 2014-2015 school year.

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  • Get recognized workshop 2014 2015

    1. 1. Get Recognized! Workshop Workshop for RSOs Applying for Recognition for the 2014-2015 Academic Year
    2. 2. Overview Welcome to the Get Recognized! Workshop. The Student Activities Center is excited to have your organization get recognized by the Student Activities Center for the 2014- 2015 year. FSU has over 600 Recognized Student Organizations on campus, and each organization helps create unique involvement opportunities that enhance the student experience. This workshop is designed not only to help you recognize a Recognized Student Organization (RSO), but also to provide information to help your organization to be successful on campus.
    3. 3. Overview During the workshop, six main areas will be covered: •General Information •People to Know •Policies and Procedures •Event Planning and Funding •Recognition Process •Quiz and Next Steps
    4. 4. General Information
    5. 5. Responsibility of Information As officers of your organization, you are responsible for sharing the information in this workshop with the other officers and members of your organization. You will be held accountable if your organization or members violate any University policies, state, federal, and/or local laws. Please be aware of all the various University policies and procedures that are provided in this workshop, in the Student Handbook, and the Student Conduct Code, found at the link listed below. Should any policies be violated, you will be responsible along with your organization. (
    6. 6. Dates and Deadlines The recognition process for the 2014-2015 year opened April 1st, 2014. All organizations that were previously recognized have until September 30th, 2014 to complete the process to re-recognize. New organizations may recognize at any time during the year while the recognition process is open. There is no deadline for starting a new organization on campus. However, keep in mind that regardless of when you complete the recognition process, every organization must re-recognize every year.
    7. 7. Dates and Deadlines If this process is not completed by September 30th, unrecognized organizations will lose any privileges associated with recognition, such as the ability to reserve space, receive funding, or participate in campus events. It is possible to reinstate your organization at any point by successfully completing the re-recognition process within one year. Keep in mind, however, that losing your recognition at any point can greatly impact your organization’s ability to function on campus. Therefore, it is not advised to allow your recognition to lapse. If your organization has been unrecognized for over a year, please contact the Student Activities Center before attempting to re-recognize. (
    8. 8. RSO Privileges As a RSO on campus, you are afforded many privileges. These privileges can help lead to a successful year of programs, events, and meetings. Some privileges include: •Space reservations with Oglesby Union Guest Services & other campus departments •Tabling at Market Wednesday •Participation in campus-wide events •Event Planning resources •Funding through the Student Government Association •Printing through Student Publications •Eligibility for Office Space, Storage, Mailbox, Copies, and more in the Student Activities Center (SAC)
    9. 9. Market Wednesday Participation in Market Wednesday is one privilege given to recognized student organizations. Market Wednesday is a medley of activities that occurs every Wednesday of the semester in the Oglesby Union courtyard. A combination of RSOs, market vendors, and passersby makes the Union the place to be on Wednesdays. RSOs can participate by reserving a table to promote their events, recruit new members, or just showcase their organization. RSOs can also sponsor the Amplified Sound Hour from 12:00pm – 1:00pm to showcase their own performance skills. For more Information on how to participate in Market Wednesday, visit
    10. 10. NOLE CENTRAL Nole Central (found at, is the center for student involvement and RSOs at FSU. It includes customized online RSO profiles, event management & promotion, recognition applications, organization directory, virtual flyer board, events calendar, campus news and much more! Once your organization is recognized by the Student Activities Center, you gain access to these benefits and can begin using Nole Central to develop your organization and promote it’s mission and goals here at Florida State University.
    11. 11. People to Know
    12. 12. Student Activities Center The Student Activities Center (SAC) wants to ensure the success of all RSOs on campus. The SAC office is located on the 3rd floor of the Oglesby Union above the Art Center/Kaplan. It houses organizations such as SOAR Board, Union Productions, Homecoming, Dance Marathon, Peer Involvement Mentors, RSO Review Board, and more. The SAC serves as a guide for Florida State students to mold and create their own unique and fulfilling FSU experience.
    13. 13. Student Activities Center The SAC also produces two online resources that can provide valuable information for RSOs. They include the Organizations and Involvement website ( and the RSO Handbook ( handbook). The Organizations and Involvement website provides links to important campus resources and forms. It also provides news and updates for RSOs. The RSO Handbook compiles a lot of campus-wide resources into one document. You can find information such as off-campus banking, international travel, reservation policies, and other detailed information you may need throughout the year.
    14. 14. Student Activities Center The following staff members are in the SAC and are always happy to help: •Organizations and Involvement ~ Dorsey Spencer ( ~ Gabe Marenco ( ~ Mallory Garcia ( •Programming ~ Allison Peters ( ~ Lori Vaughn ( ~ David Rañon ( You can find more information at or by contacting 850-644-6673 or
    15. 15. SOAR Board One student group on campus that serves as a resource to all RSOs is the Student Organization Advisory and Resource (SOAR) Board. SOAR Board is an entity of the Student Activities Center and serves as a liaison group to all RSOs. The board is comprised of involved student leaders, which throughout the year to provide valuable resources and events such as workshops, RSO Presidents’ Mixers, Involvement Fairs, Market Wednesdays, consultations with organizations and more. You can find more information about SOAR Board at
    16. 16. SOAR Board New student organizations will meet with SOAR Board prior to beginning the recognition process. SOAR Board will guide new organizations through the recognition process, and discuss what it means to be a Recognized Student Organization. SOAR Board can also help new organizations with their recognition applications and constitutions. For more information or to schedule a meeting with SOAR Board, contact SOAR Board at
    17. 17. Oglesby Union Board Another important group of students to know is the Oglesby Union Board. The Oglesby Union Board is established to provide students, faculty, and staff with activities, programs and services offered through the Oglesby Union Complex. The Oglesby Union Board represents the University community to ensure that the facilities, services, and amenities offered by the Oglesby Union Complex meet the needs and interests of their constituents. These students are elected to represent you. You can find more information about the Oglesby Union Board at
    18. 18. Other Important Departments Many departments on campus offer resources to RSOs. Below are just some departments you may want to know: Name Phone Website Oglesby Union 644-6860 Student Government Association 644-1811 Center for Leadership and Social Change 644-3342 Center for Global Engagement 644-1702 Campus Recreation (Sport Clubs) 644-7902 clubs Greek Life 644-9574 Career Center 644-6431 Dean of Students 644-2428 FSU Police 644-1234
    19. 19. Policies and Procedures
    20. 20. Important Policies All policies in place for RSOs are implemented to help RSOs be successful on FSU’s campus. The following are links to some of the most important polices to know as you begin to hold meetings, events, and function as a RSO. The RSO Handbook and the Student Conduct Code will cover all policies that must be followed. Your organization is responsible for following these policies at all times. So it is important for you to be familiar with them: • RSO Handbook: handbook • Student Conduct Code: •
    21. 21. Hazing Policy The FSU Student Conduct Code defines hazing as “Any group or individual action or activity that inflicts or intends to inflict physical or mental harm or discomfort or which may demean, disgrace, or degrade any person, regardless of location, intent, or consent of participant(s).” FSU is committed to creating a hazing-free community and is a premier anti-hazing institution. Hazing is never tolerated, and your organization needs to make the same commitment. You can sign the Hazing-Free Community Pledge, find resources and more information, and make anonymous reports online at
    22. 22. University Posting Policy The University Posting Policy is designed to help organizations publicize events while keeping the campus beautiful and clean. Areas are designated around campus for chalking, flyers, banners, free-standing signs, and more. For maps and more information about approved posting areas, visit
    23. 23. Trademark and Licensing Policy You must obtain permission to use any registered University symbol or logo. Any individual, group, or organization desiring to use registered university symbols or logos, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, should contact the Director of University Trademark Licensing, who shall be responsible for determining the appropriateness of such use, and the execution of any necessary written agreement extending permission for use. Find more information about this policy at:
    24. 24. Civility Statement All students, faculty, and staff at FSU are expected to “Uphold the Garnet and Gold,” and the same applies to your organization. The Civility Statement was created in 2010 to remind us to: •Demonstrate respect for ourselves and others •Take responsibility for yourself and those around you •Reflect the values of the Florida State University You can find out more about the Civility Statement and the associated gold coins online at
    25. 25. RSO Review Process The Recognized Student Organization (RSO) review process is in place to educate organizations about the responsibilities of having official University recognition, to hold organizations accountable for violations of University Policy, and to protect the rights of recognized student organizations. If your organization violates policies or procedures of the University, your organization may be subject to appear before the RSO Review Board, a panel of appointed student leaders. The president and advisor of the organization will be notified anytime an incident is reported, and the severity of the alleged incident will determine whether a review will take place. The outcome of a review could be a variety of different sanctions, from workshop attendance to loss of recognition. Find more information about this process in the RSO Handbook:
    26. 26. Event Planning and Funding
    27. 27. Reserving Space One of the privileges of being an RSO is the ability to reserve space on campus. Most often, RSOs reserve space through the Oglesby Union Guest Services department. They can help you find space in the Oglesby Union, the Askew Student Life Center, and the Student Services Building to hold your meetings and events. They can also assist you in reserving space in academic buildings (HCB, Bellamy, etc). Reservations can be made online ( by an officer of the organization, who MUST be listed in your organization's roster on your online profile at Nole Central ( Please ensure your roster is accurate prior to requesting space. To find more information on Guest Services, visit
    28. 28. Reserving Space Other departments also allow RSOs to reserve space, but keep in mind that each department has its own policies for reserving and using their space. Be sure to find out as much information as you can before hosting events in any space. Here are departments you may contact to reserve space: •The Center for Global and Multicultural Engagement (The GLOBE): •University Relations (to reserve Miller Hall or Langford Green): •Academic Space ( m) •Campus Recreation or the FSU Reservation:
    29. 29. Things to know when planning events with Guest Services • As a Recognized Student Organization, you are able to reserve space in the Oglesby Union, Student Services Building, and Askew Student Life Center. – For details on reservable spaces, click here. • There are 2 instances when your group could be charged to use our spaces 1. If you are holding a conference or event that charges admission as a condition of entry (i.e. tickets, conference registrations, etc…) 2. If you plan an event outside of our regular hours of operation your group will be charged an overtime fee, which is $100 for the first hour and $50 for each additional hour. • Guest Services has a convenient online reservation system you can use to request space. – There are helpful videos on the homepage of this site to help you navigate the system. – Not all requests for space will be approved. Sometimes we will have additional questions or sometimes the activity you’re planning (i.e. dancing) is not allowed in the space you’ve requested. Keeping an open line of communication with us is the best way to avoid delay in your event planning. • Only officers of RSOs can request space. – The roster for your organization in Nole Central must be completely up-to-date to avoid any unnecessary cancelations of your requests.
    30. 30. Things to know when planning events with Guest Services • The No-show Policy – If your organization does not show up to a reservation within one hour of the start time, then the org is charged with a no-show. – Every no-show is recorded and the contact listed for the reservation will be emailed. • After 3 no-shows in one semester, your organization will not be able to reserve space with Guest Services for the remainder of that semester. • After 4 no-shows in one semester, all remaining space reservations for your org will be canceled. • How to avoid a no-show – Keep us up to date on the primary contact for your reservations. Our system sends automated reservation reminders to this person with a handy CANCEL link. If you do not plan to use the space, please click on the link to cancel. – You can cancel via our automated system up to 48-hours in advance of your reservation. If you’ve passed this deadline and can’t cancel online, please call us at 644-6083 to cancel.
    31. 31. Things to know when planning events with Guest Services • We use a cloud-based software call Social Tables to help design diagrams for events in our spaces. If your event requires a setup configuration not listed here, please ask us about how this software can help with your event planning. • Our office is located above Chili’s in the Krentzman Lounge. Feel free to visit us there or contact us at (850) 644-6083 for any questions regarding your reservation or any future space requests. You can also e-mail us at • There is MUCH more information on our website. – Please become familiar with all of the information and don’t hesitate to stop by, email, or call with questions.
    32. 32. Event Permits At FSU, the permitting process is very important for RSO events held on campus. This process ensures your events are safe and not in violation of any University policy, state, federal, and/or local laws. The Event Permit must be completed at least 10 business days prior to the event. If the event requires contracts, the permit must be completed at least 15 business days prior. This process will help you navigate through any necessary contracts, policies, reservations, or other departments you may need to contact. The Event Permit is completed through Nole Central and more details about how to fill it out can be found at
    33. 33. Event Permits An Event Permit is required for any event which involves one or more of the following: •Large or emotionally charged crowds •Appointed or elected officials or candidates will be present •Performers, speakers, or other acts unaffiliated with sanctioned FSU academic programs or RSOs •Rallies/demonstrations held in areas other than designated free speech zones •One or more contracts or rentals (like artist contracts, DJ contracts, inflatables, tents, etc.) •Fundraisers or events where money exchanges hands •Physical activity, 5k, or walk •Minors on campus •The event is held outdoors
    34. 34. Co-Sponsorships RSOs are encouraged to co-sponsor events with each other. By co-sponsoring programs/events, RSOs can save money and time. It will also attract more students to events through expanded publicity and word-of-mouth. When attempting to co-sponsor an event, think about the purpose of the event and what other RSOs/departments might want to get involved. Remember, you can search Nole Central ( to find other RSOs who may have similar interests. Additionally, Union Productions, FSU’s programming board, can co-sponsor programs with RSOs. You can find the request form at You can also partner with the Student Life Cinema for any movie event. You can find more information at
    35. 35. Student Organization Travel While an event permit is not required if your organization is planning on traveling, the event planning team is still here to help you with any of your arrangements. If you are planning on traveling with your organization somewhere outside of Tallahassee, whether by car or plane, be sure to review our tips at There are many things to think about when planning a responsible trip, including analyzing the cost of the trip, planning precautionary safety measures, and anticipating any risks that may be associated with the trip, whether financial, reputational, physical, or emotional. You can also find travel rosters, waivers, emergency contact forms, and travel plan forms on our website, that we strongly encourage you to use as your plan your trip.
    36. 36. Funding RSOs may be eligible to receive funding from the Student Government Association. While this workshop will highlight the funding process, please check with the SGA Accounting Office ( for the most up to date information on the funding process. **Please note that the funding process is different for graduate student organizations, sport clubs recognized by Campus Recreation, and Greek organizations recognized by the Office of Greek Life.
    37. 37. Funding Currently, RSOs can request money through two funding committees: the Programming Allocations Committee (PAC) and the Resources for Travel Allocations Committee (RTAC). PAC hears and deliberates requests for funds relating to RSO office supplies, programming and events, including food, entertainment, equipment, supplies, and venue services. RTAC hears and deliberates requests for any funds relating to travel. Please check with the SGA Accounting Office ( for the most up to date information on the funding process.
    38. 38. Funding In order to be eligible to request funds from either committee, at least two officers (most often the President and Treasurer) from your organization must be financially certified with the SGA Accounting Office. These officers must be listed on the organization’s online profile on Nole Central at You can find the certification process online at the SGA Accounting website ( The Financial Manual and certification process changes yearly so you must re-certify each school year. If your organization does not have two certified officers, funds will not be dispersed to your organization.
    39. 39. Funding To apply for funding, your organization must submit a funding request with a detailed budget to the appropriate committee. You will then be asked to present to the committee before the request goes to the student senate. Each committee has unique deadlines and meeting times. Contact SGA for more information about the process and deadlines( If your organization would like help navigating the funding process, you can also contact SOAR Board ( as they have representatives on each of these boards and can provide assistance in preparing your funding requests.
    40. 40. Recognition Process
    41. 41. Recognition Requirements Whether you are a re-recognizing organization or starting a new organization, you must follow these requirements to be a RSO at FSU: •Complete a Get Recognized! Workshop and Quiz •Have at least 10 members (must be FSU students) •Have at least 2 officers (must have at least a 2.0 GPA) •Have a full time FSU faculty/staff advisor •Have a local constitution in compliance with all guidelines (unless you are a Greek organization) •Upload all information to the organization’s profile by completing the online application by at •Download, read, and have the president and advisor sign the Recognition Application to be returned to the Student Activities Center.
    42. 42. Recognition DEADLINE **Remember** The entire recognition process must be completed by September 30th for returning organizations to maintain the privileges of recognition for the 2014-2015. Complete your recognition process early to avoid delays and give yourself time to attend to unexpected issues.
    43. 43. Important Guidelines Organization Name Policy You may not use any form of the university’s name at the beginning of your name. The university’s name may only appear at the end of your organization’s name and should be followed by the statement “a Recognized Student Organization” (i.e. Student organization at Florida State University, a Recognized Student Organization). The name of the university should be in one of these forms: •Florida State University •FSU Find details about this policy at:
    44. 44. Important Guidelines Membership Policy Please keep in mind that membership in a Recognized Student Organization is limited to students currently enrolled at Florida State University. Faculty and staff of Florida State University shall be free to participate in a manner that is consistent with the constitution and bylaws of the organization. Non-FSU students, who are enrolled in joint FSU programs or participate in partnership programs approved by the University Registrar, shall be eligible for limited membership in recognized student organizations and shall be free to participate in a manner that is consistent with university policies and the constitution and bylaws of the organization. Find details about this policy at:
    45. 45. Important Guidelines Advisor Your advisor can play a very important role with your organization. The advisor’s role is to help your organization be productive and successful. You are encouraged to find an advisor that will have an investment in the purpose of your organization. Resources for advisors and how to set up your own expectations for them can be found online and in the Advisor Manual found at Remember your advisor MUST be a full-time faculty or staff member at FSU.
    46. 46. Important Guidelines Constitution Your organization’s constitution is intended to be your governing document. It should not only include university policies, but should also be tailored to fit your organization’s needs. All decision making, membership requirements, and election processes should be student run, democratic processes that are fair to all involved. The RSO Handbook includes the detailed list of all required elements of the Constitution. A sample constitution is also available online for your organization to reference at Many organizations at FSU may be part of a national organization; however, FSU requires a local Constitution because of the various required statements and components that may not be included in the national Constitution. **If you are a Greek organization registered with the Office of Greek Life, you need to sign a memorandum of understanding instead of completing a local constitution
    47. 47. Important Guidelines Required Constitution Sections •Organization Name and Purpose •Membership Requirements, including: ~Membership Statement ~Non-hazing Statement ~Non-discrimination Statement ~Revocation of Membership Process ~Appeal Process •Officers Eligibility, Titles, and Duties •Election, Nomination, and Term of Officers •Officer Vacancies (Removal and Resignation) Process •Advisor Information •Finances Information (including Inability to Pay Dues statement) •Publications Process (including Posting Policy Compliance and Website) •Amendments Process
    48. 48. Important Guidelines Required Constitution Statements The following statements must be in your constitution exactly as shown: Membership Statement: Membership is limited to all students who are enrolled with the Florida State University. Non-hazing Statement: No hazing or discrimination will be used as a condition of membership in this organization. Non-discrimination Statement: This organization agrees to adhere to the University non-discrimination statement: No university student may be denied membership on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, veterans’ or marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or any other protected group status. Inability to Pay Dues Statement: No university student may be denied membership due to inability to pay dues. If a member is not able to pay dues, other arrangements will be made. Posting Policy Compliance: All advertisements of the organization must comply with the University Posting Policy (
    49. 49. 49
    50. 50. Florida State University does not tolerate sexual violence. We continue to actively and aggressively provide institution-wide programs and services to educate our students and university community on responsible conduct, the meaning of consent, how to properly report cases of sexual misconduct, and how to hold individuals accountable for their behavior. The kNOw MORE sexual violence prevention initiative is about action, education, and the continuum of care for our students, faculty, and staff. 50
    51. 51. Florida State University’s Sexual Violence Prevention guiding principles: • We respect ourselves and each other; • We do not tolerate sexual violence; • We hold members of our community accountable; • We define consent as asking the question of a capable person with adequate disclosure and without coercion; • We strive for a community of care and justice. 51
    52. 52. On-campus confidential support: FSU Victim Advocate Program 850-644-7161 or 850-644-2277 Nights/Weekends 850-644-1234 Ask for advocate on call Confidential, 24-hour, free support services for victims of sexual violence and other crimes. FSU Counseling Center 850-644-2003 Confidential, free, mental-health counseling and referrals for FSU students. FSU Employee Assistance Program 850-644-4444 Program Confidential, free, mental-health counseling, referrals, and other support services for employees. 52
    53. 53. Get Involved and Make a Difference! • Sexual Violence Prevention Tips Intervention.pdf • Join Healthy NOLES • Request a Presentation for your organization! 53
    54. 54. Quiz and Next Steps
    55. 55. Quiz Now that you have reviewed all the information in the Get Recognized! Workshop, you must complete a quiz to demonstrate the knowledge you have gained. In order to receive credit for completing the workshop, you must complete the quiz scoring an 80% or higher. The link to the quiz will be provided at the end of this workshop.
    56. 56. Next Steps After you have finished the quiz, you must go to Nole Central at to create or update your organization’s profile and complete the recognition process. You must log in to the site using your FSU ID and password.
    57. 57. Next Steps Once you are logged into If you are a returning organization: search for your group under the “Organizations” tab and click the button under your organization’s name labeled “Register this Organization.” Most of your organization’s information should still be in the system from the previous year so you can review and update as needed. If you are a new organization: after you have logged in, you can go to the “Organizations” tab and click the button on the left of the page labeled “Register a New Organization.”
    58. 58. Next Steps The registration forms will walk you through a step-by-step process to complete your recognition. Once you are finished, be sure to click “Submit” at the end of the registration form. If at any point you have questions, you can save the form and return to it later. You can always contact the Student Activities Center at 850-644-6673 if you have any questions. Be sure to download, print, and have the President and Advisor sign the Recognition Application as the last step of the online process. Once this form is turned in to the Student Activities Center, we will be able to process your application for recognition.
    59. 59. Next Steps Once the application is submitted online, and the signed RSO Application is turned in, your application will be reviewed. If any corrections are needed, you will be contacted through the registration form on Nole Central. You will be given the opportunity to make any corrections and resubmit the form. When everything is complete and correct, you will be approved as a RSO for the 2014-2015 year. Remember: regardless of when you complete the process, your organization must renew their recognition every year!
    60. 60. Next Steps After you are approved, enjoy all the benefits of recognition and remember to use your organization’s profile on Nole Central to show off all the wonderful things your organization is doing on and around campus! Please click here to begin the quiz: (you will need to sign in with your FSU ID and password to get started)