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My First 90 Days - Strategies for Success


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Your First 90 days in a new organization are critical in laying a strong foundation for sustained long-term success. Plan to follow a defined framework to make your transition to the new Company a success for everyone involved!

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My First 90 Days - Strategies for Success

  1. 1. My First 90 Days Strategies for Success Suresh Kodoor Ph: +91 984 585 3362
  2. 2. Foundation for Success Every organization is unique and each one poses unique challenges for transition As a new entrant in the organization, I start from ground-zero irrespective of my earlier credentials. I need to build trust and credibility It is on me to accelerate the transition, hit the ground running and become an asset for the organization sooner Different situations offer different problems and opportunities. Need to understand and analyze the situation and strategize accordingly Organization is looking forward to the impact. I need to prioritize, take ownership and start securing early wins I would look to build early momentum, aligning strategy, structure, systems and skills My First Quarter thus is critical in laying a strong foundation for sustained long-term success. I plan to follow a defined framework to make my transition a success for everyone involved
  3. 3. My Transition Framework (P3C3) People Culture Product Customer Process Communication
  4. 4. Know My Boss Expectations, Style, Feedback Know My Team Persona, Roles, Skills, Structures Know My Partners Know My Customer Network across Identify the Influencers Build trust & credibility Build Strategic Relations Create Coalitions Build/structure the team as appropriate Watch, Ask, Listen & Learn People
  5. 5. Each organization has got distinct culture Understand the Company culture and take conscious steps to adapt Learn the hierarchies and structures Understand the formal and informal ways of information exchange within the organization Understand the ways things get done Ensure my leadership and management style is in harmony with the common culture Culture
  6. 6. Understand the current products/ solutions/technology stack and their evolution history Listen to the Team on what worked well in the past, what went wrong and what need changes Sync with cross-functions to align the expectations (Product Management, Program Management, Marketing & Sales etc) Review the product features, architecture and design with appropriate teams/people Facilitate brainstorming on product/ solution architecture Take ownership for my delivery Take control of my functions Product / Solution
  7. 7. Get familiar with the Industry & Market (Insurance industry in the present context) Talk to respective business analysts to learn the jargons and processes of the target industry and market Understand the customer segments and the business value propositions Explore opportunities to interact with a few representative customers Customer
  8. 8. Understand and familiarize with existing systems and processes - Strategic Planning - Project initiation - Budget planning - Hiring process - Resource management - PDLC - Product Release strategy - Quality Management - Product review - Project/Program Management Reviews - Change Management - Performance Management Process
  9. 9. Understand the current communication modes, methods and protocols within the organization Understand the communication requirements and mandates for processes involved Communicate the strategy clearly to the team and the stake holders Encourage cooperative communication within the team to promote equal idea exchanges and wider acceptance Communication
  10. 10. Timeline : Focus Priority
  11. 11. Thank you